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Start a franchising business in shipping while taking advantage of a reputable and nationally recognized brand by being a Navis Pack & Ship franchisee.

Are you considering to establish your own business but don’t know what and where to start? If this is the case, then you might want to consider franchising.

Franchising provides a good jumpstart to aspiring entrepreneurs in kicking off their dream business and realizing their success.

Navis, one of the leading and dominating providers in the market for custom packaging and shipping services is offering great franchising opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Navis offers global reach and provides excellent services. They boost of their market expertise in package handling and have spent many years in perfecting their process. This they proudly say results in 99.8% damage free shipping.

With the high demand for shipping and handling, there is no doubt that this franchising opportunity promises great potential. It is a well known fact that people and businesses find it critical that their packages be moved to places. Thus, reliable service is something needed which they just couldn’t simply expect from parcel centers, mail or other traditional handlers and movers. Assurance is the name of the game. Navis is always there to help customers move their precious items no matter what they are and what size they come in – big or small; point is – they do it safely giving customers the peace of mind they deserve. Now wouldn’t it be great to bank on a business with such reputation?

As franchisee, you can be assured that Navis will provide you all the support that you need for you to achieve success. Navis takes on a hands-on approach by working closely with your group as they work towards business partnership, collaboration and joint success. Navis will take the lead in providing you everything that you need for you to thrive in this business. Navis provides training and various resources to get your business up, running and stabilized in no time. Below are but some of the things that Navis provides to you as a business partner:

  • 12 weeks of new franchise operator training
  • Support with site selection, lease review and equipment
  • Team Navis screens qualified employees
  • Support ratio of 1 Field Support Manager for every 25 franchise operators
  • Unique Revenue Enhancement Program
  • Proprietary business technology
  • Dominant Internet presence through aggressive local and national pay-per-click advertising
  • Continuous training and development programs for you and your employees

With a business with Navis, you get your life back because now – you will be in control over your lifestyle. You will also take charge of your financial capability. Isn’t this just great? Proofs of these are business schemes that allow you to realize your personal and financial goals. Stores operate from Mondays through Fridays from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. There are no weekend, night and likewise holiday work.

Go ahead and check out the promising business opportunity that awaits you with Navis. It’s never too late to make a good start. All you need is a total of $91,800-$178,500 for investment, the initial franchise fee is amounting to $32,500.


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