How to Start Glass Doctor Franchise

In choosing for a store to franchise, keep in mind to consider always the name of the store. By that, we mean their reputation, the broadness of their market and the scope of their operation.

Generally, look for those who have a strong national name.

One of the most franchised stores is the Glass Doctor. The Glass Doctor is a well-known glass company with expertise in the replacement and repair of auto windshield, residential and commercial glass doors and windows. With 30 years in the business, Glass Doctor currently operates in 120 markets all over the United States.

Here is how you can start your own Glass Doctor Franchise

The first step is to have your requirements fulfilled. This includes filling up of their franchisee qualification form. Qualification is mostly in terms of your capability to finance and manage the franchise. Included also are the other documents such as the business registration and permits.

Next are to mind the location site, the store itself, the facilities and equipment, the supplies and the staffs. Fortunately, you can have these set for you by the Glass Doctor Company since you are their franchisee; you have the full backing from them and they will help you build and strengthen your business.

One thing for sure is that they will always provide you the help you need to make the business grow since a part of their profit is from you. It is a compromise. And of course, they would not allow their reputed name be stained by just letting a single franchise out of their control.

The store is the USA’s largest provider of glass services either for autos or for homes. They are also starting to expand in Canada.

With the extensive experience in the business, benefit from franchising Glass Doctor is the instant brand recognition. It will cost you lesser to advertise and promote your qualification to potential customers.

However, aside from all the support of the franchiser, you should also have a clear picture in mind of the future of your business and this is through a business plan. Though you have the assurance of the effectiveness of the managing system of a known store, having your own business plan is a way of doubly safeguarding the success of the business.

Also, in starting your Glass Doctor franchise, made available for you are the plans for developing a business, management tools, tips to expand the business, marketing tools, financial managing and staying the business in your control.

Additionally, no matter how grand is the start of your franchise store, efforts in monitoring the business must be a routine especially if you are aiming for a continuous success. Do not also underestimate the power of just a single dissatisfied customer. Prioritize providing quality products at all time. Remember: any business must invest to earn the loyalty of their customers. You might say that Glass Doctor had earned it already for you but you still cannot be sure. Aim for the best and aim to be the best Glass Doctor franchise.

Cost and Fees

Total investment: $112,800 - $293,800
Franchise fee: $24,000


Net worth requirement: $100,000
Cash liquidity requirement: $50,000

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  • Brian Fife said on April 19, 2014
    Thanks a lot for sharing valuable information regarding business Franchise start-up. I was looking for a assistance about same business and now I am able to move on to new business. Location really matter in starting any business for our market. Well! What other can be crucial factor for Franchise business, I'll follow your article to gain knowledge more.


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