Become a Rooter-Man Franchisee

Rooter-Man business franchise is for businessmen who wanted to have a rewarding business franchise in the home service category. The franchise does service different types of units like condos, plumbers, store chains, industrial complex, and other public offices.

So, no other franchise business comes close to the opportunity that Rooter-Man offers.

With a franchise slogan, “No job too small or too big”, Rooter-Man will give you the franchise rewards that you deserve. From septic inspection, plumbing, repairs, tie ins, water jetting, cameras fixtures, pipe locating, catch basin cleaning, trouble shooting, Rooter-Man franchise can do it all for you.

To signup for a Rooter-Man franchise, there is a two step procedure that you need to accomplish. The first step is to completely fill out the franchise dealer form that the company will provide, which is also available in their franchise website. Then step two is to fax or mail the form to Acorp or Rooter-Man dealer near you then wait for notification that you have qualified as their new franchisee.
The franchise cost of one Rooter-Man franchise is simply off-the-hook, as it offers affordable and flexible franchise deals for you. The net worth requirement for one franchise can cost about $25,000 while the cash liquidity requirement is only $10,000.

Other requirements include mechanical skills although there is no previous business experience required. The time-tested and proven system also provides its franchisees access to development skills in management in order for you to save time and money, rather than learning everything the hard way. All of these will be included in your license when you pay the franchising fee of $3,900, which is extended to five years of operations.

The total franchise cost will be at the range of $46,000 to $137,600. It is rather more affordable than other market opportunities today.

In terms of franchise training, new franchisees who acquired their license with Rooter-Man will be required to complete the training scheme that the company will offer. The program will be devoted to a more advance technically procedures of the company so that you will learn both the management and practical side of the business.

One of the best programs that the company also offers is its franchise advertising program that can be exclusively used by a franchise. It includes overall truck decals, regional and local advertising, business cards, letterheads, receipts, and envelopes that can further expand your franchise service market.

So what are you waiting for? Have a Rooter-Man franchise now and enjoy the benefits of the business in the future.


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