Fish Window Cleaning Services Franchise Information

Fish Window Cleaning Services has been trusted by homes and businesses when it comes to cleaning storefronts and windows of any kind. Learn more on how you can become part of this amazing service-oriented company.

If you want sure markets and a great name when it comes to cleaning windows then Fish Window Cleaning Services franchise is definitely for you.

With the remarkable service that they have been trusted for in so many years by residences, businesses, and high-rise buildings, this company has really created a reputable name. Investing in this company is just simple. By providing an initial franchise of $24,900 to $49,900 and a total investment of $66,400 to $127,600, you will be able to own one of their businesses. The low royalty fee every year is only 6% to 8% and the term of agreement is a maximum of 10 years which is renewable for only $3,000. The qualifications to become a franchisee is net worth requirement is about $150K-500K and cash liquidity requirement is about $60K-120K.

To give you a glimpse of the humble beginnings of the successful Fish Window Cleaning services, this company started because of a man named S. Michael Merrick. Mr. Merrick was once a bank manager who happened to lose his job. It may be coincidence or destiny that the window washer of the said bank branch is offering his business to be sold. Merrick has become curious in the said window washer company and that led him to check the books of the company. As he studied the books, he was impressed with the low overhead and lesser inventory of the company and then this followed his purchase of the company which has now grown big as the Fish Window Cleaning Services.

The expertise of the company is on cleaning interior and exterior windows, gutter and skylight, and screen mirrors. The company started opening franchises after 20 years of quality service in its original home at St. Louis, Missouri.

As long as there is glass and windows to clean, this company promises to be here to clean them – chandeliers, skylights, sunrooms, showrooms, storefronts, and so on. Customers are always assured that the job they needed to be done in cleaning will be satisfying. They are available anytime even for weekly cleaning tasks even to the dirtiest cleaning needs. Nothing seems to be impossible when it comes to Fish Window cleaning because of their professional team of cleaners that has been trained by a company who has been in the business for more than 30 years. The company services all over the United States have maintained over 125,000 regular customers composed of commercial and residences and still growing. Their secret is to maintain 100% satisfaction to the clients.

If you will try to observe, there is a rapid growth of the market that needs cleaning of windows usually in a regular basis. Existing businesses, homes, or new homes and building constructions have been demanding of the services given by the Fish Window Cleaning services. These people make sure that their windows and storefronts are clean because it gives first impressions to their customers. Many homes and businesses truly trust the professional cleaning services that the company offers.


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