Owning Tax Centers of America Franchise

Tax Centers of America has long been accepting franchisees of their business as long as they can meet all the qualifications and requirements stated in the franchise information.

Tax Centers of America was founded in 1992.

Its offices may be found in Russellville, Arkansas. This company specializes in providing tax related services to its customers. Their services include preparation of income tax, and tax filing by online and electronic modes. There are lots of taxpayers across the country that would need assistance from experts in preparing their income taxes. The company has been proven with its reliable and fast services to the people. And so, more and more clients are coming into their doors for their high quality services. Noticing the growth in number of their customers, Tax Centers of America thought of widening their networks by accepting franchisee applicants. Since 1995 started sharing their franchising system to other interested parties. Currently, they have around 200 tax centers across the country with 127 franchise locations in 25 states.

Tax Centers of America have received multiple recognitions for being of the best companies offering franchising opportunities with affordable rates and a greater chance for success. Thus, Tax Centers of America is proved to be among the best and continuously successful franchising business in America. They say this is the best business opportunity for all people who needs a career move and lifestyle change.

They are presently seeking possible franchisees nationwide and in selected exclusive territories with ten thousand population. Prospective franchisees must be dedicated and persevering in handling this kind of business. A franchisee must also be equipped with enough finances to be able to operate a business for himself.

And so a franchisee must be ready to cash out an investment for a total of $17,600 to $48,749. Upon agreeing with the terms and conditions of Tax Centers of America, you must pay them $7,500 to $20,000 for the franchising fee. There is more surprise into their franchising fee because in every payment of $20,000 for the franchising fee you will get a total of 5 franchises. You will get franchising units of $100,000 value by paying only $20,000. But of course additional expenses will arise for each of your location but it’s very minimal. The additional expenses per locations would be as follows: Insurance, Advertising, Business Licensing, Telephone Connections, Office Supplies, Furnishings, and Equipment, and of course the Office Space and other operational cost.

You must also anticipate the periodical payment for the on-going royalty fee which is $25 to $45 per return. Their rate in the royalty fee is considered to be the most affordable of all franchising opportunities in the market.
Owning a Tax Centers of America franchise unit would mean complying with the financial requirements such as your net worth and cash liquidity. The company must see that you are financially stable with a liquefied cash of $30,000.

Your unit must have two employees working to be able to start your operation. If you want your business to grow, you may choose to have additional franchise units. The company allows its franchisees to have multiple franchise units. Currently, 24% of their franchisees own more than one unit.


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