Granite Transformations Franchise Information

Granite Transformations is accepting franchisees who can qualify and meet all their set standards.

In 1995, Granite Transformation was established as a business specializing in bath and kitchen installations and surfaces.

Their products are made of natural materials, which made them so in demand when it comes to home improvement. They have quality products that could last a lifetime. Since Granite Transformation is the favorite of homeowners beautifying their abodes, they are starting to become more asked for. This means, they would need an expansion of location and service providers. And so in 1996, they decided to welcome franchisees of their business. Later that year, they were able to open their first franchise unit in Perth, Australia.

Right now, they are open for franchisees nationwide and selected countries outside the United States such as Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Western Europe. And they could just refer to the Granite Transformation franchise information. A perfect franchisee is not required to be experienced in making surfaces in different parts of the house. But what is expected from a possible franchisee is the motivation and determination to make the business grow by providing quality services to the people just like the company was known for.

Once you become a franchisee, you will get to choose your location or exclusive territory for your store. Surely, the company will help you in choosing the right place for your business through real estate evaluations done by the company’s experts. The shop must also be located in a strategic place where there is greater possibility of gathering more clients. You will also be representing and providing the people with leading products made of environment friendly materials. Those products are really durable that is why they put their name in the line by saying that their products are lifetime guaranteed. You also get to use the company’s name and reputation in the industry internationally. You will not have a hard time conceptualizing promos for your business just to grow because you are already making use of the built name of the company as seen by people. You’ll be sure that the products you’ll be using are objects that answer the need of time and of the future.

For you to be able to start operating your business you must have the capacity to invest $134,000 to $351,000. When you signed the contract, it is also the same in saying that you agreed to pay their franchising fee of $25,000 to $75,000. Their on-going royalty fee is quite minimal in 2 percent of your total sales. The contract will last up to ten years, and is renewable upon expiry. You would be required to present evidences that you have $107,000 of liquefied cash. As for your skills, you must have a general business experience for you to understand and easily follow the transactions and procedures within the business. You must also possess the perfect marketing skills so that you can promote your business even just by yourself.

Once you already have your own franchise unit, it would be your choice whether you want to acquire another franchising unit. The company is allowing its franchisees to own one more unit. Actually one percent of the franchisees own more than one unit. You must also hire at least six and a maximum of forty employees to make your business work.

Now, if you don’t have the right skills for the job, you do not have to worry much because the company will train you through their expert representatives. And through all of your time with Granite Transformation, you will receive the best support system in a business.


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