“Start a Rice Pulling Business”
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  • vasu said on March 22, 2015
    direct buyers only call us or mail us on delhivas@gmail.com for rp 50 inches and also rr 20
  • deepak said on March 22, 2015
    genuine rice puller coin available, only want genuine buyer, contact -deepp7735@Gmail.com
  • shyam said on April 4, 2015
    east india baby petromax non tested with east india coin 1816 year,286 krz 001 200 cp cal me 99 44 55 44 13 no demand smooth deal original buyers cal me ...
  • Ishwar Kachi said on April 8, 2015
    Hi @deepak, I have good party n good people also. They can buy ur article. U want to sell so pls u can call me +918421305078
  • Ponsankar said on April 10, 2015
    I have genuine buyer in Coimbatore mail me msponsankar@gmail.com
  • Amit said on April 11, 2015
    i have a rice puller coin of hanumanji any one who is interested to buy contact me ar484395@gmail.com
  • Ashkar said on April 11, 2015
    Sir i have one metal from mysoore 9/3 inches pls contact me my email with your company profile all so do not want fake & time waste and mention to the price for inches
  • Amit said on April 11, 2015
    Plz buyers frm kolkata and bhubaneswar need to contact me
  • karthi said on April 13, 2015
    I am from tamilnadu. I have one non test petromax if u want plz mail me Karthilobbi@gmail.com
  • J.prabhakaran said on April 13, 2015
    i can buy any type of rp. if you want to sell call me. 8870265964
  • Mr.j singh said on April 14, 2015
    Hi, Every body. Our office is at delhi, Plz come. N see then do RP dealing, fake people don't contact. My no.8295113503'.8685861019.
  • Raja said on April 14, 2015
    Real buyers wanted. I have no demand. I want only genuine buyer. please call me if you are a genuine person. call me : 7092589247
  • Manish said on April 15, 2015
    Any body who has drp Plz contact me on 9015611631 I have the buyer at present Plz If U hav then first SMS me then I will call u my location is in Delhi if u really have The drp then SMS me otherwise don't waste ur time as well as mine
  • SADASIVAM said on April 15, 2015
  • Raju said on April 21, 2015
    Sir I have a rice puller I need Direct buyer/company any interested please Contact me
  • RAJ said on April 22, 2015
    Dear @Raju, You posted but You didn't put your contact details!!! TR, RAJ
  • girish kumar singh said on April 23, 2015
    Any genuine sellers and genuine buyers(with genuine license) of any type of high quality antique materials may contact me immediately. I am in Delhi. Only genuine sellers may contact me. Any genuine buyers with license may contact me. All deal will be done honestly and legally. Any serious candidates either buyers or sellers may contact me for final done. For more details you may talk over mobile. I am delhi based mediator. Antique materials test will be free for all states around Delhi Mb:9910597563, email: gk.singh@yahoo.com
  • Shankar said on April 25, 2015
    I heard that Rp fetches a value of 35000 crores. Is it true? WHO Buys this?
  • Shankar said on April 25, 2015
    I am from Chennai. Is it true that a RP has a value of 25000 to 30000 crores? Who buys this?
  • shyam said on April 26, 2015
    am shyam i have one tested baby petromax demand only 30 L in tamil nadu cal 9944554413 buyers cal me , fakers dont waste the time, no condition ,direct sponsor r buyers cal me
  • wasim naik said on April 27, 2015
    em wasim naik from kishtwar jandk ...I have an old measuring thing with snake symbol and 11 inchs of pulling i want to sell this...08803772971 contact me ...
