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Tim Hortons is considered to be the largest restaurant chain. It sells two products- coffee and donuts.

Tim Hortons is known in Canada for being the country’s biggest fast service restaurant chain.

It was founded in 1964 and is known as a coffee and donut store but later on develop more to meet the customer’s satisfaction. Now, its menu comprises premium coffee, special teas, sandwiches, and other coffee and baked products.

The first Tim Hortons chain was founded in Hamilton, Ontario. Its main focus is to have an on top excellence, freshly made products, excellent services, community leadership and value. This made their chain grow faster and made them to be the biggest quick service restaurant chain in Canada that specializes in baked products, newly made coffee, and home style lunches. At first, they only have two main products. It’s just coffee and donuts. The variety of donuts to choose from was down into two original flavors, the Apple Fritter and the Dutchie. These two flavors are so popular that it continues to be the best seller up to now.

But as the customers taste changes, so did the option at Tim Hortons. The biggest transition in the chain's merchandise focus took place in 1976 with the launch of the incredibly successful Timbit or the bite-sized donut hole, and is available today in over 35 different selections. The chain's development into the 1980's brought about a whole series of new product introductions: muffins on 1981, cakes on 1981, pies on 1982, croissants on 1983, cookies on 1984, and soups & chili on 1985. Sandwiches, which were initially introduced in 1993, were re-introduced again as a new and better line-up of 6 varieties, called "Tim's Own", in 1998. Also, in the 1990's, bagels on 1996, flavored cappuccino on 1997, Cafe Mocha on 1999 and Iced Cappuccino on1999 were introduced. In 2003, the Turkey Bacon Club sandwich and Maple Pecan Danish were successfully added to the menu. In 2005 Tim Hortons presented Yogurt & Berries and Cinnamon Roll and Hot Smoothie to the menu. Many new products were added to the menu in 2006 like the Chicken Salad Wrap and the hot Breakfast Sandwich which is a eggs, sausage or bacon, processed cheese on a toasted homestyle biscuit. The chain's largest drawing card stays its well-known Tim Hortons coffee. The out of the ordinary blend is also offered in cans, as are Tim Hortons hot chocolate and English Toffee and French Vanilla cappuccinos, so customers can also like these great tasting products at home.

Adding up to their ordinary stand alone stores, Tim Hortons positions can also be found in different shopping malls, highway outlets, universities and also in hospitals, giving well-known visibility for the chain. Most standard Tim Hortons locations offer 24-hour drive-thru service, catering to consumers on the go.


