Open United Check Cashing Franchise

United Check Cashing, a company specializing in financial services, is open for franchising at such affordable rates and easy to accomplish qualifications and requirements.

In 1977, United Check Cashing was established as a well-founded financial services company.

Its services are greatly needed by private individuals and companies that would like to have their checks en-cashed and many other bank-related financial services. With its increasing number of clients, it has decided to start franchising in 1991. At present, United Check Cashing already has more than 150 centers in 17 locations all over United States.

United Check Cashing specializes in providing the following services for its customers: instant cash exchange for checks, direct deposits, bills payments, money transfers and remittances to other states or to other countries partnered by Western Union, pre-paid services for Visa and Mastercard credit cards, pre-paid telephone services, money orders, faxing and copying services, and more. They are serving the people in a safe and secured bank-like environment. All of their centers are made for the customers’ comfortable and convenient transacting with the company. That is why you may find their bank-like service centers in places where customers normally go to work and shop, which means their location is very accessible and safe for its customers. Their services are completed fast and hassle-free for their customers.

As for their market, check cashing services are very in demand as long as there are companies and businesses that are in operating mode by buying and selling goods and services at the same time paying their employees who in turn remit their salaries to their families in different parts of the world. In short, as long as money keeps on circulating the market, there are many customers that are looking for quality financial services.

If you think you are the right person to be providing the people with those services, do not take the risk of starting up your own business from scratch and head on for possible failures later on. United Check Cashing can help you make your business ambitions come true. You will be in for a lot of benefits once you join United’s franchising group.

United Check Cashing is open for franchising nationwide and in selected exclusive territories. You are viable to open a United Check Cashing franchise if you have exemplary business and marketing skills because in this venture, you will be transacting with many different clients day-in and day-out. And of course, aside from those business related skills, you must also have enough finances to keep up to the needs of your chosen business.

You must be aware that you will be investing a total of $218,000 to $272,000. United is requiring their franchisees to pay $30,000 for the franchising fee. Their on-going royalty fee varies depending on your total sales periodically or as agreed upon on your contract. The deal is valid for 5 year and may be renewed upon expiry.

And to prove to the company that you are financially stable and capable of doing business, you must present evidences that your net worth is at least $400,000. Also, they must see in your financial records that you have a liquefied cash of $100,000.

Through time, you will be encouraged to acquire additional units if you feel like you are really growing in this business. As a matter of fact, United has 25% of its franchisees owning more than one unit. And once you open up United Check Cashing units, you must have 2 to 3 employees to operate.


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