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In selecting a franchise related to shipping business, it is important to choose the one with partnership to reputable carriers that will make the business easy to handle.

Hence, InXpress is worth franchising for it is indeed profitable and less complicated.

InXpress is a shipping company with links to major carrier companies such as DHL. It is through their effective marketing efforts and industry performance that they were able to get and create an alliance with significant carrier companies locally and internationally.

The role of franchisees, basically, is to render services to customers at a discounted rate after which the carriers do pick up and delivery while the franchisor collects the bills. This system is a cycle and must be accomplished perfectly at every stage of the transaction. Coordination plays a vital role getting this task successfully.

One advantage of being able to work with the known domestic and international carriers is that InXpress was able to get many discount rates. This enables them to have lower rates since they passed on to customers some of these privileges and some are use to cover some of the overhead cost.

Total investment needed to be an InXpress franchise owner is estimated to be between $39,500 and $45,000. On examining candidates as franchisee, their financial capability and stability is the first to be evaluated before any interview and corporate meeting. It is very important that as a franchisee, you are sufficient with the capital investment needed to run the business. However, this is not at all a burden since there are many financial institutions that do lend help to starting businesses.

As a shipping company, InXpress stays committed to its mission of on time delivery, multiple express, provide freight options, and deliver customer service at its best.

InXpress is known for its turn-key operating system that has been proven since 2006. The business started in the franchising business the same year it was established. Starting InXpress franchise does not demand a high entry cost. In fact, the entry cost of InXpress is low same as with the overhead cost and moreover, requires no inventory. In addition, the business runs with only few employees and can be managed from home. These conveniences are what made franchising InXpress easy and favorable.

Securing that every franchisee knows how to properly run the business, the franchisor will be providing training from business operating procedures to sales initiatives. Further, there are onsite support visit and support center that InXpress will be rendering to franchises to assure adherence to quality customer service.

Parts also of the training are the regional meetings and conventions in order for every franchisee to come together and promote sound business discussions.

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  • Geoff said on May 22, 2016
    Can you provide with more details about becoming a franchisee. I'm from Brisbane Australia


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