Start a Rabbit Farm

Are you planning to start a business raising rabbits for commercial use? Then, our guide can help you learn the basics of starting a rabbit farm right out of your backyard.

Here you will find rabbitry facilities and equipment needs, a rabbit breeding guide, and miscellaneous tips about running a rabbit farm.

rabbit farm

Rabbitry Facilities and Equipment Needs

Rabbit farming requires modest investment as it needs only simple facilities and a small land area. A small rabbit farm could have 15 to 100 rabbits requiring between $5,000 and $10,000 in startup capital. For a meat-producing rabbitry selling premium-priced rabbit meat, an ROI of 45% during the first year of operation is possible.

To start your rabbit farm, prepare a rabbit hutch that is well-lit and well-ventilated with heating and cooling systems. Metal cages are usually recommended for their ease of cleaning. Equip the cages with a feed hopper, watering system, and nest box.

Rabbit Breeding Guide

Rabbits are used for their wool, fur, and meat. They are also used as testing specimens by laboratories. Their breeds usually determine how they are used. And so, before starting a rabbit farm, it is important that a prospective rabbit breeder determines to whom he should sell his rabbits. Will it be to restaurants, meat shops, individual purchasers, schools, laboratories, hospitals, or breeders? One can advertise his business in rabbit journals, rabbit association directories, and farm periodicals and by joining rabbit exhibits.

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Breeding stock for a rabbit farm may be bought from local breeders. Medium-sized rabbits breed at 6 to 7 months of age and give birth after a month of gestation. Female rabbits can produce up to 50 live rabbits annually, with births high during the summer. They produce an average of 9 kits per birth.

Rabbit Farming Essentials

  • Check with your local office about regulations that you must comply with in relation to rabbit farming.
  • Breeding rabbits for laboratories requires a special license and controlled conditions to meet customer-required characteristics, such as weight and age
  • If you are planning to sell rabbit meat, you should think of slaughtering and storage facilities in addition to your usual farm facilities
  • Temperature control in rabbit breeding is important as rabbits are sensitive to extreme temperatures
  • Make sure that you have each rabbit’s health record in order. This is particularly important if you are raising rabbits for sale as breeding stock. Potential buyers might ask to see them when looking for stocks to buy
  • Maintain a sanitary operation to prevent the outbreak of the disease in your farm that could potentially be damaging to the business
  • To keep your startup cost low, you can construct rabbit housing yourself from available construction materials you have

For resources on rabbit breeding, visit American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Rabbit Farming is well Explained in this Video

