How to Start Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise

In 1975, a successful cabinet distributor Dave Haglund discovered the idea of venturing into kitchen restoration after doing a few fix and remodeling on one of the homes of his cabinet customers.

After discovering a new business niche, Dave started perfecting his talent which is now being shared to the growing number of franchisees all over the country having the company name Kitchen Tune-Up which has been successful for more than three decades now.

Would you ever think that the successful Kitchen Tune-Up company started with cabinet repairs? Yes, nearly 34 years ago, a man named Dave Haglund was once in the industry of cabinet repairs. By that time, he started to have his own cabinet distribution company and eventually succeed in that industry. With the business venture that he started by using his talent and in restoring cabinets and selling new cabinets, the distribution business had expanded having 60 dealerships in four locations.

But the success story did not end there. While checking one of his customer’s kitchens in 1986, he noticed that the kitchen for replacement is restorable. The kitchen is already six year old but with a little tune-up made by Dave at that time, the kitchen became as beautiful as new. With the wonderful result, the customer was thrilled and liked it and at that moment, Dave has found another service venture. He began practicing on how to restore kitchen instead of cabinets only. As the talent was finally perfected in a few years, he began sharing the idea and has sold franchises which started in 1988.

Right now, the Kitchen Tune-Up business growing family have been restoring and making kitchens in the country beautiful. With their state-of-the-art process of restoring interior wood surfaces in kitchens, clients of this company keeps on coming. At present, restoration jobs include not only residential kitchens but mostly commercial kitchens. They offer excellent services in wood restoration, door replacement, finish recoating, and distribution of branded line cabinets that can be custom-made. They also offer services such as replacement hardware, shelf lining, wood care and maintenance, and cabinet organizing accessories.

If you want to become a part of the company and you want to learn how to start Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise, then here are the investment details that you have to know. Actually, a disclosure document from the company itself will tell you more details if you are really interested. But in order to have an idea, the initial franchise fee is from $10,000 to $25,000. The initial investment only ranges from $18,600 to $50,100. With these affordable investment requirements, you can already be a part of this trusted company having the motto that says, “Remodeling Your Expectations”.


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