  • dharam said on May 4, 2015
    Hi we have antique sea rock rare piece and old painting full of gold, and GM in Delhi interested buyer can get in touch on whatapps : 7738085730
  • sha said on May 5, 2015
    hallo friends almost 3 years am following rp but i not get a original one at last i find one in a village, so i already test that its 4 inch and its test pass in "(mm , rr, tourch, watch, and needle ") so rp holding person dont know the real price of these am a agent so if any one want i can buy that for you if you want contact me sha4030@gmail.com these is not cheating but am not sale white money because am the agent so i need money so any one holding black money contact me
  • Ali said on May 10, 2015
  • girish kumar singh said on May 16, 2015
    Hello Friends, I am mediator based in Delhi and I can provide you genuine company buyer for RP material. The deal will be legal and honestly. Every facts will be known to you. If you have any types of genuine RP material then you can contact me. Girish kumar singh, Delhi, gk.singh@yahoo.com, 9910597563
  • Er.Ravinder kaushal said on May 22, 2015
    Hello, i am from himachal pardesh, i have coins and notes to sale of any body interested plz call me. 08894463472
  • shyam said on June 10, 2015
    hi mr nks, call me i got company also i i'll do this in urs favour, cal 99 44 55 44 13 shyam am in coimbatore, direct conformer meeting, no no no expenses to you, next th scientist test and all the process ill start immediately, cal me.
  • mamun said on June 11, 2015
    what does it means- "32 mr 16 rr", anybody help me please?
  • PD SINGH KOHLI said on June 13, 2015
    i want to sell rp kalas in chikamanglur in karanatka , mr 8 , rr 4 , i ready to show in main city if any genuine buyer then contact me call & wats up me 08290072832
  • salim said on June 15, 2015
    Dear Sir, I have an owner with rp and he want to sale the material at lowest price. If anybody want contact me on following number 07760799091
  • Rohan said on June 20, 2015
    hi my self Rohan, pH 08640990554 call me ,I have a RP...I needed good buyer, call any time, no time pass....
  • a.balasingh said on June 21, 2015
    I already start the business in five years back but cannot just today don't closed that business i had many more problem only got me but I will try to that because success
  • nitesh g said on June 22, 2015
    Hi i am nitesh jain, I want to start this business.. pls kindly help me.. I have the genuine buyers.. contact me 7810056789
  • nitesh kumar said on June 22, 2015
    Hi dear sellers I am Nitesh Jain .. I have a good Buyers for Rice puller materials. . U can watsapp me or contact me @ 7810056789...
  • kabeer said on June 22, 2015
    Dear frnd if someone have real RP than contact me i have real buyer no fee no any charge +919045997475
  • kabeer said on June 22, 2015
    Or send me the details on my id if u real RP ur deal done without any charge Mail-himalayetransport@gmail.com, Ph-+919045997475
  • RATAN said on June 23, 2015
    Dear Mr. @J. Singh, We’re really glade for your RP Challenging Add. Genuine PEOPLE doesn’t need to Challenge, they proof by there actions as you and we know very well, not only that but also there’s nothing to hide!! Am I right? So Mr. Singh, pls, put your Company details web site Directors ID & Company profiles then we’ll confirm that Yes Mr. J. Singh is an authentic as well as genuine. Otherwise in the website many King size Singh like you their also calming that I’ve company but practically at the end all of them are fake and baseless. We believe your not one of them. So Mr. J. Singh. Without any hesitation put your C P plus Website. Then we’ll confirm Mr. J. Singh jo bolte hai oh karte hai.IM MR, RATAN .
  • Raj kumar said on June 24, 2015
    Hi my self rajkumar from bangalore karnataka india . I wanted to know how to make a duplicate RPuller and which chemicals have to be use and how to mix and prepare plzzz send me msg 9036172501 im truly succeeded who will msg me they will be be my partner in all time share.
  • Dr.j singh said on June 24, 2015
    There r so many RATAN LAL in India, note my address, Dr.jitendra singh,Green view Residence, opposite Naveen Niwas, Airport road, Bhubaneswar _1.U come if u have really knowledge I'll show u everything
  • B.pooranaselvam said on June 24, 2015
    I forgot first mail id passwrd so I can use that so please contact on pooranaselvam4@gmail.com
  • RATAN said on June 24, 2015
    Dear DR. J.Singh As you know company profile, address and website and personal address is totally different. So Mr. Singh. Now a days people working with mobile internet doesn’t need to come your residential address pls, add your company profile in this website
  • santosh jain said on June 25, 2015
    Hi, @Ajay Nayak, Pls send me your contact details.
  • chandu gowda said on June 28, 2015
    Friends pls dont waste ur precious time ....its all fake .......u will be cheated .....if u want to know how u will be cheated pls call 9663447704.....