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  • Dr Rupali Shah said on March 19, 2009
    We have a poultry farm in which alongside we have done rabbit farming.My query is that is rabbit farming compatible with poultry farming?
  • Eroll Beqiri said on March 25, 2009
    i am interested to open a rabbit farm and i have only 20 rabbits. how i can form a big farm with my rabbits.
  • mario constantinou said on April 28, 2009
    i have always wanted to breed rabbits and i just rented a rural property with an existing rabbit farm for food on it. it's in tarragona spain. i assume i need some sort of license but cant find any information on rabbit breeding\farming can you help. thanks
  • Yaw Gyasi said on April 29, 2009
    I am interesting in household animals and such animal is rabbit. I have acquired a land for this project(rabbit farm). I will be grateful if you could give more information on rabbit breeding or farming. Thanks
  • Kyle Tran said on May 6, 2009
    I am interested in starting a rabbit farming business. I have the land to start out, but my major concern is the climate. I appreciate if you could help me with information. heat during the day of summer is high and down freezes a month or two in the winter. Thank you!
  • Indrajeet vijay singh said on June 2, 2009
    I am interested in starting a rabbit farming business. i have a land to start the project. i will be grateful if you could give more information and also buyer and seller contact with name and address.
  • Anjitha Nair said on June 19, 2009
    Hi Sir/ Mam, I want to do rabbit farming as i have got farm i want to know to whom i should consult for farming and how much expenditure is required. Is this business profitable? Regards, Anjitha Nair
  • gopichand shadija said on June 27, 2009
    i want to start one rabbit farm in raipur, chatisgarh. i have own one acre land and i want start in commercial basis. 09300225562
  • Stanis said on June 29, 2009
    Dear sir/madam, I am very much interested in starting a rabbit farming business. I have my own land. Also i don't know how much it will cost & feedings. I will be very happy if you could give more information on rabbit breeding or farming. Thanks stanis
  • mohd saleem said on July 1, 2009
    sir, i am thinking about starting a rabbit farm on a low budget. i want full information for how to start and manage a farm. please give your all advice and guides to me.
  • saravana kumar said on July 14, 2009
    dear sir, i have 2 acres of land, i want to start any farm on that land, if you have any buy back systems please send me that details. Thank you...Regds,, Saravana kumar....TAMILNADU...
  • VIJAY PUTLURU said on July 26, 2009
    hi sir, i am pretty much interested to open a rabbit business, but i don't know how to start with. i'll be really thankful if you provide me some essential ways. how to do this and also want to know, how to export rabbits to overseas. thank you
  • Josephine Wanjiru said on July 27, 2009
    In Kenya, we are still struggling with rabbit farming. Our NGO plans to assist farmers to embark on this farming. However, we are unsure of the market dynamics.
  • kailas ghare said on July 30, 2009
    i want to start this business in raigad district. the climate is suitable or not? and please send the information about the buy back system
  • esther njoki said on August 3, 2009
    Dear sir/madam, i am really interested to start rabbit farming, i have my own land, but i will get market, i live in kenya. which breed is best? thank you
  • sandranesan said on August 11, 2009
    Currently producing 2000kg rabbit carcass per month. we are looking for prospective buyers. Located in Selangor, Malaysia. We do provide consultation and breeders to anyone who is interested in farming rabbit commercially. We can be reached at +6012 312 0702 ( Malaysia )
  • jane chacha said on August 11, 2009
    i would like to start a rabbit farm on my land please give me more details as to how they feed and how to market them
  • Andrew said on August 22, 2009
    I would like to purchase 2 Altex Bucks and 4 purebred New Zealand White ones for meat production. However I live in Trinidad and would like to make contact with someone who can ship the above to me. Contact me at
  • sandoor said on August 29, 2009
    hi, i want to start rabbit farming and i have consulted with one rabbit exporter, they are saying that they will only buy the rabbits on agreement so i want to know is it safe to do with them on agreement? please suggest me
  • Paul Mucheru said on September 2, 2009
    I am interested with rabbit farming. My only worry is that i don't know whether there is market for rabbits or its product in Kenya or elsewhere. Also how do i get the good rabbit breeds. Lastly where do i get more information on rabbit keeping in Kenya. I am based in central kenya. Please assist.
  • Vijay said on September 6, 2009
    I need to start a rabbit firm. I plan to start initially in small scale and further i plan to establish it in large scale. so kindly provide information about establishing the firm.
  • martin van der mescht said on September 9, 2009
    i would be very grateful if you could provide me with the following information about rabbit farming. please: example of good hygiene cages, type of breed for meat & wool, conditions, environment, equipment, basic information on how to farm intelligently. Thank you very much!
  • tony said on September 23, 2009
    am from kiambu in central kenya am interested in commercial rabbit rearing. i would like to know where to get the best breeds (for meat)and also know if there are any existing markets for the same thanks
  • s.vairamuthu said on September 29, 2009
