Human Bean Drive Thru Franchise Info

The Human Bean Drive Thru franchise information is available to interested franchisee applicants who can comply with the company’s easy to attain qualifications and standards.

In 1998, The Human Bean was started in Ashland, Oregon.

This is the coffee industry’s version of a drive-thru store, which is normally thought of with fast food restaurants only. But the owner of this business was creative and innovative enough to have thought of such an idea. This type of coffee business is more likely what modern working people need. Professionals are always on the go for their next business deals and presentations. And normally, they no longer have the chance to cook up their breakfast. And to warm their stomachs, grabbing a cup of hot coffee would suffice. And to make the process faster, since these customers are all in a rush, Human Bean Drive Thru was conceptualized. Vehicles are in line for the service window where they will order and pay for their coffee. And just like in any drive thru restaurants, the customers will drive down to the next window where they are to pick-up their orders. Those transactions are made for not more than five to ten minutes. The time is just enough for them to rush again for their appointments while sipping on their hot coffee.

This kind of service is what the majority needs from a restaurant or a cafe. Falling in line in front of the counter takes a lot of time. And in these days, time is of the essence. Every minute lost in falling in line costs a lot for the working people. And so, if you want to be a part of a business that supports the need of the clients for a fast serving of the tastiest coffee in town, then you must start talking to the Human Bean Drive Thru franchise representatives. Once you communicate with the company, you will be given the Human Bean Drive Thru franchise information, which you must comply with. And once you are qualified, you’ll get to receive lots of benefits and profits than you could ever imagine.

Since 2002, The Human Bean has started accepting franchisees nationwide. They are accepting from exclusive territories as long as it has 15,000 commuter traffic per day. Be ready to invest a total amount of $152,750 up to $617,000. As you have agreed in the contract that you have signed with the company, you must pay them for the franchising fee. Their franchising fee costs $20,000. The contract that you have signed will last you up to 10 years. And if the contract expires, you may very well renew it for another ten years with the company.

For you to become a qualified franchisee, you must be able to present yourself as a capable individual that has a net worth amounting to $350,000. And to further have their trust in your credibility, provide some proofs that you have a liquefied cash of $50,000. You are required to have a general business experience paired with exemplary marketing skills. This is but understandable because you are entering a business that expounds on the customers’ satisfaction. And you must possess those skills for you to get by with your business.

If ever you do not have enough skills necessary in the business, you would have to go through training for three weeks in their headquarters and continuously from the time you open your unit. No need for you to worry so much because the company will always back you up with all the support they could provide for your thru newsletter, meetings, toll-free phone line, in your grand opening, internet, and many more.


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