Owning a Pillar to Post Inspection Services Franchise

Owning a Pillar to Post Inspection Services franchise is always a wise decision – you’ll be associated with a renowned brand name and be allowed to run the business through a home office.

To ensure that a home functions properly and to have necessary upgrades, it’s always important to hire the services of professional home inspectors.

This is something that people should never take for granted for many different purposes. For example, those who are trying to decide if a home being sold is a good buy, expert home inspectors could guide prospective homebuyers so they can make well-informed decisions.

If being a home inspector sounds like an interesting job for you, you might want to find out that this work doesn’t require anyone to be an architect or an engineer first. Yes, anyone who is willing to receive training about this could do that and get in the field easily and quickly. However, for people who want to start their own business in line with this should make direct inquiries with Pillar to Post right away.

Yes, Pillar to Post Inspection services remains consistent in becoming the #1 franchise in the home inspection industry. The world-renowned Entrepreneur magazine can attest to that – including the fact that Pillar to Post has stayed in the top spot for 6 consecutive years already. What’s more surprising about all of this is that the company has just started in 1994 and the founders bravely went ahead to start offering franchise opportunities the same year. Way back in those times, they were only open for US and Canada franchises but they have grown so much as of the moment that they already have more than 500 franchises scattered in North America alone.

When you avail of Pillar to Post inspection services franchise, you will be required to undergo an extensive training that would teach you to look for more than 1,600 necessary things to check for any home – both inside and outside the house. To begin checking, you will have to make sure that the foundation and structure of the house is really solid. Flaws regarding electrical and plumbing systems should also be discovered early on so as to make the necessary repairs in advance. Water heaters, air conditioning systems and built-in appliances are also some of the frequently-inspected matters in a home.

They really make sure that each franchisee gets adequate training in every practical aspect of the business – from all the inspection routine up to marketing the business and many more. Of course, this is just one of the many reasons why Pillar to Post inspection services franchise is a big hit among many investors. In addition to that, you get to work with a system that has been proven to be effective. Likewise, you get the benefit of a recognizable brand name so you can’t worry about not having clients wherever you may be located.

Also, you need just at least 1 employee to maintain the business and you can even establish your office at home if that’s what you prefer. Pillar to Post allows that and the next thing they’ll do is to frequently get in touch with you so they can help you grow your business the right way. The total investment needed is about $35.7K-73.8K and you also need $19.9K-45.9K for franchise fee. The qualifications are net worth requirement of about $100K and cash liquidity requirement of $50k.


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