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Weed Man is a business that specializes in lawn care. This profitable business is now accepting franchisees that can comply to all the qualifications and requirements that are provided for them.

Weed Man is a business specializing in maintaining household lawns. Des Rice established Weed Man in the year 1970. It was built in Mississauga, Ontario.

They protect the grass of every lawn from destructive plants such as broadleaf weeds, which can easily spread all over the ground and take away the nutrients that are supposedly for the main plants and grass. By using a lawnmower, water, and fertilizer, Des Rice was able to make great out of those grass lawns. He even creatively landscapes them as per the request of his clients. This business sees to it that the surroundings of residential areas are clean and healthy looking. And he believes that properly maintaining the grass lawns can make a big difference. Weed Man was able to aid in the household responsibilities of homeowners, especially the older ones and the disabled. Seeing the quality of Weed Man services, it was able to gather lots of clients asking for assistance in the maintaining of their grass lawns. And so, they had to expand their horizons by accepting franchisee applicants. That is why Weed Man, since 1976, has shared its franchise information for the consideration of many franchisee applicants.

Weed Man is in search for franchisee applicants nationwide, and in areas outside United States, such as Europe. They are also allowing exclusive territories as long as there is a population of at least 150,000. Entering the lawn care business can bring in money to your house. The reason for this would be the growing concerns of every household. As time goes by, families have additional children, parents are growing old, folk are getting sick, and there are also times that they will be out for a vacation. In these situations, lawns need an outside party to care for them. And that is where Weed Man comes in. Just by following the logic, you are assured that you will never ran out of customers in this kind of business. That is why entering the lawn care business can be very profitable.

For them, a qualified franchisee must be financially stable. You should be able to start up with an investment amounting to $65,900 up to a maximum amount of $82,900. As a franchisee, you would also have to pay Weed Man a minimum of $20,000, which can rise up to $33,800 for their charge in franchising fee. Your on-going royalty fee for the company is the 6% of your total sales. It must be remitted to the company periodically or as agreed upon the contract. Your contract is valid up to ten years. And if the contract expires, you can always have it renewed with the company.

As a responsible franchisee, you must have a net worth amounting to $60,000 or even more. Also, you must provide your bank statement or passbook that shows you have liquefied cash amounting to $30,000. That is to check how financially stable you are. If you have enough funds under your name, if things get out of hand in your business, you can easily bounce back because you have enough money saved up for you in the bank or in hand. And then, you are also required to have a general business experience so that you’ll know the different concepts and procedures encompassing this business.


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