Chock Full O' Nuts Franchise Information

If you are an individual who wants to start his or her own business and is a coffee savvy, opening a Chock full o' Nuts franchise may be the right thing for you. In today’s franchise industry, most of the franchise companies charge their franchisees royalty and advertisement fees, but the best thing about Chock full o' Nuts is that it does not charge its franchisees with these.

Before even planning to purchase a franchise, it is important that you put into consideration its profitability.

Determine whether you will gain a substantial amount of the return of your investment within a considerable period of time because your main goal in starting your own business is to gain profit and not the other way around.

In starting any type of business, it is recommended that you conduct a research about the franchise company’s history and background. Through this, you will have an idea on the type of people that you will be dealing with for the rest of your business partnership with them. Chock full o' Nuts started as a coffee shop during the year 1932 making it one of the pioneers in the coffee shop industry. Chock full o' Nuts also owns all of its coffee plantations, 10 roasteries. It also owns all of its warehouse and distribution facilities where the finest espresso machines are being made. To date, Chock full o' Nuts already has more than 700 coffee shops internationally.

For you to qualify as a Chock full o' Nuts franchisee, you must first meet the basic financial requirements. Purchasing a Chock full o' Nuts franchise requires an individual to have a net worth of at least $400,000 and a liquid capital of at least $100,000. This is to ensure that you will be able to afford the total investment in opening a Chock full o' Nuts franchise at $400,000. The initial investment required or the franchising fee is at $3,000 to $20,000 and the best thing is Chock full o' Nuts does not charge its franchisees royalty and advertising fees unlike the majority of the franchise companies in the coffee shop industry.

In case that you do not have the required amount of capital currently on hand, Chock full o' Nuts provides its franchisees with financing or funding aids. Alternatively, you can borrow money from the banks or lending firms. Borrowing money from the banks may require you to offer collateral. Your assets or realty properties can be considered as collateral. One important thing that you must remember when borrowing money from banks or lending firms is to only borrow the amount of money within your paying capacity or capability because you do not want to end up being insolvent early on your business venture.

Just like many other franchise companies, Chock full o' Nuts offers also its franchisees with support. To ensure that its franchisees are well-equipped with adequate knowledge in running his Chock full o' Nuts franchise, Chock full o' Nuts requires every franchisee to attend managerial and marketing training at the headquarters.


  • siddharth said on November 5, 2012
    i have contact yrs franchise tell me details cost and send me details prices .how much sqft taken and tell me cost send mail sir
  • nazeera gangat said on April 26, 2014
    I would like more information on obtaining a franchise and the set up costs involved. I am based in Robertsham Johannesburg South , Gauteng , South Africa. I would appreciate your earliest responses. Many thanks, Kind Regards, Nazeera Gangat


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