About Oxxo Care Franchise

Oxxo Care is a dry cleaning service company that makes use of environment friendly materials to preserve the quality of the clothes.

Now that many are loving their services in many areas, the company has decided to accept franchisees for more locations in other states or countries.

Oxxo Care is among the leading dry cleaning businesses nationwide. It has a very fresh concept on dry cleaning because it makes use of environment friendly materials. That is why it regarded as the safest dry cleaning services. They can also provide their services at fastest and convenient time possible. Its trademark products and services were adopted straight from Europe. That is why when you try to look at the design and equipment of the Oxxo Care laundry and dry cleaning service locations, you would see how updated they can be. Their services are going along the current technologies available that can make their services more sought after.

Nowadays, it is hard to find stores that provide eco-friendly products and services. Even if there are stores that provide materials that are environment friendly, they are very rare. Also they are very expensive. But with Oxxo Care around for the people, accessibility, affordability, and care for the environment are now made possible to the people. For a long time now, people have been using detergents and fabric conditioners that can harm living organisms in so many different ways. That is why the coming of Oxxo Care in the market has made a difference to the environment and to the family’s budget and health.

There is this belief that if you live by saving the environment or by aiming at providing for the common good, you will be blessed with more than what you asked for. Maybe it also helped Oxxo Care in a way to attain financial success. It could also prove well for you if you try committing into a franchising opportunity with Oxxo Care. But by looking at the business itself, you can already have great chances of succeeding. It is evident in the convenient way of delivery and accepting of orders. They are always in business for 24 hours. They are ready to serve the customers who may ask for their laundry and delivery services. Now that many people are living busy lives, faster transactions fare well for them.

With the exemplary attributes of this business, it is able to make dreams of many entrepreneurs come true by franchising. That is why this business is very recommendable even for beginners in business operations. The company needs a franchise from every location nationwide and worldwide. The ideal franchisee that is perfect for the position must be ready to handle a business for a long haul. It means that a franchisee must be determined and passionate about reaching the goals of the company as well as the franchise unit thru giving quality service in laundry and dry cleaning. Another requirement from you would be evidences that you ar financially ready for this undertaking. It may be seen thru your liquid cash. You must have at least $150,000 of liquefied cash.

If you passed all the screening for franchisees, then you must now prepare for the investment you will be putting up for the operations of your franchising unit. You can easily start with just $211,500 up to $557,000. Your franchising fee is only at $25,000, which is cheaper than other businesses out there. The on-going royalty fee is only for 4% your net sales, which must be forwarded regularly as stated in the contract.


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