Dunn Bros Coffee Franchise Opportunity

Unlike other coffee shop franchises already existing in the market, Dunn Bros Coffee is most loved by its patrons because of its fresh daily roast, which is done in front of its consumers to ensure the highest quality of taste with each cup.

It is also a reflection of the community where it operates to have the welcoming atmosphere for the local clients and the tourists who will come to any Dunn Coffee shops.

The application process for a Dunn Bros Coffee franchise is really quite simple. All you need to do is to fill up an application form, which will be reviewed by the company. The company will then send out the Application and Franchise Development Disclosure to you.

Once you receive the application and franchise development disclosure form, the company will then conduct a personal interview to determine your personal data, financial qualifications, and initial business plan.

Typically, the franchisor will ask around $90,000 worth of liquid asset and a net worth of $500,000 for each franchisee to qualify to own a Dunn Bros Coffee shop.

Meanwhile, the structure cost, on one typical Dunn Bros Coffee store, will range from $125,000 to $160,000. An additional $25,000 will be needed if you wish to have an unimproved shell for displays.

Also, you should know that the company is charging royalty fee, which is around five percent of the total annual revenue. The contract will last for 10 years and can be renewed should you wish to continue operations of the franchise.

Dunn Bros Coffee will also give you the opportunity to pick the area you wish to have the store. Most of the stores (1,600 to 2,000 feet in size) are placed in urban and suburban areas and are strategically fronting the morning drive side of the streets for a more visible placing.

The company will also give you an insight whether the location is viable for business. Most of the exclusive territory given to each franchise has over $60,000 average income.

Meanwhile, trainings and other supports will be given by the franchisor in its company headquarters. The training will include management and operational guidelines that would ensure the proper handling of the business by the new owners.

Also, grand openings and hotline assistance will be available to you to help you cope up with large number of daily consumers in your shop.


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