Daily Grind Unwind Coffee House & Cafe Franchise

Daily Grind Unwind Coffee House and Cafe is open for interested franchisees who can accomplish all the qualifications and requirements set by the company.

Daily Grind Unwind Coffee House & Cafe was started since 1995.

It serves its customers with their best espresso drinks and amazing roasted drip coffee. All of their ingredients are proven fresh and of high quality just, and you’ll know it just by having a taste of it. Aside from their bestselling line of coffees, they are also concocting different flavorful fruit smoothie and teas. Your grumbling tummy will be satisfied with their freshly baked breads and pastries. You may be wanting for more of their delicious Panini of various taste and ingredients. Order up with their warm soup and colorful salads to make it all complete. You might be glad to know that they are serving you with biodegradable cold cups, which is very environment friendly. Aside from specializing in warming your stomachs, Daily Grind is also providing larger food services through catering. You can enjoy all of those tempting benefits once you visit their relaxing cafe.

Come 2000, Daily Grind Unwind Coffee House and Cafe started opening up for franchising. They are currently accepting franchisee applicants nationwide and worldwide. The top pick franchisee for them is someone who is responsible, disciplines, and motivated to uphold the goals of the company. Alongside these qualities, you must also be financially capable in order to operate a franchising unit for yourself.

You must be prepared to invest a minimum amount of $156,700 to a maximum of $457,500. When you have signed up for the agreement with the company, it means you are also willing to pay them $30,000 for the franchising fee. Also, you must expect to handover to the company 5% of your total sales. The contract is valid until 5 years and may be renewed upon expiry.

And as a credible franchisee, you must have all the means of starting up a business. You must provide the company with enough proofs that you have a net worth of $250,000 and a liquefied cash of $75,000.

In opening up your own franchise unit, you must have 15 employees working for you to be able to operate right away. And once you realize that having business with Daily Grind Unwind Coffee House and Cafe is bringing you profits and many fruitful customer relationships, you might want to consider adding up more franchising units in your name. If that is the case, you may certainly do so because Daily Grind is allowing it franchisees to acquire more than one franchise units. According to statistics, 20 percent of the company’s franchisees have more than one unit. They are very lenient when it comes to absentee ownership. Unlike other companies, Daily Grind Unwind Coffee House and Cafe allows absentee ownership of their franchise units. That explains the figures that 85% of the company’s franchisees are owners and operators.

Considerable experience in the food and beverage service industry is not a requirement. The company is very willing to send you to training under professional trainers of the company. Your training at the headquarters will be for 5 days. You’ll get another 7 days of training in your location. And add 5 days more of training at a training facility or store. Throughout your contract with the company, you’ll be sure to get all the support you need from the company.


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