Start a Bamboo Farm

A bamboo farm, once started, could continue to exist for years and give you some form of residual income. However, starting one needs extensive planning and preparation. Our guide can help you get ready to propagate bamboo commercially. Read on and discover vital information to help you get started.

Bamboos are employed for various uses, perhaps for every article and utility anyone can think of? as an ornament, food, structural support, and material for making items from musical instruments to kitchen utensils.

bamboo farming

It is native to the tropics, but some also tolerate cold climates. To start a bamboo farm, you need space and extensive planning to propagate it commercially. What you spend establishing a bamboo farm will depend on the species you want to raise.

There are more than 1,000 species of bamboo to choose from. Some can be a foot short, while others could grow to more than 100 feet. Your capital outlay will also depend on the state of the land you want to cultivate. You must spend more if it needs additional tilling and soil conditioning.

Land Preparation: Before planting bamboo seedlings, test the condition of your soil, particularly for acidity. Bamboos grow best in slightly acidic soil. It may be that you would need to put in lime to adjust its pH level to the degree most suitable for growing bamboo.

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Plantation: You can have bamboo for planting by growing them yourselves from seed, using node cuttings or potted bamboo. Seeds are obtained from outside the U.S. and then grown in greenhouses. Bamboo starter plants, meanwhile, are sold from $25 to more than $100. To ensure the bamboo variety you’ve chosen suits your place’s climate and soil, grow it on a small scale first.

Planting bamboo should follow recommended specifications, particularly about spacing. Some farms use CAD programs and hire computer technicians to measure distances to draw a master plan that includes the quantity and appropriate placement of bamboo groves and irrigation system design.

Maintenance: Bamboo is drought-tolerant and resistant to insects and diseases. But it may be that the variety you are growing needs special care. Learn what specific requirements your plant needs, such as how much water it needs for a given period. Generally, bamboos need watering once or twice weekly in the first few months. Also, think about leaf cutting and pruning as your plantation grows.

Harvesting: Bamboo takes years to grow. It will take about six years to have your first harvest, so you would have to wait that long to earn from your investment. And capital outlays are usually big at the start. After the first commercial harvest, however, cuttings will be done annually and could continue for 50 years, with only maintenance required on your part. An internal rate of return for a bamboo plantation is 31%.

Wonderful Video on Bamboo Farming, an Owner of the Business is Explaining Everything About it

