Handyman Matters Franchise Opportunity

In starting a Handyman Matters franchise unit, there is no need for you to have a considerable experience in construction.

The most important thing needed from you is your business and customer relation skills.

Handyman Matters is a business that primarily handles the repairing, restoring, and maintaining residential buildings and business infrastructures. It specializes on small to medium sized construction projects. They can manage any kind of repairs for different parts of the house or office. These services are availed by companies who believe in the positive effects of change in ambience and functional features of a residential or working environment.

Handyman Matters has built its name thru time in partnership with its highly skilled workers. They have provided quality services that their clients would certainly ask for any time the need arises. Once a client asks for their services, whatever it is that they fixed in the house will be 100% under warranty. The company provides a one year warranty for any project that they were able to accomplish. This only shows how Handyman Matters care for the clients through the quality of their work. As for the payment of the project, they do not accept the payment as long as they weren’t able to complete the assigned project. It is their way of building trust between them and their clients; and accountability for their finished works. It is their goal to satisfy the clients by providing them with quality outputs.

If you are searching for a people-oriented business that can certainly touch the heart of every family or business, then you can go for the Handyman Matters franchise opportunity. Starting up your own Handyman Matters franchising unit, doesn’t require you to have an experience in construction jobs or household repair business. The company needs your business skills and customer relating skills most importantly so that you will be approved as a franchisee. The skills on construction will be enhanced for you and your employees thru the training that is given by the company.

You can start this business by investing at least $51,430 to $119,425 so you can start operating. Your investment will be used for different expenses in the business. The first one that you will be allotting for is the franchising fee. The franchising fee is the company’s charge for giving you the rights to own a unit of their business on your chosen location. Upon signing the contract with the company, you must give them $32,400 up to a maximum amount of $60,000 for the franchising fee. Another important thing that is stated in the contract is the on-going royalty fee. The royalty fee must be paid to the company on an agreed time regularly. They charge you on-going royalty to get their share from your profits in using their name and system. Handyman Matters will collect 6% of you net sales for the royalty fee. The contract that you have signed with the company is valid for ten years only. But if it expires, you can renew it if you think it is necessary.

You may operate your business at your own home during the first part of your contract. Later on, you may move into a small office space that the company may help you in choosing. Your location may be anywhere nationwide. Locations outside the country are also available such as in Asia, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


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