All About Cruise Planners/American Express Franchise

Cruise Planners/American Express Franchise is a business franchise that has a very low franchise investment which yields high revenue returns. For more than 150 years, the company has become the most trusted name for US citizens when it comes to travels.

No previous business experience required when you want to buy a franchise of American Express. All you need to have is a liquid cash asset not lower than $10,000.

You can also choose from home based business model to kiosk type stores and the location where you want to put up the franchise business.

Cruise Travel franchise fee will cost you around $9,995 which will already include the free training for you and your staffs. The company will take care of everything you need in keeping up with its franchise credibility and pass on to new franchisees generation of perfection, trusted, and well-recognized brand in the travel industry.

No other business franchise can offer you this much revenue and enjoy working at the same time. The return of franchise investment will be on hand in just a month within the operation. The great number of people who wanted to avail themselves of travel cruise is increasing each year. Also, the number of retirees added to the numbers of possible clients you’ll have.

The value of cruise vacation is simply incredible for people who saved up all their lives just to travel the world. According to a study, some 34 million American has planned and saved up for a cruise next year, which makes this business franchise a very good business venture for you. NO other time is a right time.

Aside from costumer-oriented franchise business model, the Cruise Planners/American Express also offers unique franchise benefits to its customers and franchisees. It has a high commission level compared to other business type.

Also, the company has an award-winning advertising and marketing scheme which utilizes the beauty of the world to promote more travels. It also uses lead generation and website promotions so that they reach a wider range of clients.

Meanwhile, the training will be given to you by the company upon signing the contract. Franchise cost and other expenses like looking for franchise location will also be taken care by the Cruise Planners/American Express in order for you to have a very good head start once the business opens to the public.

What better way to invest you money than with a team of talented and dedicated individuals who believe that you can success in this business franchise.


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