Planting Lily for Business

Are you planning to grow lilies for business but worried that it may be too complicated or too difficult to accomplish? Are you looking for some basic knowledge before starting your lily garden?

Looking for some tips in planting lilies? Here are a few simple guidelines in starting your own lily farm.

By just looking and smelling lilies, one would probably expect that growing lilies and maintaining them would require a lot of skill and knowledge in gardening and planting. In truth, though lilies are very beautiful and very fragrant, they can easily be planted and maintained. One just needs the proper guidance and information in planting and caring for lilies.

One of the most important factors in considering to plant lilies for business is the land area and soil quality for planting. Like roses, lilies like to have well drained soil as they get a disease called botrytis if they are soaked too much. Despite this, lilies have to be watered often. Lilies also need to be well-spaced for there to be breathing and airing space between them. Just like roses, lilies, as a general rule, thrive well in at least half a day of sunlight. There are, however, lilies that can survive even in partial shade. The choice of one’s lily variety would then depend on the general climate in the area for planting.

Lilies can be grown either from seeds or from bulbs. Growing it from seeds take longer to flower as compared to planting lily bulbs. It is thus recommended to plant it using bulbs. The nutritional needs of a lily would depend on the variety of lily chosen. Some varieties require acidic soil while others require less acidity. The main thing to consider is to mix compost well in the soil before planting it. Add organic matter such as leaf mold or pit moss. Remember also to remove rocks in the soil. Dig at least twelve inches deep in planting or at least three times the length of the bulb. Give lilies room to spread and grow hence space them at least six inches away for small bulbs and up to twelve inches away for larger bulbs. If the soil chosen does not have good drainage, one can put gravel at the bottom of the hole to help draining the water. Keep weeds away from the lilies and remember to water the lilies often especially during the summer days. Also remember to put mulch and fertilizer during the summer days. Lilies do not generally require fertilizers especially in its early days; wait until the green leaves have appeared before giving organic fertilizers. Once the lilies have flowered, cut the spent blooms but remember not to cut more than one third of the stem as this may affect the flowering of the lily.


  • Dyuti Patel said on May 19, 2012
    I would like to learn more about starting a lily farm in the Manor-Wada region, Thane district, Maharashtra. My farm is rocky in parts n certain parts r suitable for paddy.
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  • SARATHCHANDRAPRASAD T said on March 24, 2015
    Hello, This is sarath from Chittoor(DIstrict) Andhra Pradesh, I need much more information to start implement lilly Plants and Rose Plants and some of them which are implemented locally. Can you please suggest me what are basic things to stars in 2 acres. Thanks and Regards, Sarath Chandra Prasad T


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