Harmful Farming Practices

Farming plants and animals regardless of the type is one of the most promising ventures these days. This is especially true if you are living in countries where agriculture is one of the primary sources of living.

However, one should know the harmful farming practices that can affect the surroundings and the people around.

Before you establish your farming business, there are some things you need to know first regarding harmful farming practices. This article will provide you the needed information you have to know in order to be familiar with the topic.

The Use of Inorganic Fertilizers

One of the harmful farming practices is the use of inorganic fertilizers. Yes, these kinds of fertilizers promise a lot in terms of the cultivation and growth of the plants in your farm. However, because of the harmful substances used in making these inorganic fertilizers, they might cause adverse effects to people and to the other plants. This is because some ingredients used in these fertilizers are considered toxic. This might even kill other plants, animals and harm people who have accidentally gotten exposed to these components.

Improper Sanitation

If you are planning to establish your animal farm, sanitation is one of the concerns you need to focus on. This is because the wastes of these animals might cause serious health conditions like diarrhea, amoebiasis, cholera and other health problems to human. Not only that because some plants and animals might also experience several health conditions when these wastes have not been disposed properly. It is important that before establishing your business, you inquire in the sanitation department in your place first regarding the rules and regulations about farm sanitation. Surely, you will be given information on how you can comply with the sanitation requirements and standards imposed.

The Use of Harmful Machines

Farming regardless of its types, sometimes requires the use of machines. There are some machines that emit harmful toxins and substances to the surroundings. Because of this, there are instances that people might take in these toxins and by-products. Most of the time, there are machines that produce harmful gasses. When these are taken in, they might trigger respiratory-related diseases and conditions. Therefore, people might experience complex respiratory problems that can even put their life to danger. It is also best to inquire to the corresponding departments in order to know the set rules and regulations about the matter.

Inadequate Supply Personal Protective Devices

If farms come in greater sizes especially those raising animals for commercial purposes, there are overwhelming waste products produced day by day. Usually, workers are exposed to organisms and other factors that might affect their health and wellness. The sad thing is that some of these farms might not be able to supply the needed personal protective equipment or PPEs to their workers. Therefore, these workers are directly exposed to these harmful organisms and wastes that can trigger so many health problems.


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    i belongs to kanpur dehat district. my father is farmer & he have a lot of field. so plz advice me which business can i choose?
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    I want to open mobile service center in town area there a lot of people wants buy branded hand set but not hv service center I hv around 1k it is possible...
  • Ripunjay Goswami said on April 9, 2015
    sir, I am from assam and i want to start a farming business (marigold cultivation) along with another partner. How much land is needed to actually get a good return out of the land? I dont want to use inorganic fertilizers but will it be possible for us to protect the plant from insecticides? kindly guide me..


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