White Pig Farming Tips

A lot of people are dreaming to find a business with rewarding results. If you have a wide-ranging barn yard, then dealing with white pig farming is your best choice.

With precise and excellent pig farming management, expect that you can earn more than what you have expected.

Pig farming is the method of raising pigs for foods and other items like leather. Most of the pig farms are large, while others are intimate and small. Every style of pig farming has a distinct impact on the pigs, pig farm workers, the environment and pork consumers. It is the reason why there are various things that you need to consider before putting up white pig farming.

Factors to Consider in Putting Up a White Pig Farm

Having your own white pig farming is not too easy. You need an exact knowledge about raising pigs, adequate equipment and accurate planning. If you are planning to put up a white farm pig, the first thing that you need to do is to decide on the amount of pigs you want to raise. You also need to consider the size of your barn yard. As a white pig farm owner, you also need to have an adequate supply of pig foods, shelter, water and others.

Handling More Pigs in Your Barn Yard

Feeding plays a vital role in raising pigs, either white or black ones. As advised, you need to feed your pigs at least twice a day. Depending on the breed of your pigs and the purpose of breeding, you can also increase the number of its feeding times. The main purpose of this is to speed up growth and weight gain. To do this, ensure that you have an adequate supply of pig feed to make your pigs healthier and plumper.

White Pig Farming Tips and Its Lucrative Results

Before planning to have a white pig farm, make sure that you know how to handle your preferred business. Managing a pig farm is a huge obligation, especially for new entrepreneurs. Most pig farmers experience different issues from their neighbors due to its foul smell. To have a perfect white pig farming, ensure that all your farming needs are settled. With a combination of your knowledge and adequate equipment for pigs, everything will go according to your plan. The typical examples of these are vehicles for pig transportation and distribution. It is said that the more pigs you raise, the greater the money you will get.

White Pig Farming for a Profitable Investment

With a great number of white pigs in your barn, you can have a chance to get more cash within a short period of time. You can do this through selling them in the market or food processing scheme. Whatever options you choose, investing in white pig farming will give a profitable result.


  • Maggy said on January 12, 2013
    Hi, I am interested in a pig farming, I need assistance in terms of land oraccomodatio or shelter for the pigs. Cause I believe they are more profitable.
  • Mawande said on February 14, 2013
    I am also interested in starting a pig farm. How long does it take for a pig to grow and how many bags of food does it need until it is ready to be sold?
  • cate Arinitwe said on February 24, 2013
    kampala, Mukono, Uganda. Have already started but i need training on management, feeding.
  • Muhangi Julius said on June 25, 2013
    A'm located In Rukungiri District, south Western Uganda. Have already set a good pig shed, i now need guidance on feeding, breeding, care, marketing, and source of good and fast growing breeds. Thanks. Julius Muhangi. 0772961599
  • Sifiso Cele said on September 5, 2013
    I'm located in Port Shepstone Ugu District Municipality, South Coast of Kwa Zulu-Natal in South Africa, need help in setting out a good pig shed for breeding and guidance in growing up pigs
  • HARI KRISHNA said on November 12, 2013
    Details about white pig farming & how to start it.......
  • Hari Krishna said on November 12, 2013
    i want to locate white pig farming in visakhapatnam. so, please give me a suggestion how to start......
  • prabhahar Albert said on November 28, 2013
    Hi i am living Trichirapalli at Tamilnadu in INDIA . I am very interested in white pig farm. I need more and more earn through this business .partners andiand investors are also welcome.
  • Harry Cho said on March 27, 2014
    I have a pig farm operation for six years. In the Philippines. Pork industry is a very attractive field of view is also very bright. Of course, human resource management and farm construction may occur in a lot of stress. But enough revenue realized price for the Philippines, demand, volume indicators that you, too, can achieve the business goals to get positive helps. Population growth over the next 20 years, demand increases, you can expect an increase in consumption of pig industry in the Philippines is not interesting, it is not interesting any business.
  • theodore said on October 1, 2014
    Nice pointers but you should also inform prospective pig farmers that due to high cost of feeds sow and weaner, starter , in the market its almost impossible to hit big profit margin. you need to make
  • amit kumar said on November 3, 2014
    I am interested pls give me fully knowledge
  • vsuresh said on April 15, 2015
    Hi I'm suresh from Namakkal tamilnadu I having interest to do pig farms and I have g the own land but now I need knowledge Abt pig food and how much month need to grow up and wat kind of shet to be need what are things needed. This is my contact no 9840338392
  • Ncedo Njenga said on September 9, 2015
    Port Edward kzn in S.A
  • dannybalisbis said on November 5, 2015
    Hi i am from legaspi city,philippines.i am interested in pig farming.i need assistance regarding,feeding,vitamins,vaccines,shelter.i want also to learn some training or other programs that may help.thank you so much.
  • sanjeev said on October 4, 2016
    HI am from india madhya pardesh. pls call or mail me
  • Kishore said on January 14, 2017
    I want to start a pig farm, with low budget, please help me any one with good knowledge of use, i am from ANDHRAPRADESH, visakhapatnam, my mobile number is 8019466457. please Cal me on this number and guides me well. Thank you.
  • Leo said on June 14, 2017
    Hello, I AM PLANNING TO START A Pig farm. Would you please guide me on how to through it. Have plenty of green Land. My location is Africa - Angola. Thank you


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