  • Dilip said on June 30, 2015
    Hi @SANTOSH, Don’t make a full to others Pls proof your ID , COMPANY WEB, & MD’S details . People like you confusing lay man like us. Your add proofed that you don’t have any knowledge about the business. Blind trying make to make another as a blind. Just stop your useless add.ILIPD
  • santosh jain said on July 4, 2015
    Hello friends, I have a R. P Articles available which is a radiating materials. I am looking for genuine CERTIFIED BUYERS holding all relevant licenses and with sound financial back grounds. Any efficient buyer is well come to contact me for more details but Buyer should must prove that he is a genuine buyer. Pls contact only genuine buyers . contact me on +919011063400
  • nikhil said on July 7, 2015
    I have a genuine buyer & company with id so any one interesting real seller can contact me directly, !@ 9963062111
  • Nasir said on July 9, 2015
    We have genuine RP for sale in Mah, Mr 60, rr 28. We want genuine buyer & we will not pay any company fees. Mail us: nandini_18us@yahoo.com
  • Rajesh said on July 10, 2015
    I am looking for a genuine LP(Lilliput) buyer, if interested plz contact this number (07873039797) or mail me at (maverickreigns@gmail.com) People who have genuine knowledge about this contact me otherwise plz dont waste my time or yours
  • shyam said on July 10, 2015
    hi frnds, 1839 east india fan running 10 hrs in 500 ml kersone, and nontested 1816 east india baby petromax in my hold no demand in coimbatore tamilnadu, cal me 9944554413 , genuine buyers cal me
  • Balasubrahmanian said on August 2, 2015
    Anyone interested to do business without asking for testing and conveyance fee will be considered as genuine buyer. There are many fake companies and fake sellers and in the middle of all this, the genuine business suffers. If you are looking for serious purchase, please contact with details: balaespasia@gmail.com
  • lawra said on August 12, 2015
    no buyer is there in rp product its sent percent true believe it or not its depend on the person who are interested in rp
  • lawra said on August 12, 2015
    lawra all are cheated in rp business
  • girish said on August 13, 2015
    Hello friends I am mediator based in Delhi and i have genuine company for all type of antique material like rice puller, liliput etc. you may contact me and talk over mobile 9910597563.email: gk.singh@yahoo.com
  • Mr. K M Swami said on August 14, 2015
    Hi genuine drp makers, I need a drp (chemical rp in copper) maker in mumbai or delhi with minimum functions: mr-6", rr-3" , torch test, dust test(brown color) with minimum 1mth validity ready to give him 50k to 1lac upto 2lac per piece. if he dose so, will give the contract for monthly 10 pieces. if need can provide chemicals as per requirement at my place. interested drp makers can contact me on swamitechnologypvtltd@gmail.com
  • Honey said on August 18, 2015
    i am interested in Rice pulling business as mediator in Rural and Urban areas of Tamilnadu India. Any RP deal is completed or processing tamilnadu and also know that the RP deal finished any. Please confirm that its true or not.
  • Manoj said on August 20, 2015
    I hv a rp coin. I am from a village of punjab. I want to sell, tell me how much money i can get and from where?
  • Hitesh said on August 23, 2015
    Anyone can tell me what is RR MR And MM. Please give this information as soon as possible . hiteshbansal888@gmail.com
  • ajay said on August 26, 2015
    Plz I want real rp buyers ...I have one with me call me on my number 8686015313
  • dipu said on August 28, 2015
    I have a real rp with test, I interested to provide all testing details. Interested person contact me, I provide you all video of testing, contact -dipu7377s@Gmail.com
  • mangal kawdu telang said on August 28, 2015
    sir, I interested to start rice puller Business. please guide me and tell me where we can find rp and which mostly object in rp. Mangal
  • Pawan said on August 30, 2015
    Hi, Myself Pawan from Varanasi Utter pradesh. I have 100% original RP of 18" RR, MR 32", so if you have real buyer so please contact me. Wtsap no.-09935707220 mail id - arihant.associates.aa@gmail.com
  • ganesh said on August 31, 2015
    Hi I would like to know about rp
  • ganesh said on August 31, 2015
    Pls if any one has real knowledgeable of rp pls contact me on ganesh700@hotmail.com
  • raj said on September 2, 2015
    Sunil you didn't put your contact details
  • Ramesh said on September 3, 2015
    i have rp in kodaikanal origenal rp i see the test in ok .contact 9942247083
  • lisban said on September 6, 2015
    I have drp in Mumbai mr3.rr1.5.no torch 50 cr 8007998084
  • girish kumar singh said on September 7, 2015
    Any genuine sellers of any type of high quality antique materials may contact me immediately. I am in Delhi. Only genuine sellers may contact me.All deal will be done honestly and legally. For more details you may talk over mobile. I am delhi based company person. Antique materials test will be free for Delhi.it is for open material only. Mb:9910597563, email: gk.singh@yahoo.com
  • sunny singh said on September 10, 2015
    I am interested to start rice pulling business .pls let me know how to start
  • Akshay said on September 11, 2015
    Hey i have company and this is my no 08980448610 if you trust me then call me. First you talk with me if you satisfied then we will do something. Ok bye god bless you my friends.
