Become Pressed4Time Franchisee

Pressed4Time is a company that offers dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service to its customers.

Their services are needed by many people nationwide that is why they are accepting more franchisees that pass the standards of the company.

Pressed4Time is a business specializing in dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service. They are known to provide its clients with high quality services including dry cleaning, shoe repairs, and many more. This business is just like other ordinary businesses that operate five days a week. It may be operated at home. In entering this business, it only requires the entrepreneur to have a very low cost investment. And since this business offers deliveries to its clients, you can easily accomplish all order with at least one delivery van.

It is a good decision if you would want to try joining the network of franchisees of Pressed4Time. It is way easier to commit to franchising than starting up a business from scratch. It relieves you from the efforts of analyzing whether your business idea is feasible. With a ready to operate business, you can already start up your way to success.

Once you commit into the franchising opportunity from Pressed4Time, you are assured to get multiple benefits. First of all, you can get 50% gross profit margin on dry cleaning. Even at a very low cost of the dry cleaning services, you can still receive profit more than you might have expected. You will also get a distinctive royalty plan from the company. Aside from that, the company will help you to establish a strong relationship with the company’s trusted dry cleaning plant. You will no longer have to waste more time on conceptualizing the company’s logo and trademark because in the agreement that you will be signing up for includes the passing on of the rights to allow you to use the company’s logo and trademark. Also, even if you do not have a lot of experience in the dry cleaning industry, the company will have you under training together with your employees. The company will also give you enough support in your business through orienting and guiding you in the operations of your company.

For you to be qualified as a franchisee, you must possess the necessary marketing skills to help you in managing the finances of your company including the advertising strategies to promote your services to more probable clients. You will also be checked if you have the total liquid cash amounting to $40,000.

You can operate your own franchising unit with only $35,910 up to $44,810. It is really affordable to start up a Pressed4Time franchise unit. That is why many are attracted into investing with this company because at such low costs, they can already earn big time. Once you sign the agreement with the company, you are obliged to comply with all of the conditions stated by the company. One of those conditions would be to pay the franchising fee upon signing of the contract. Pressed4Time requires you to give $29,900 for the franchising fee. Next is the ongoing royalty fee, which is the company’s share in the gains that you get by making use of the company’s trademark, logo, and system. The company will get 3% to 5% of your net income as the on-going royalty fee. All of these are stated in detailed manner in the contract, which is valid up to ten years. The contract may be renewed once is expires.


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