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Cash Plus is one of the leading financial service company that provides a variety of fast and easy transactions for its clients.

That is why the franchisees can truly benefit from joining the network of franchisees of Cash Plus with its affordable investment costs.

Cash Plus is a financial service company that provide assistance to private individuals and companies. They specialize on offering check cashing, wherein the clients can have their checks en-cashed in the local Cash Plus centers. The company accepts any kind of checks such as payroll checks, government checks, insurance checks, tax refund checks, cashier’s checks, and personal checks.

Cash Plus is also open for payday advance loan. It is done thru accepting a post-dated check from clients, which is available for encashment on the payday itself. The clients do this to have the value of their receivables at an earlier time by having a check exchanged to money from Cash Plus loan center. Thru availing a payday advance loan from Cash Plus, the clients will be sure to receive the money faster and easier compared to banks.

People can also get money order services from Cash Plus. Clients avail these services to avoid the risk and inconvenience of paying certain bills using checks or cash thru mail. It is very convenient because money orders do not expire. The recipient may get the money anytime he wants. In Cash Plus(, they have the money orders for free for its members.

Wire transfers are also convenient to do with Cash Plus. The money will be transferred from one account to another without having to hold the money itself, which is very convenient and safe for the clients. Cash plus assures its clients with wire transfers in only a few seconds.

Cash Plus also has a Prepaid Mastercard for their valued clients. The card will be printed with the client’s name on it. It may be used for different transactions that the client needs.

Aside from the said services provided by Cash Plus, it also has different extra services in its local stores. You may find that their local stores provide bill payments, notary public, mailbox rentals, fax, photocopy, and prepaid phone cards services. No wonder that many clients trust Cash Plus in handling financial transactions for them because of its convenient and affordable services in many locations across the country.

If the said company features of Cash Plus interest you, then you might want to go through its franchise information to help you decide on things for the business you are planning with Cash Plus. Actually, at present, Cash Plus is seeking for a franchisee for their business. A qualified franchisee for them is a person that have excellent customer relating skills. It is manifested by a pleasing personality, which can attract more clients in their store. The company also prefers a franchisee that has enough experience in the business industry.

You can start a franchising unit under Cash Plus with only $198,000 to $285,000 as your total investment. Your investment will be used for different financing aspects of your business. The first one stated in the contract that you have signed with the company is the franchising fee. Cash Plus charges its franchisees with a franchising fee for giving the person the rights to make use of the company’s name, system, and reputation. The franchising fee with Cash Plus is $35,000. You will be paying the company regularly 5% to 6% of your sales less all the deductibles. The said payment is for the company’s share of your earnings that you got using its name, system, and reputation. You will also be giving $300 to $500 monthly for the company’s assistance in advertising your business. The contract that you have signed is up to 10 years only. But once it expires, you can easily renew it by just paying another $5,000 to the company.


  • Lobna Kassem said on January 16, 2011
    Dear Sir, I would like to know the procedures and the required documents and data in order to get a the franchise in Alexandria - Egypt
  • Walter Montgomery said on August 5, 2011
    I want to start a Cash Plus in Baltimore, MD USA What do I need, and what do I need to do?
  • Danie de Bruyn said on October 10, 2013
    I want to start a Cash Plus South Africa. What do I need to do. Plse adv Danie


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