Become City Wide Maintenance Franchise

With almost five decades in the industry of providing building maintenance services, City Wide Maintenance proved what it takes to survive the unpredictable business economy.

Be part of the continuous growth of the company through becoming one of their franchisees and have the privilege of being trained and guided by their respected management leaders.

Established since 1961, City Wide Maintenance is known maintenance services to hundreds of buildings across the United States. City Wide Maintenance, being in the business for almost five decades, indeed possesses one of the best B-2-B facilities.

Start up cost for putting up a franchise of City Wide Maintenance is at $60,000 to $125,000 with total investment of $250,000. Working capital or credit line needed is $250,000 with minimum net worth of $600,000. The company offers a financial assistance of as much as 50% of the franchising fee.

One of the qualifications that City Wide Maintenance examines is the financial capability of the franchisee. Ability to finance the business will be a great edge.

On becoming a City Wide Maintenance franchisee, you can have the benefit of having a complete training program which sums up to four weeks. The two weeks training is usually conducted in the City Wide Maintenance office while the remaining two weeks is done inside the franchise’s location. The purpose of the training’s different location is to make the staffs accustomed in applying the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the City Wide Maintenance office to the franchise site location.

City Wide Maintenance also gives bearing to marketing. The company knows for a fact that marketing is an important ingredient for business survivability. Hence, they lend direct mail programs, email marketing, and telemarketing to boost the marketing initiatives of every franchise.

Another important factor is the location. In every business, the site or the business’ location plays a major role in dictating the volume of potential customers. Factors like proximity to urban areas or to places where people mostly seek the services that the company is offering. The good thing is that, City Wide Maintenance owned exclusive market-wise territories. These sites situated in places that will make the business more marketable. City Wide Maintenance is more than willing to award these lands to qualified franchisees.

Franchising City Wide Maintenance does not require experience in the same line of business or any exceptional managerial and operational expertise. Everything can be learned hence the company, as along as the franchisee passed the capital requirements and do has the urge and capability to lead the team, gives a chance to franchise the business.

Through the years, City Wide Maintenance makes it a point to deliver quality services. Being able to survive and lead in the business world, it is a privilege for every franchisee to be trained and guided by the best management leader in the industry.


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