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Handyman Connection will help you as you start a franchise under them, given that you have accomplished all of the requirements and qualifications set for their franchisees.

Handyman Connection is one of the best home improvement services company.

It has been providing its customers with valued services since 1990. It caters for the household need of repairing small things to house-wide renovations. Handyman Connection is well-known for partnering with busy homeowners in remodeling houses across United States. Their services are affordable and always worth your money. And so, people do not have to do trial and error in fixing different damaged parts of the house and risk destroying the entire place. Let the work be done by professionals in Handyman Connection.

Handyman Connection hire professional workers who can do the following services for their customers: carpentry; painting; plumbing; electrical fixtures; renovating the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and garage; all-around preservation; building fences; organizing and making shelves and storage; installing ceramic tiles; constructing decks; and a whole lot more. You may ask for their services in advance and schedule it on the day most comfortable with you.

And if you already have availed the services of Handyman Connection, you will be assured that all of their workers are licensed professionals. But just to make everybody secured and safe at all times, Handyman Connection have their workers insured to be prepared with possible accidents at work.

Many have been satisfied and impressed by Handyman Connection’s services, gathering the company more clients. And as the company is growing in number of customers and services, in 1991, it has decided to welcome franchisee applicants nationwide. With Handyman Connection, you will be given the chance to decide for your own business without having you to get stuck on business schedules and appointments in expense of your personal life. Thus, in this venture you will have more time with your family as your business is earning its way up for success. All that is expected from you is to possess the determination and skills in managing your business dealings. Of course, you must also be financially capable to pursue on this endeavor with Handyman Connection.

If you are to start a Handyman Connection franchise, you must be prepared to invest a total amount of $80,730 to $154,150. Upon your agreement with the company, you must be able to remit $25,000 to $40,000 for the franchising fee. Also, for their on-going royalty fee you must pay them 5% of your total sales. Your contract with Handyman will last up to 10 years which is renewable upon expiry.

As a prospective franchisee, you must have a net worth of $250,000 with liquefied cash amounting to $100,000. And in order to be successful in this business you must have at least a general experience in managing businesses. But, you are not required to have home improvement experiences because the company is willing to have you trained with the right skills for the business.

You will be trained for 2 weeks in their headquarters. And for another 1 week, you will still be trained in your location. You will surely get the hand of this business because the company will provide you their utmost support to have you guided all the way.


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