Owning a Martinizing Dry Cleaning Franchise

Want to apply for a Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise? Well, there are some reminders you should be aware of before giving them a call. Read on and find out several important things first.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to look around for a profitable franchising opportunity, owning a Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise should be on your list.

Starting a Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise can be a great idea. And why not? The Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise has been around for a very long time now that they are unquestionably the most recognizable dry cleaning brand name in the country. To validate that claim, franchise-related statistics indicate that the company is in the top 5 when it comes to longevity and on #43 in terms of financial strength. While the company originated in the United States more than 60 years ago, they now have at least 600 stores all across the country and seven other countries namely Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Germany and Canada. Furthermore, Martinizing has also been named by Entrepreneur Magazine as the Best Dry Cleaning Franchise and that draws people closer to the brand more and more.

Things are shaping up even better these days as Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchises are aiming for rapid expansion within the country and elsewhere. The recent economic crisis that has been felt globally is not even a valid reason to be hesitant at all. Besides, people have become more careful with their transactions and want to pay for services that are really worth it. With Martinizing Dry Cleaning, you will have a business that does not run out of clients because people trust the brand.

Other than that, some reasons you should also take in consideration is that a Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise has exclusive territories available within the United States. In fact, a lot of their franchisees own several units and that’s also possible if, for example, you want to have different branches within a certain city. Another advantage is that the entire business is also easy to manage because you only have to get a few employees. A flexible time schedule also allows you and those you hire with fewer operation hours for nights and weekends. This is ideal for you especially if you want to consistently have time for your family.

Now before you can be considered as a single unit-franchise, you should be sure that you have a net worth of $250,000 and $125,000 for your liquid assets. For those going for a multi-unit franchise, the amount would respectively be $500,000 and $225,000.

In addition to the finances, there are also some common values and qualities that Martinizing franchisees should have. These things are also significant because a successful business can only be managed by people who have the right attitude. For example, the franchise applicant should be highly energetic and knows the importance of team work. They should also have excellent communication skills because they would have to deal with a lot of people from clients, employees, and Martinizing representatives. Having the initiative to implement established systems is another essential factor.

For more questions, better get in touch with them now and get more specific details about owning a Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise right away.


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