  • KH said on September 12, 2015
    My Name KH, Morning friends, I have two items RP available which are high radiating materials. I am looking for genuine CERTIFIED BUYERS holding all relevant licenses and with fund financial back grounds. Any efficient buyer is well come to contact me for more details but Buyer should must probe that he is genuine buyer. NO TIME WASTING. contact me on Mail:keaheng2001@gmail.com
  • nks said on September 12, 2015
    Hi, This s nks. If anyone have genuine RP material in Tamilnadu, please contact me. I'll arrange for 100% genuine certified buyer's. Mail me at nks307006@gmail.com Please send the RP material details in mail. We will finish the deal successfully if the materials genuine.
  • Lisbon said on September 14, 2015
    I have r p in MADHYA PRADESh M P MR-17& RR-7.article show in city please Real bayer contat me 8007998084
  • prakash said on September 16, 2015
    I have one rise pulling coin but cannot sell that...pulse contact me. Prakaprakash23@gmail.com
  • Paul Haokip said on September 19, 2015
    I have red pink colour of corbosor which pulled rice by 6 inch RR 3 inch 2 inch anti Iron it give light 6 feet square and and the flower blooming within 5 second . Contact me +919402597530 , +919862496049
  • Gandhi said on October 1, 2015
    Dear Mr. @Girish.Singh, Pls, stop your useless add in this site. If you're genuine why don't put your company profile, address and website. A Big Full making to other as a full. just marta hai gul.
  • Tanvir said on October 1, 2015
    hi i am not a businessman,i am from bangladesh i have 10 pies genuin rice e puller.i was found somewhere but now i wanna sale this please contract - tanvir.ahmad30@yahoo.com +8801832380432
  • girish kumar singh said on October 2, 2015
    Ratan,There are many stupid person in India and you are one of them.If you have any genuine RP then you put before me and company then I will show all necessary documents to you.I do all work with eschrow agreement.Neither company nor clients will dare to cheat.All work will be done on stamp paper before test started.So if you had no mind then please don't comment on others. thanks
  • Singh sid said on October 4, 2015
    I have an RP of 18 mr 8 rr.price 3000 per inch. Any genuine buyer or funder can call me.. 9967043000..
  • girish kumar singh said on October 9, 2015
    Hello, I need urgently american company who has license for RP and very very good fund buying precious article. I am ready to work with them with terms and conditions. Pls contact me. I have many companies but they have no good fund.So company with good fund may contact me soon.I am in Delhi, India. Girish kumar singh, 9910597563
  • srinivas Angajala said on October 22, 2015
    Pls help me to do small business from home. If there is any such ideas pls help and send me the details to my mail: rao1966@gmail.com
  • Wasim Naik said on November 11, 2015
    I am wasim naik from j&k. i have the genuine buyers of R.P ..if anybody wanna sell legally then contact me. I had contacts in Europe 08803772971 is my cell number.
  • liyakath said on November 18, 2015
    Hello sir we have original rice pulling metrical in south india tamil nadu please contact me my mail id.
  • pawan katankar said on November 18, 2015
    Sir I want to start rice puller business as soon as possible. Sir please give m detail idea. My contact number is 07769995147/9405513239.
