Starting an Allstate Agency

An allstate agency is selling various products from insurance policies to other related products. Based on research, this industry is forecasted to grow in the next decade.

If you want to become an agent, you will need to apply for their education program and you should pass the training set by the company. Part of the requirement is undergoing background check.

Starting an allstate agency will require advance planning on your part. It is not that easy. All though you hear a lot of success stories, being an agent is an uphill climb. Being an agent will require a detailed perspective so that you will make the right decision. Remember that not all businesses are the same so it is critical to choose an opportunity that will best match your situation and of course this will include plans for the future. If you want to start an all state agency you will need to attend an All State education program. The duration of the program last for about a month. In this training, you will learn about sales and marketing that will help you in selling insurance and other products.

The next step is becoming an exclusive Allstate Agent Independent Contractor. If you are successful in your education and training then you will qualify to become an owner of Allstate agency. In this way you can be able to run your business and you get all the support from Allstate. For a lot of businesses, this is important as they can teach you various techniques on how to effectively sell products. Remember that Allstate products will require skills so you will be successful when selling.

Like other businesses, starting an allstate agency will require capital especially if you are just a start up company. The cost of starting this kind of agency involves around $25,000-$50,000. You should have this amount in the bank before opening an all state agency. This is part of the requirement, The reason for this is that they want to ensure that you can still sustain your lifestyle while building the business.

Part of the requirements is submitting important paper works. They will do extensive back ground check. This would include criminal history and financial related issues. This is considered to be an important requirement. If you don’t pass these background checks, you will not be granted with a contract to start an all state agency.

While on the training, you will get a minimal compensation. After graduating you will get money through commission basis. It is ideal to purchase an existing all state agency. You can find a business for sale within your area. You can ask the company to give a list. Write a letter to the business owner and set an appointment with them. Just like any other business, be prepared for the tough competition ahead. If you decide to become an all state agent, it doesn’t mean you’ll get accepted right away. Based on statistics, one of six applicants is accepted to have this kind of business. Be sure to be prepared.


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