CertaPro Painters Franchise Information

Are you looking for franchise opportunities? Do you wish to open a CertaPro Painters franchise? When you own a franchise of CertaPro Painters, you will be empowered to generate wealth fast, capture market share, and experience personal success.

Would you like to get started right away? The following information will be critical to your success in this lucrative business. You need to use this guide wisely.

With more than 280 franchise owners in US and Canada, CertaPro Painters is certainly North America’s largest painting company. They are part of Franchise Company, which is one of the world’s largest international franchise networks.

Since 1992, the company honored the homes and the people living in those homes by creating an unmatched customer experience. Their exterior, interior, and specialty painting services truly compliment the lifestyle of the customers. Thus, CertaPro has a customer referral rating of 98% making it the most referred painting company in North America.

CertaPro Painters Franchise Business Plan

The company is very interested in their franchise business partner’s success. They’re investing heavily on their brand. So whether you are a customer in Boston or Boise, their customer experience and marketing message is still the same. Therefore, the consistency enabled CertaPro to capture market share and build brand recognition on a national level.

  • Revolutionizing the contractor – Both franchisees and corporate employees are business people bringing best business practices to the contracting industry. CertaPro elevated consumer expectations by revolutionizing the industry. No one can serve the paint market better.
  • Low initial investment – CertaPro Painters Franchise does not require any material asset or facility. You will be poised to achieve positive liquidity and yield a business worth multi-million dollars with just an initial cash investment of only $130,000.
  • Proven management support – The experienced management of the company will provide the support and training for your business.
  • Marketing tools provide predictable and fast growth – the marketing amount you spend will have a direct correlation to how fast and large your business will grow. Because of the systematic formula approach, you will have the ability to pace your business to whatever suits you.
  • Enjoy what you love – A CertaPro Painters Franchise gives entrepreneurs the chance to manage a successful business.

CertaPro Painters Franchise Business License

For training, the comprehensive program covers every aspect of starting a successful business. From utilizing sales strategies to managing employees, year round training is available to help you maximize your market potential.

For technology, the company offers tremendous edge to their franchisee by teaching them a comprehensive data system that will enable them to manage the estimates, job costing, leads and inventory. This technology also allows you to customize data reports and fit it into your business model as well as upload and download information to and from the corporate database.

Marketing support is also extensive, with national print advertising, direct mail, brochures, signage, electronic marketing, and public or media relations.


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