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If commercial cleaning is your dream franchise then you can be a star in this venture. Know how to be a part BuildingStars now.

There are so many companies today that provide cleaning for buildings but if you are diligent enough to know the right company to invest, and then you came to the right franchise.

First of all, BuildingStars has a lower franchise fee of only $995 compared to other cleaning companies. With a reputable name and an established business that provides good services, you will just need $1,900 for the total investment and you already own a franchise! The royalty fee is only 10% annually and the term of agreement is 5 years.

The commercial cleaning industry is actually a big industry in the country which collectively earns 70 billion dollars and still counting. This is the reason why most entrepreneurs look for opportunities by putting their own business or the easiest way to get a name is through franchise. Not all successful cleaning companies require high rates of fees and that is what BuildingStars is offering. They want to give opportunities to small businessmen to make it big in a large and in-demand industry like this. They know that what matters is choosing the right option when it comes to a commercial cleaning franchise.

One of the secrets why BuildingStar has attained its continuous success is the kind of training and motivation strategy that it gives its building professionals. They have this management system called the RisingStar on which they are proud of because this gave the company the great cleaning reputation. In this training system, everyone must start from the very basic role which is a Cleaning Technician who cleans only small office buildings having limited responsibilities. In order to advance, they must follow some steps and make sure that they excel in their given responsibilities. As part of the leveling up of their achievements, they will be able to manage small teams in medium-sized buildings until they become managers of large teams in large corporate buildings. This has maintained the company’s standard of performance that gave satisfactions to their customers that have become their regular clients. In BuildingStar’s strategy, clients have become confident of the competence and hard work of their staff.

Aside from the great staff, BuildingStar have all the elements in providing truly satisfying cleaning services. They make sure that they study and identify the unique needs of their customers. Total solution is what they offer and from there, they go beyond cleaning the facility – they also go for safety and work environment health. With a selection of the products that they will use for the building or facility that they will clean, they assure total cleanliness. With their Safety Star program, a proactive plan for safety is developed for any facility. They also have this Touch Free Restroom and Green Star program that helps in creating a healthy work environment.

Get your own franchise now and be a part of the family of cleaning stars! Know more details on BuildingStars franchise information now. You need about $1,900 as the total investment and about $995 for the initial franchise fee. The qualification will be cash liquidity of $1K.


  • Carlos McCain said on March 15, 2015
    I want to invest in Dallas Texas area ASAP. 817-768-0476
  • damon lyons said on October 22, 2015
    I want to invest in the austin tx area asap
  • Crissy Ellis said on October 27, 2015
    Want to invest in Houston TX


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