Starting Home Repair Business

People are keeping their old homes nowadays instead of buying new ones. Therefore, isn’t it the best time to start your own home repair business? We have a lot of tips for you, so find out all about it.

For most people, success can be equated to tangible properties like established businesses and fabulous homes.

Also, people are always looking for the right contractor in their home. To get superb service and quality, these homeowners are looking for contractors that can service their home renovation needs. Therefore, it’s fitting to start a home repair business today.

Home Repair Business Plan

There is an umbrella of services in a home repair business. The works can target parts of the house or the whole house itself. All repair work – from small handyman (such as a gardener, plumber, and electrical work) to restoration concepts of the whole house (such as exterior and interior modeling, sidings and gutters, doors and windows, masonry, fences and decks, landscaping, cooling and heating, and cabinets and carpentry) are also included.

One important rule that you need to do is check local laws and rules before you set up a home repair business. This is not your typical 8-5 job, and since good repairmen are in great demand, these types of businesses thrive. At the end of the day, you will find out that reputation spread through word-of-mouth is your biggest ally.

Startup Home Repair Business

Just like any other business, a home repair business can be started small; however, it can also be connected to big repair companies offering franchises. The benefit of taking on a franchise is the expertise training, access to quality products, and lowered cost of material. To study different franchises of home remodeling and construction, go to our franchise opportunities section.

But if you’re sure to start your own home repair business without applying for a franchise, you’ll be responsible to advertise your services in your area. You may also partner with other businesses in your neighborhood such as interior designers, home builders, and realtors. Think about whether you will attend to the whole house, or a specialized home repair (such as limited to decks or baths). You can find various tips in

Many people would seek advice from family and friends when looking for a contractor. Take the word-of-mouth seriously; it’s your best tool in the home repair business. Also make sure that your customer satisfaction is in the highest level to take advantage of this referral tool. In addition, it would be wise to coordinate with a local Better Business Bureau and seek potential recommendations for builders and contractors. You may also check the bulletin boards of your community from time to time because they can find projects for you in the area.


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