Starting Your Own Maids Home Services Franchising Business

Maids Home Services - House Cleaning Franchise may be the best business venture for people who want to stand out on the Residential Cleaning Industry. With 40 years of professional experience in the house cleaning business, Maids Home Services has been one of the highest earning industries by offering both its clients and franchisees the finest cleaning technique available in the market today.

One can make tons by cleaning others’ home/office, learn here how to make that.

Requirements of Maids Home Services

Maids Home Service requires each franchisee to have a good entrepreneurial spirit and a good business motivation in housekeeping and home cleaning industry.

Qualifications needed to Become a Maids Home Services Franchisee

To qualify as a franchisee, Maids Home Service will ask several questions regarding your stand in doing this kind of business. You must understand the risk and rewards involved in such business. You must also be responsible and have the freedom and responsibility on what to do with the franchise. One must also understand the potential of the business and the main reasons why it is continuously growing. Most importantly, a potential franchisee should also have the financial capability to support the initial startup of their Maids Home Services.

Required Startup Cost

The total investment cost of one Maids Home Services franchise will range from $117,000 to $170,000 that already includes the Franchise Fee of $10,000. This is pretty much cheaper than what competitors have to offer since most of the franchisees under the company have a market not lower that 40,000 household. With this, the company will ask you to pay another 95 cents per potential households in your area. The Royalty fee may vary from 6.9 percent to 3.9 percent, which depends on the annual revenue that the company gets. The agreement term will be 20 years, giving you more time to earn with the Maids Home Services.

Training and Support

Immediately after signing a contract with the company, Maids Home Services will put new franchisees to a rigorous training in management and staff orientation for best finish all the time. The pre-training may last from six to seven weeks, which includes on-hand training with the company’s business coach. You and your staff will also spend another two weeks inside the company’s headquarters for thorough administrative and technical training sessions.


One of the best tools in advertising that the company uses is name recall. The Maids Home Services has always been the favorite among clients, making it a sellable business anywhere in the US or Canada. Yellow service vehicles also travel around the country with the company’s logo on it. The Company also utilizes an aggressive program that helps reassure clients that they can provide the cleanest and healthiest finish all the time.


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