Caffino Franchise Information

The Caffino company utilizes the business concept that makes drinking coffee easy for motorists and people on the go by bringing them to their vehicles.

The franchise is ideal for would be business owners and coffee lovers alike.

The Caffino was first opened in Napa, California in 1993. Its concept of brining coffee directly to customers in their vehicles was a huge success which allowed for more espresso bars to expand within the country. Caffino’s vision is to cater to on the go customers and motorists, serving them only the best of high quality coffee directly to their cars.

In the year 2002 Caffino opened its doors to the franchising market and has since made a huge impact on the industry and economy alike. People find the concept very convenient and that is what people are looking for nowadays. As time progresses people become more and more busy and preoccupied that they cannot always enjoy the basics of life such as going out and enjoying their favorite house blend coffee. The same goes for other beverages and food types that is why this particular franchise is ideal for those would be business owners who have a passion for convenience.

There are currently 9 company owned coffee establishments in the country and they are continuing to expand to other areas. The franchise does not sell territories or provide exclusivity rather is basically interested in opening as many establishments regardless of locale. Also, the franchisee need not be an owner operator yet it is important that the high quality and management capability in the franchise is seen and kept.

The franchise fee for Caffino is tiered based on the number of franchises owner. The charge is $25,000 for the first franchise, $15,000 for the second and $10,000 for the third and the rest. The royalty fee is 5% of the gross sales and the total cost to open a Caffino coffee bar is roughly $268,000 to $484,000 which is inclusive of the franchise fee, training, aid at the grand opening, working capital, site construction and others. The details of which are available from the UFOC. Initially you will need to have at least $100,000 cash available. Caffino does not directly provide financial support but can however recommend a third party financing firm to assist you.

It is important to note down how you plan on running your business despite the training you will be receiving. Be able to identify what your budget, how you plan on spending it, and all your long and short term goals. Though the business franchise will provide you with everything you will need it is still up to you to bring the company to a success. Therefore be sure to meet with an accountant to discuss financial issues and a lawyer to view the legalities of the business.

After your application and approval by the franchise support team you will then be given training and assistance with your business and site. Follow the instructions carefully and do not hesitate to comment or consult the decisions being made. It is both your right and responsibility to know how everything is going to be set up. After all the construction and designing has been made work with the advertising team and start promoting your business in the locality.


  • Atul said on July 9, 2011
    hi this is atul from rohtak(haryana). i wanna open a franchise of Caffino in rohtak. there is no any franchise. everybody is waiting for Caffino. whatever u required i would fulfill. am waiting for ur response. mob09729101214
  • samar sulieman said on October 17, 2011
    would like to get information on this franchise for the country qatar


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