    dear sir, my name is vairamuthu from tamilnadu, India. now i want improve my rabbit farm. please give me some details about the firm. what is the market value in tamilnadu(India)? and also i want export details.
  • Paul Thomas said on October 11, 2009
    I am from Chennai (India) I am interested in starting a small rabbit farm at me backyard. could you please let me know the basic things to start breading rabbits so that i can learn more about rabbits, please email me thanking you Paul
  • FELIX WARUTUMO said on October 13, 2009
    I have started keeping rabbits recently. i presently have 50 rabbits. i would like to get more information on breeding, housing, health and marketing of rabbits
  • jhon mohammad mir said on October 15, 2009
    sir i am an unemployed educated youth i was thinking of starting something of my own. i want to enter into rabbit farming plz suggest me the measures.
  • African Mlay said on October 21, 2009
    Dear sir/madam, I have 3 acres of land right in the suburbs of Dar es Salaam. I already have 20 rabbits. I would like to get more information on markets within and outside the region.
  • mosezbiak said on October 22, 2009
    I am a manager of an orphan home in Taunggyi city, Shan state(known as Golden triangle Land of poppy)Myanmar. I am in taking care of 40 Orphans from all over the country. We own (4)acres of land, now we are trying to to start Rabbit farm, as the beginning we bought (7) rabbit white ones. Therefore we need your help and guidance extremely. We want the farm to become an income for the orphan Home. Thank may God Bless you Mosez
  • don said on October 22, 2009
    I want to go into Rabbit farming. I have own a small farm and some capital. I am currently working on preparing a business plan. Please send me more information. thanks
  • Pruthvik s Bharadwaj. said on October 26, 2009
    respected sir/mam, actually i have some land and some small capital too.. i'm very much interested in rabbit farming, i live near bangalore, karnataka. plz do need full..
  • Tyrese lehun said on October 29, 2009
    i'm planning to start rabbit farming in cambodia, just want to know if its a good idea to start there or here in australia. My concerns is the temperature. Please send some information and would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • Monica said on October 30, 2009
    I am interested in rabbit farming and would request for more information on disease management, nutrition, and housing. I am in Central Kenya Thanks.
  • jagdeesh nair said on November 3, 2009
    Hi Sir, i am jagdeesh from kerala. I want to do rabbit farming. i want to know to whom i should consult for farming.
    (1)how much expenditure is required for starting rabbit farming?
    (2)Is this business profitable?
    (3)Market in kerala and india
    Regards, jagdeesh
  • sly said on November 4, 2009
    am from kenya and i have started rearing rabbits. The challenge we have is insufficient funds to construct a rabbitry which will help us tap the urine for organic farming. Do you assist entrepreneurs who are stuck by capacity building them and financial assistance?
  • Wasif pathan said on November 5, 2009
    Hello sir, i am highly interested in starting rabbit farm in ahmedabad city, gujarat state, india. Kindly provide me all necessary information on my email: or contact me on my mobile: +919327037059, thanx and regards, wasif pathan
  • Alex said on November 7, 2009
    I am in nairobi, Kenya. i would like to start rabbit farming for business. where do i get info on the market, both local and international?
  • mahesh said on November 8, 2009
    i wanted to start rabbit form in karnataka but i dont have proper information please guide me about this you can reach me at 9945865226
  • sattar said on November 12, 2009
    i am a beginner want to start a rabbit farm. could you able 2 give the required information so as i can plan to start. regards
  • ilyas said on November 14, 2009
    i want to start one rabbit farm in surat, kathor. i have own 13 acre land and i want to start in commercial basis. 09924339209
  • JASKARAN said on November 14, 2009
  • Eliab said on November 18, 2009
    I am from Nyeri Kenya and i am interested in rabbit keeping for meat. I would like to know how will i get to the market and what i require for slaughter and storage of meat
  • Esther Ng said on November 18, 2009
    I am from Malaysia. I am planning a Duck farm in Siem Reap Cambodia, as part of a poverty reduction livelihood project for a few villagers. Can RABBITRY be considered side by side with the ducks? Or will it pose a health hazard? What can I do to initiate this Rabbit farm ( small scale) to help supply meat to the poor? ( they eat rats, snakes, red ants in the interior cos of poverty) Thank you.
  • ramesh jayaram pawar said on November 21, 2009
    few days ago i started my rabbit farm near aurangabad, maharashtra, india. but i don't know that where & how sale rabbit in market. please tell me about rabbit market to sale and can i get good price? if yes, then please tell how many? thank you
  • Huini Kabui said on November 22, 2009
    i am from Karatina Nyeri Kenya and i would like to start a rabit farm. Please send me tips on how to start small where to get the rabbits and also provide some market linkage information. thank you
  • irfan nagori said on November 22, 2009
    I want to start rabbit farming in m.p.(nearby indore). I have my own land here. Plz tell me that how can i start the farming? 9713745254 & 9827230427.
  • E Wandeto said on November 24, 2009
    I wish to start a commercial rabbit farm in Karatina, Nyeri. Please send me details of where to get good breeders, and market opportunities. Regards
  • mike said on November 24, 2009
    Kansas, U.S.A.
    1. I have understood that a kit can be weaned at 4 weeks old, is there any supplements that it may need if it is to be weened at that age?

