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Mr. Payroll is accepting franchisee applicants for their business opportunity. And before the applicant can open his own franchise, he must first be familiar of the different qualifications and requirements needed from him.

Before opening your own Mr. Payroll franchise unit, try to know the nature of the services of the company for a sounder decision-making.

Mr. Payroll was founded in the year 1988 as a company specializing in financial services such as non-bank cashing of checks, money orders, payment of bills, transferring of money, and many other related services in very affordable prices. In 1992, Mr. Payroll opened its doors for possible franchisees.

If you believe that in starting up a business with Mr. Payroll will provide you with financial success, then you must consider going through the franchise information of the company. There are financial requirements and franchisee qualifications that have to be met in order to commit yourself in a business relationship with Mr. Payroll through their franchising opportunity.

Mr. Payroll is seeking franchisees in selected areas in United States which includes Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. So, if you are located in these areas, you have a greater chance of acquiring a franchise unit under Mr. Payroll.

You will have at least $75,300 and a maximum of $151,000 as your total investment in operating a franchising unit with Mr. Payroll. Your investment is divided in different sections such as the ongoing royalty fee and the franchising fee. You must pay $10,000 for the franchising fee, which must be paid upon signing of the agreement. 10% of your total sales a month are directed to Mr. Payroll as the ongoing royalty fee. Your franchising contract with Mr. Payroll will last up to 10 years and may be renewable as needed. You will be checked if you have a net worth requirement amounting to $250,000. Also, you must meet the cash liquidity requirement of $75,000. Experience in the non-bank financial services is not a requirement. But you must have at least a general business experience to ensure that you can understand the transactions and processes involved in operating a business.

You will be undergoing a thorough training for business related skills that are essential in the Mr. Payroll franchise unit. The training will only be held in the Mr. Payroll’s headquarters which will last for 3 days.

Mr. Payroll will provide enough support system for their franchisees. You are encouraged to address your queries through their toll-free phone lines. You will also be assisted by their representatives on the grand opening of your franchise unit. They have also taken advantage of the iniquitousness of the Internet by creating their official website which showcases the important information and updates in the company. You will also be oriented regarding the security and safety procedures necessary in the business; especially you will be handling finances of companies. You will be visited occasionally in your retail location to check whether you are doing fine in your business.


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