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The Original Basket Boutique franchise is a unique business opportunity which allows franchisees to create and develop original ideas and designs in gift giving.

The business allows you to engage in an income from which you have full control of in terms of financial revenue and stability.

The Original boutique Franchise is the only customized gift franchise in the country. It originated from Alberta Canada in 1989 and has since expanded to the United States, specifically Gulf Breeze Florida. The company provides customized and personalized gifts that are appropriate for either personal or business gift giving.

This franchise is particularly applicable for those that wish to have full control of their financial stability, especially since they will be working for themselves. Creativity in any aspect is an essential factor in this business and running such will help one improve on their talents. You will be able to express originality and artistic design. Fear not however since the franchise is always here to help, therefore creativity is not always an initial pre requisite to this business.

Before starting any business it is highly recommended to have at least a stable background with regards to business management and marketing. Reading books, attending seminars or simply discussing it with other business owners will always help you gain a firm grasp over what you are about to partake.

When it comes to achieving revenue and marketing goals, the Original basket boutique will give immediate positive sales revenue. It is committed to giving you continuous support through an exclusive inter franchise sales referral system, comprehensive training in designing and business acumen, provide marketing tools and give guidance in all aspects of operations, designing and sales and marketing.

The benefits of franchising with the Original Basket Boutique include corporate training sessions development, start up inventory, design principles and training, the freedom to create original gifts and designs, professional sales and marketing tools, on going development of new products, a successful business plan model, idea exchange with network, operations manual, monthly newsletter, internal network referral system and incentive rewards.

To apply simply complete the No obligation Request form at the website and wait the applications is being processed. Training takes place at their main headquarters in Gulf Breeze Florida. Start up costs and franchise fees include the total investment of $37,500-$47,000, Initial franchise fee of $25,000, royalty fee of 4% with a 5 year term of agreement, after which a renewal fee of $500 dollars is necessary.


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