    some say that weaning takes a total of 8 weeks.

    one litter, I have now, are from a litter of 12, the mother separated 4 out, and has 8 she is tending to. Eyes opened right at 2 weeks.

    the second litter, 8 kits, eyes opened at 8 days old, these had fur with in about three days. these are the ones that I would like to try and wean early (one of them anyways)...

    I know their digestive system may not be ready, so was wondering if there is any dietary supplement that can be used to help them along.
  • DHARANIKOTA SRINIVASBABU said on November 25, 2009
  • p.narayana said on November 28, 2009
    i want to start rabbit farming in ongole in A.p. I have my own land here. Plz tell me that how can i start the farm to purchase the rabbits? 9866833785.
  • Suvajit Roy said on November 30, 2009
    please give me details of Rabbit meat market. My Address mentioned below... Suvajit Roy, Vill-Daharthuba, P.O-Hatthuba, Dist-North 24 parganas, Pin code-743269, West Bengal.
  • IRENE WANJIRU KAMAU said on November 30, 2009
    I now have fifty rabbits. where is the market in Kenya or out there. Get in touch with me on tel number 0723450566
  • Hitchkiyofarms said on December 1, 2009
    Hello, I am looking for exporter/buyers for live rabbits. I'm running a goat farm already in M.P. India. and experienced vets guide me for goat and rabbit farming. If i get good buyers I can supply them live rabbit in their required quantity. Soon going Rabbits for wool purpose. interested person can mail me Thanks
  • RIZWAN DADAN said on December 1, 2009
  • J.Obonyo said on December 2, 2009
    We have a rabbit farm just outside Nairobi kenya. We can share more ideas with those in Kenya wishing to go into rabbit farming. We wish to through this venture to help in poverty alleviation, engage the jobless, participate in rabbit research and development and to add to the societies food chain. Contact us to share ideas.
  • Vikas Rao said on December 2, 2009
    Hi am from Nasik Maharashtra India & would like to see photographs regarding the cage size and different breeds and sanitary instructions. Moreover please guide about which breed will give more ROI in the first year as per the location mentioned above... Eagerly waiting...
  • sharafudeen said on December 5, 2009
    hi, my name is sharafudeen. i want to start a rabbit farm in india (kerala state), please give me the all information about rabbit buyers and sellers. thank you.
  • jegatheesh said on December 7, 2009
    Dear sir, i have a small rabbit farm with 50 to 60 rabbits i want to sell the rabbit for best price. i have newzealand white, usa cincilla, silver fox verities. I am from coimbatore, tamilnadu, india
  • Hoshim said on December 10, 2009
    Dear Sir, Thank you for your useful information. I want start rabbit farm. Can you give me information please where i can find all kind sizes for Metal cages? I am from Uzbekistan, Fargana region
  • kiambu rabbit farmers said on December 18, 2009
    We are suited in Kiambu Town, Central Kenya. We rear rabbits, train in rabbit husbandry, construct rabbit houses. Contact Group Chairman 0723 -232388 or Secretary 0733_516261, thanks
  • serlom said on December 18, 2009
    thanks for this opportunity to ask some very important questions about rabbits.
    1. which types(i mean breeds) of rabbit are there?
    2. some people say the white breeds are more marketable than coloured ones, especially black ones?
    What is the life span of a typical doe or buck?
    I am planning to start a rabbit farm in ghana and need these preliminary information, please. thanks for your time and answers to the questions.
  • sharafudeen said on December 19, 2009
    hi, I am from haripad, alapuzha, kerala, India. please give me the information about rabbit buyers from kerala. rabbit buyers please contact me my email.
  • auwal said on December 25, 2009
    i am a nigerian living in kano and interested in rabbit farming. Please guide on how to start a farm with about 200 rabbits especially how to build the cage and feeding. Thanks
  • SHYAMTOLANI said on December 28, 2009
    I Shyam Tolani living at GONDIA near Nagpur and interested in rabbit farming. i have sufficient land for it, I want to know some essential points in such matter, Thanks
  • Daniel Karue said on December 29, 2009
    am a commercial rabbit farmer in limuru (kenya)and currently i have about 7 type of breeds selling both to other farmers and to hotels and am looking for more people around nairobi who can help me to supply rabbit meat coz i have an order of about 230kgs per day wish i cant make on my own. contact 0728-118485
  • Digvijay Patel said on December 30, 2009