  • Jessica said on June 22, 2011
    Hi there my name is Jessica Parmar and I am wanting to get started with a Tim hortons Franchise here in Alberta Canada. I am currently living in lethbridge alberta but i have no problems moving within a 2-4 hour radius of my hometown such as calgary etc.. Please tell me all the necessary procedures to start with my first tim hortons franchise .. thank you so much !!
  • Sonam said on January 29, 2012
    Hi.., I wish to start a Tim hortons franchise in Mumbai..., plz let me know the necessary requirements and the procedure.., thank u
  • STUTI said on January 30, 2012
    PASCHIM VIHAR, NEW DELHI. Interested in opening a Tim Hortons franchise in new delhi Kindly advice
  • robin shan said on March 2, 2012
    I have completed diploma in restaurant management and have sufficient fund to get franchise of Tim Hortons in round about area of lethbridge preferably in taber. kindly let me know the procedure to go ahead successfully. Thanking you in anticipation. business location calgary. alberta. canada
  • Apek Peng said on May 21, 2012
    I would like to know the opportunity in opening Tim Hortons in Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia. Please advise the next course
  • Akul Arora said on May 25, 2012
    hey ..,i am interested in opening a Tim Horton's franchise in Surat, Gujarat, India . So kindly inform me about the requirements and the procedure . waiting for a reply.
  • Mihaela said on June 15, 2012
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada - interested in information about opening a Tim Horton's franchise
  • Ravi said on August 21, 2012
    Hi I want to know the procedure and requirements to start tim hortons. Please let me know the minimum investment required in this business. I live in cobourg. Reply soon
  • Pooja said on January 4, 2013
    Hi, I am interested to open a few outlets of Tim Hortons in Mumbai prime locations. Kindly let me know if Tim Hortons plans to enter. India. Regards
  • Ajit singh said on January 20, 2013
    Respected Sirs, I am interested in having Franchise for Tim hortans at Delhi capital of India pls let mr know the details like how much investment and Other formalities
  • Johal said on April 22, 2013
    Hi,I am interested in opening a Tim hortons franchise in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I would like to know the procedure, terms & conditions. How much investment & other requirements. Thank you
  • Lily said on May 6, 2013
    Hi, I am interested in information about opening a Tim Hortons franchise in Ontario area. I would like to find out the procedure, the necessary requirements and total amount of investment required. As well as any information I need to know before making the decision. Thanks in advance!
  • Manish Prajapati said on June 14, 2013
    I would like to start Tim hortons in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India
  • jeff ang said on August 8, 2013
    i am interested in the Franchise of tim horton. Please advise me the details of requirements. Hope to hear from you asap. Jeff ang (6012-3781833)
  • Shannon Lee said on October 30, 2013
    Hi I am interested to know the procedure of getting franchise of Tim Hortons. I love your coffee and I want to share with my country. The location that I wish to open is in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Really appreciate if you can provide the details. Merci.
  • sidhi mehta said on November 10, 2013
    Hi I am interested to know the procedure of getting franchise of Tim Hortons. I would like to start it in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • salim said on November 26, 2013
    Hy i am interested in opening tim horton in mumbai. Is there a way that i can do so
  • santhosh said on January 2, 2014
    I am a n NRI & Interested in starting Tim Horton's outlet in Cochin or Hyderabad. Let me know the investment and other information. Rgds, santhosh
  • Sushil Pulla said on January 24, 2014
    Hi there, I am pretty much interested in Tim Horton's franchise in Hyderabad India. Please do let me the know franchise procedure. Thanks, Sushil
  • ravit said on March 5, 2014
    i want to open a tim hortons store in delhi ....
  • Sharm said on April 3, 2014
    Hi, I am interested in opening a Tim hortons franchise in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I would like to know the procedure, terms & conditions. How much investment & other requirements. Thank you
  • Jayna parel said on May 6, 2014
    I wanna a start timhortons in surat or vadodar prime locations, Gujrat, India. I would like to know procedure and investment. Thanks jayna
  • sahil seth said on June 4, 2014
    Hi, I live in india but m planning to live in canada for rest of my life. I visit canada and found tim Horton's as a good business there. I have pretty good funds here. so can u plz tell me about the formalities and duties there in canada.
  • Syed R.alam said on June 16, 2014
    Hi! I would like to open Tim Horton in kuala lumpur ,malaysia also New York ,pls let me know how much I need to invest Malaysia & new york
  • Shriram said on June 19, 2014
    Hi there, I am pretty much interested in Tim Horton's franchise in Chennai India. Please do let me the know franchise procedure. Thanks, Shri
  • Kshitij Patil said on July 3, 2014
    Hi, I am from Mumbai, India. I will be glad to own the franchise of Tim Hortons. Please post the details regarding the procedure. I am waiting for your reply. Thanks !
  • kumar jeyakumaran said on August 2, 2014
    hi, i'm from Toronto Canada living in Chennai india and was wondering about the franchise of tim hortons in Chennai can you provide me with more details regarding the procedure and the investment. looking forward to hear from you.
  • manisha faizal said on August 19, 2014
    I am living in lethbridge ,Canada .i am interested to open a franchise in lethbridge or Calgary and also interested to know about procedures to start one in cochin, kerala (india).
  • Uma said on September 4, 2014
    Hi, I'm Uma from Malaysia and interested in Tim Horton franchise business in Malaysia.
  • Brinda Kumar said on November 12, 2014
    Hi, my name is Brinda, I would appreciate your forwarding me the Tim Hortons franchise details ( investment, procedure etc) , would like to open a Timmy's either in Chennai or Hyderabad. Many thanks!
  • Dr D J Rao said on March 11, 2015
    I would like to start Tim Hortons franchise in Mumbai/ Bangalore. Please inform the procedures and estimate.
  • Sanket said on June 10, 2015
    Hi, I am San and currently in Canada but would like to open a franchise in Mumbai
  • grace said on June 22, 2015
    Hi! i'm grace would appreciate how could start up a franchise in malaysia. How much does it cost. Tq
  • jas said on July 23, 2015
    Hi I like to start up Tim Hortons franchise in Regina SK Canada what is the formalities. thanks
  • Abrar said on July 30, 2015
    Hi, I would like to know opportunity to start a Tim Horton's franchise in Penang, Malaysia. Thank you.
  • Meraaj said on September 20, 2015
    hi, I would appreciate if you could forward me the details ( investment and procedure etc.) to open up Timmy's in Hyderabad, India. Thank you
  • Rajshree said on November 3, 2015
    Hey I m looking forward for tim horton in mumbai Please send me detail n procedure for what step v have to follow to get franchise
  • Dipika said on January 20, 2016
    Hi, I am dipika, I wish to start a Tim hortons franchise in Surat Gujarat thank u
  • Athreya Kidambi said on February 6, 2016
    Hi I am Athreya Kidambi, I want to start Tim Hortons, Franchise startup Biz in India and Canada. Please let me know the procedure and financial details.Thanks
  • Narendra khatri said on June 8, 2016
    Hi ima Narendra khatri from Toronto I would like to start Tim Hortons Franchise for pune India .can more information and how can we go about it.thanks


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