  • girish kumar singh said on November 24, 2015
    I need US based company for RP material who can work with me without taking any fee.I am media based in Delhi.Contact me 9910597563
  • Sagar said on November 30, 2015
    Any rice puller maker in treated to come to pune and make drp call me 8888088427.we will do all your expenses and pay you good amount when you reach in pune.first we will pay you than you start your work.
  • harish said on December 2, 2015
    I am harish from tamil nadu, my friend has a genuine rp, need a sponsor to pay the company fees or any company come to test without fees, need genuine company with all proof showed, call me on my no 9600457773
  • rahman said on December 5, 2015
    Hi i am the genuine buyer of rice puller in tamilnadu .my name is rahman please ct me directly for to deal with rp /nm/sanjeevi root my mobile number is +918870126566
  • Sethu said on December 7, 2015
    I am Real RP buyer, can prove once the conformation of the material. we will reveal the buyer details which will solve all your questions. IT's possible only with the seller cooperation. call me on 99409 22012
  • harish said on December 11, 2015
    I am harish, i am from tamilnadu, I have a REAL RP, NEED SPONSOR OR COMPANY WITH OUT FEE.. The material is a horse statue n it is in normal packing, range 60/20, it emits radiation as u remove 2 layers of packing, rice move zigzag, call only genuine person no time pass please, my contact 9600457773,
  • sairam said on December 24, 2015
    Good afternoon all of you.we have a RP. Vessel shaped bowl.Details: which is about 5KG weight, MR is 45, RR is 15. we want real buyers. we don't pay any charges for maintenance & traveling expenses.How much it valued @ money.
  • S RAMAN said on December 24, 2015
    Dear All,In case you have true Eridium material, please inform me I have few government approved Buyers source which required few basic test results and there after scientist visit to your Place. Genuine and legally permitted source of Business. There are 99.99% scam in the Business on both side. Please contact only for genuine material and Business. Srisai, Chennai. mail id.sairaghuraman14@gmail.com
  • lisban D'mello said on December 25, 2015
    Hi i am D'mello i have articular in amravati zharni i am my company fees is 20 laks but i have only arrange 14laks but i want 4 laks financier please call me 8007998084.
  • dileep said on December 28, 2015
    I am in Kerala I have 1 genuine piece to,Mr 9,Dr 3,wanted licensed companies to deal.
  • chotey bhaiya said on December 31, 2015
    Hi,all my friends please listen if u wanna be in rp business than u can support me while buying this,if u have aur seen rice puller article in any part of india specially kolkata,uttar pradesh ,gujrat nd rajesthan. you can wats app or call me at 9144899105,we will give you a very fast reply,and once you have enter as in our business than we will offer u a leagal job for rice puller business,every answer we will give of your question about rp business,don't reply me.just wats app or call only.
  • Audil said on December 31, 2015
    I need contact information of StartupBizHub.com. there is nothing mentioned on your website. please let me know by email.
  • mukesh said on December 31, 2015
    I have a original rp,it have show function,rice pulling,anti iron,rice color change,other tests. I want genuine buyer and sponsor.if any one interested in without any condition ,kindly contact me- mukesh7894dhala@gmail.com
  • mukesh said on January 6, 2016
    Hi I am mukesh,I have a original copper 1818 half anna coin,it shows some function,so I want to sell it.if you interested in buy this type of items,kindly contact me. It's functions is-rice pulling,2 -change the rice colour,3- Nedle throw,4-rice to rice,5 after pulling the rice make dust.6-watch stop.7-stand in 80 degree angle in water. I want genuine buyer for sell,if not believe,I provide you its testing WhatsApp video.mail- mukesh7894dhala@gmail.com
  • shaikh said on January 8, 2016
    I want buy a rice puller material or any functional material like mirror, black turmeric, goggles, or duplicate Rice puller (drp)I have genuine buyer or financier also if you have any article contact me 8286618775
  • sunil said on January 11, 2016
    Hello everyone I am from Andhra Pradesh and I have buyer with me who is interested to do rice pulling business. So, people with Genuine rice pulling metal please contact me : 08885753777
  • girish kumar singh said on January 11, 2016
    Needs urgently company for rp. i am media from delhi.company without taking any fee may contact me very soon. girish kumar singh 9910597563 gk.singh@yahoo.com


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