    i want to start a rabbit farm in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. i want list of companies which can help me to set up it...
  • esther gichuhi said on December 31, 2009
    i am planning to buy a plot at nakuru-kenya and start rabbit farming but concerned about the market. kindly give me more details on the various breeds and the market.
  • chandrakant said on January 3, 2010
    Dear Sir, I have small rabbit farm at ratnagiri district of maharastra. I wish to know the market for selling the rabbits in ratnagiri district. Rgds
  • Josphat Gethi said on January 4, 2010
    am in nyandarua district, kanyagia location, muruai sublocation in kenya and having a rabbit farm, and expecting to expand it, how can i get a reliable market. am having pure breeds and well feed, and good breeding records.
  • Ashfaq said on January 5, 2010
    I'm interested in rabbit farming and I've got land for the same please give me information about the rabbit supplier, seller and the buyer of the meat and the minimum requirement of investment an land to start farming. Thanx.
  • Carlton said on January 6, 2010
    I' m interested in starting a rabbit farm but I need all info possible to make this happen. If you would help me I would really appreciate it.
  • Francis Waweru said on January 7, 2010
    I am based in Kenya. I want to throw myself into rabbit rearing business starting this year. I already know that there is money in this. Irene Kamau, get in touch. 0722-977522.
  • RAMAN said on January 7, 2010
    I am from panvel dist. Raigad, maharashtra state, i have my rabbitry at my farm in panvel. i need ur help for marketing and for my research i am prepared to pay your fees
  • Abraham Mbugua Ndombi said on January 12, 2010
    I own five acres of land in Rongai area of Nakuru, kenya and wish to start a rabbit rearing venture. how do i go about it?
  • dalpat said on January 12, 2010
    I have rabbit farm in gujrat by venketeshvra tamilnadu. but he is not responding now. i have large loss and i am very tired now. what can i do about rabbit farm. it is not a successful business. plz you can guide me, omega rabbit farm chasa, chikhli, navsari gujrat india
  • Duncan Njoroge said on January 12, 2010
    I am from Kenya. I intend to start rearing rabbit for commercial purposes. I would request to know if there is market for their product. I will be located in Nakuru and Nairobi. Also the kind of breed that will thrive well in these regions. Kind regards
  • vikas jangra said on January 13, 2010
    sir i am from haryana, we have a group G nine. we wanna start a rabbit farm in himachal pradesh(india). can u please tell me about buyers and rate. yours, G nine
  • samuel kariuki said on January 14, 2010
    am located at Nairobi kenya and believe i have enough space for rabbit keeping. i understand the business, i am good but i dont have the tiniest idea how to go about it. can some one out there volunteer to help me through the various processes involved. i think i will manage the capital.
  • Olaleks said on January 15, 2010
    Am a student from plateau state polytechnic, to be precise from jos city, plateau state, nigeria. am interested in starting rabbit farming, please i need more info about their feeding, housing, e.t.c.
  • costel said on January 15, 2010
    i am interested in a rabbit farming, and i got 50 acre land in ROMANIA, give me please more information about rabbit farming. facilities, rabbit hutch, heating, cooling system, metal cages watering system. thanks!
  • Wangui said on January 15, 2010
    Am wangui. I have started rabbit rearing in Kinangop. Is there is any ready market for rabbits? Please assist if there is any market that you know. My email is
  • Robert kazimoto said on January 18, 2010
    i would like to get all important information on rabbit keeping. also if i could get a sample proposal for rabbit business. Am located in dar es salaam, Tanzania but my farm is at bunju. My phone number is 0713 877855 or 0782273273. what is the specific name of rabbit meat and is it not prohibited for human use according to any religion norms. thanx
  • Stella said on January 20, 2010
    I am planning to start a rabbit farming project in Nanyuki i have a 10 acre farm. Kindly advise me on how i can start i would also want to have a business partner who is dedicated because i am in employment and based in Nairobi. I am reachable on +254722517474 Nanyuki, Kenya
  • Collins Owade said on January 20, 2010
    I would like to get all important information on rabbit keeping; suitable breeds, diseases, market etc that would make me factual enough to sell the idea of commercial rabbit keeping to a youth group I chair and is based in Bondo District, Kenya. I will highly appreciate a mentor from Kenya and sample proposal on this. Anybody helpful can get me on +254721953738 or
