Start a Rice Pulling Business

If you wish to start this business, make sure to be aware of the rice-pulling gangs which are operative throughout the country. You must be mindful of how to wrap the rice puller if it is small and if it is significant.

How to start a rice-pulling business must be understood before starting.

This is a rare kind of business started by only those with proper knowledge. Therefore, it becomes essential to let you know what a rice puller is. If defined, a rice puller implies anything which attracts ‘rice’. This is somewhat similar to a magnet that attracts iron. However, it is a scarce item.

Understanding Rice Pulling Business

Rice pulling is not to be found everywhere, and some of the metals that boast of having rice-pulling facilities include copper items like vessels, plates, and rods. Bowls and tumblers also made of copper too seem to have rice-pulling features. These rice pullers cannot be found on a larger scale in metropolitan cities, and instead, they make their presence felt in villages where they might be buried under the houses or fields.

Rice pulling business is said to be profitable mainly because of its rareness; hence, you may start the same. But ensure you know all the advantages, disadvantages, and processes involved in the rice-pulling business.

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To start a rice-pulling business, you need to know a few details, like it is ‘anti electricity’, so it becomes imperative for you to know that you have to keep all the electronic and electrical items away from the rice puller. Also, it contains harmful radiation, which might harm you, so it is best to be fully protected before you go for rice pulling.

Packing a Rice Puller

Packing a rice puller is vital if you wish to carry it around. If, however, your rice puller is small, then it becomes easier to carry it. Handling the rice puller is quite tricky. So it should be wrapped in cotton. If your rice puller is a coin, then you can keep it safely between a soap that has been cut in half. You can also wrap it in carbon paper. You may also wrap it in white sticking tape, often used by doctors. It would be best if you also remembered not to carry the rice puller, which has been packed in an airplane or train.

You must also be careful about rice-pulling gangs, which are very much operative in the country. They fool innocent people and sell the coins to European nations for higher prices.


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