How to Start Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network Franchise

A Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network franchisee must undergo appropriate and thorough training in order to be a legitimate specialist in handling various reconditioning of materials such as garments and other damaged items from disasters.

And by completing each step including the training, the franchisee may be able to operate his own franchise under the Terms and Conditions agreed upon the beginning of franchising application.

Before getting into the decision of franchising a Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network, one must be familiar with the purpose or the nature of service that this kind of business would do for the people. It makes a lot of sense to learn more about what one must get into so that there will be no regrets and much difficulties in the end. A Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network business is there to help refurbish and renovate damaged materials from disasters like fire, typhoon, hurricane, and earthquake. Restoration and dry cleaning business is a good partner for insurance companies because with their help the insurance company will be able to save money from replacing new materials. It is way more cost beneficial for the client to restore damaged items than buying a new one.

Who can be a suitable franchisee? A business like this requires a franchisee to be knowledgeable and skilled in the various ways of restoring materials. The Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network is searching for plausible franchisee that is skilled in restoration, dry cleaning, and tasks related to it.

Franchising can do wonders to a franchisee’s business. The franchisee is now carrying the trusted name of the Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network, thus it also includes the popularity and expertise of the business. The franchisee’s profit may increase once they’re operating under the name of the trusted company that is why many want to be a franchisee of this business.

To begin with, the applying franchisee or you must first be able to give background information of how you’re operating your own business by completing the CQI (Certified Qualification Information) form. This process is done to check if you and your business are prepared for an upgrade of services under their name. This may also be a way to analyze whether you deserve to be handling a bigger responsibility because if approved, your name and face represents the whole network.

After being able to check all the background information about you and your business, you will receive the FDD or the Franchise Disclosure Document wherein the complete information about the network is stated for your knowledge. And to make it more meaningful for you, you may join the Discovery Day where you will be more familiar with the business through tours. There, you will get to greet and meet the staff and members of the network. Within the day, you will have a field trip around the plant to see how the process and operations work. You will also be given the chance to learn about the different support services that you can get from the network once you decide to join. Also in that day, both you and the network may realize if joining the network will benefit both parties.

The next step will be up to you if you still want to join the network or not. Once you decide to join the network, you will be put under training on restoration and dry cleaning services. Throughout the process, the network is always working hand in hand with you to provide you a support group in flourishing your business.

From the start, until the end, the network is behind you for support. Just make sure that in entering this kind of business, you’ll learn to value it more than anyone could so that work will be lighter and efficient for you and your workers. You will need about $4,000 - $8,000 for the franchise fee. A total of $40,550 - $230,500 is what you need to invest to be part of it.


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