  • Fahad Alvi said on January 22, 2010
    i want to start rabbit farming. i m from LUCKNOW, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA. i would like to know the potential market to sell rabbits meat n its skin n its selling price ? how to start a rabbit farm in my place?
  • JOHN WACHIRA said on January 22, 2010
    Am a new comer in this rabbit business. Could you please quote for the selling price of mature rabbits hear in Kenya and worldwide. Thank you.
  • sharafudeen said on January 22, 2010
    if anybody want rabbits please contact me. 00919745693827. email
  • sudhir singh said on January 23, 2010
    Dear Friends, I want to start Rabbit farming on the small basis. Is this business profitable and who purchase Rabbits from us. I Need a guidance for Rabbit farming. If any one have Knowledge of Rabbit Farming Please Feel free to call me. My Number is (0)9913484859. I am in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • ashlysijoy said on January 24, 2010
    i want to start a rabbit farm on small basis, i need a detail information about this business, is this business profitable? i am in calicut, kerala
  • ronald J said on January 26, 2010
    I am based in Kenya in a town called Nakuru. I would like to have information regarding the rabbit farming business and the building of the needed structures. I would also appreciate if you would give me tips on how to maximize space on a one acre piece of land.
  • I am violet odhiambo said on January 26, 2010
    I would like to start rabbit farming for commercial purposes. am based in mombasa; kenya and would want information about ready market please help. anyone out there especially based in mombasa get in touch on 0724332495
  • faith makena said on January 26, 2010
    I am trying to keep rabbits as part time employment. The biggest challenge i am facing is death. My rabbits are well in the morning when I leave home, they are feeding well and active. The most surprising thing is that when I get home in the even I find at least one dead, is it a disease or what is the cause of this mysterious death. Secondly, after giving birth the mother dies after one month and the little ones follow suit. I am really discouraged. Help me! Ngoingwa, Thika, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Shyam Singh said on January 27, 2010
    i want to do rabbit farm in rajasthan, so i need full information mob 9460689965 & my address Shyam singh Rathore C/o Prem singh bhati near aii matha temple maderna colony jodhpur, rajasthan. India
  • Rev Simon K.Thiongo said on January 28, 2010
    Am a Pastor keeping rabbits in large scale and so far i have sold 150 adults. Rabbit project have enabled the church i serve to develop as many members have started the business. We train, sell and help build the husbandry. contact us.
  • duncan ngine from central kenya said on January 28, 2010
    i am a kenyan with enough space and from an area where people would be interested in commercial rabbit keeping my only worry is market for the same and also probably having an upto date slaughter house in the neighborhood to ensure that we give the best meet as far as the region is concerned. pls advice. thank you.
  • lucy kinuthia said on January 28, 2010
    Am Lucy located in Naivasha. Am interested in rabbit farming but I have very little knowledge. Are there people in Naivasha who are doing this type of farming. I have two rabbits but as for now they r like pets. Contact 0722697819
  • paul mburu said on January 28, 2010
    Good afternoon, Am in nakuru kenya very much eager and ready to start agribusiness in Rabbit keeping. Is it possible to get any help from any nearby livestock breeding department on how to make the houses and where to get the best breed. I will be glad to get the response 0724887702
  • ramchandra fardoliya said on January 30, 2010
    (i want to do rabbit farm in jhunjhunu rajasthan so i need full information my mob no-9001462971, 9667178735 and my address-ramchandra fardoliya , b-6 central spine, cine star building, vidyadhar nagar jaipur-302023. india
  • m naveen kumar said on February 1, 2010
    hello sir madam, I AM NAVEEN KUMAR from bangalore india. i am interested in raising rabbit farming in bangalore please guide me were to buy rabbits and how to rear and market them
  • charles kamau muthee said on February 1, 2010
    I'm youth in kenya Nairobi i have the land to do the farming kindly advice me on the best breeds for meat and the market thanks.


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