About Right at Home Franchise

Since the Right at Home franchise has been established in 1995, it continues to be the most sought-after home care service in the country.

Those who are interested about obtaining a franchise can directly inquire to them because they are always open for offering these opportunities to potential franchisors.

With Right at Home franchise branches gaining success in more than 40 states within the country, you can never go wrong as you invest in this franchise opportunity with a well-developed system for providing caregiver services for adults and disabled seniors.

Without any doubts, a Right at Home franchise is surely one of the most profitable franchises in the country today. This is perfectly understandable knowing that there is really a steady demand for home care assistance and Right at Home does excellent at providing well-trained and insured caregivers that could handle and meet your clients’ needs regarding home health care.

Yes, Right at Home is a franchise so this means that the clients have this option just in case they do not want to go to the institutions for medical care just yet. This is likewise advisable for those who are outpatients or even for those who think they do not have serious medical difficulties so far and want to be taken care of at home.

At the same time, Right at Home franchise is also an interesting business opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs who may be trying to look for possible ventures to establish. First and foremost, those who have some medical background but have since retired are the ones who are very interested with this. It is not limited to that, however, because even those who do not have much idea about medical things are investing in this opportunity and are instead hiring people who have the skills and knowledge in the field.

Right at Home was actually founded many years ago by Allen Hager. He was a former hospital administrator and what actually happened was that he witnessed firsthand how difficult it has been for families to find excellent caregivers who can take care of their loved ones. He then thought of a better system and then offered better services through Right at Home. With that, he was able to fill a need and get a lot of clients shortly thereafter.

Now some of the possible roles that you will have as a franchisee will be to make sure that the caregivers you employ get adequate training. That means you would have to get only those that have the skills and experience. In addition, you might have to require them to undergo new trainings if necessary.

For the most part, you also have work on building your reputation as a medical care expert within your area. This is very important because people only seek help from those they know they can trust – especially because this business deals with the health and general well-being of their loved ones.

As more and more individuals become busy because of business, work, and many other valid reasons, it will always be appropriate to seek assistance from the services provided by Right at Home. Senior citizens, especially those who are disabled, really need to be properly cared of and that’s where a Right at Home franchise can be very valuable.

Currently, Right at home franchises are now scattered all over 41 states and already has more than 150 franchisees. Their required liquid capital is at $50,000 with a required net worth of $150,000. Their franchise fee, however, is for $35,000 and the total investment is at $49,790 to $89,580.


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