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  • Bapurao Kane said on March 16, 2009
    Dear friend, I want plant Bamboos in farm approximately in six and half year. pleas help me and guide me. Bapurao Kane
  • Charles Myers said on June 13, 2009
    I have begun a Bamboo farm project that will collect 1,900 metric tons of carbon per year. This project was started for the sole reason of receiving payment for carbon offsets. How do I offer these offsets for sale on the carbon trading markets? Phyllostachys pubescens (Moso Bamboo) was chosen for many reasons including: growth rate, type of soil, topography, temperature, rainfall and others.
  • dave said on December 20, 2009
    hello. i am looking for a realistic opinion on how viable a business of growing Bamboo in Victoria, Vancouver island, Britsh Columbia, Canada would be. note: we have 7 acres of land that had fir trees grown on it but have since been harvested off. now we have bare soil on those acres. dave
  • Troy Johnson said on December 24, 2009
    Charles: Please contact me about the Carbon Offset aspect of your bamboo farm. Troy Johnson,
  • ted hebert said on December 24, 2009
    santee, south carolina, usa. i have 60 acres that have been used for soy beans and corn. i need opinion of what type of bamboo for the construction industry and your recommendations concerning 60 acres. ted
  • Jason Wroble said on December 26, 2009
    Hey Troy and Charles. I have the same idea as you and already have a test running and the first year is almost up for the testing. Would love to discuss with you guys. Please email:
  • Hama said on February 10, 2010
    Hello I am looking to start a small bamboo nursery in Georgia. What type of documents and license is required and if anyone knows where to find out would be great. Thank you much in advance.
  • Thomas Patas said on February 14, 2010
    From Bonda DEPARTAMENTO DEL magdalena Colombia. Hi we are starting to investigate a chimerical Bamboo nursery. What recommendations do you have for the type of bamboo? I have grown Black, and other structural types. Colombia weather is the best to grow. What type would grow fast? Thank you, Tom Patas
  • Leslie Sheppart said on February 17, 2010
    Does anybody know where the biggest, native, already up-and-running bamboo farms are? In Central America, I mean. I'm sure there are many in Asia, but I'd like to visit one in Nicaragua or somewhere close-ish to get some idea of what goes on. Can anybody offer information? Thanks.
  • Jorge Perez said on March 7, 2010
    Hola from Puerto Rico , visit and you will find a practical operation in tropical bamboo...Colombia is a must for learning about construction on bamboo...I went to one of their workshops, highly recommended...just make a search on Georg Stamm name and you will see his work, he owns Luck
  • m.pedram said on March 8, 2010
    I have bamboo farm, but those are small, how can i produce huge bamboo
  • Alberto Ciro said on March 8, 2010
    I am looking towards retirement at an early age not cause of financial stability but because of career path. therefore i am looking in to investing in some land and live off or possibly grow a business from it. bamboo is a product that i been hearing a lot about. i'm even wearing cloths made from bamboo. would like info as to how big of a capital investment is needed in order to see some real returns......
  • Manad Lamaisri said on April 2, 2010
    Dear All Who love Bamboo, We have a great project to plant Bamboo is 225 ha to be a Golden Bamboo Kingdom, we welcome invite you come to be your own in our part 6.4 ha is for long live 30 years lending plus small home stay with special price is $150,000/6.4 ha with completely plant bamboo. We open for only 20 persons to stay with us , that place you may discuss with me before. You will have the right sale shoot, branching and canes to the HQ of us with same Thai's member long live 30 years. Thank you and welcome to Thailand. Call me, Manad Lamaisri E-mail :
  • vikas said on April 14, 2010
    hi i am from Bangalore, India, Asia and i am into garment field and from past 2 to 3 years bamboo is a product that i been hearing a lot about. i'm even wearing cloths made from bamboo. would like info as to how big of a capital investment and procedure is needed in order to start from growing the bamboo to making of bamboo fiber. call me vikas... @
  • amit kumar said on April 18, 2010
    hi.... i m management(mba) student and lack of knowledge about agriculture but i have strong background of agriculture and have 15 bigha(300 katthas or 420000 sqft area)for producing rice tell me honestly can i go with this bamboo business and earn money more than rice producing. 09160797133
  • Frank Polatty said on April 22, 2010
    Hi I'm in the USA I live in Saluda, SC. I'm interested in planting my 16 acres in bamboo and would like to know what type would be best. I would like to grow a construction type bamboo. I have good soil . My acreage was planted in pine trees but has been clear cut for the pass year. Thank you for assisting me with this matter.
  • rhena said on May 2, 2010
    if anyone knows after the bamboo is harvested who would the main consumer be and what is the up front cost of starting a bamboo farm of 10 acres.
  • Emilia said on May 4, 2010
    Hello everyone! I have 30 ha planted with bambo since 2005, and other 27 ha planted last year, in northern Argentina! Bamboo farming is not easy at first, you have to get to know the area, and the specie you are planting, not just for seedling surviving, but for high yield production! for any question:
  • balaji said on May 8, 2010
    hi, I want to start a bamboo farm I have 2 acre land in orissa and willing to start a bamboo farm house. can You please suggest me how to start.
  • debra said on May 15, 2010
    I am interested in starting a business. with bamboo I have 100 acres of excellent soil with trees. I just need seeds and the need to know what would be the best for the fastest profit and who to sell to. thank you, Deb
  • Terry Mishler said on July 2, 2010
    Humble Texas 77338 Gentlemen I am retired and have a house on a residential lot. A few years ago I purchased the lot next to it. The lots are 90' x 140'. I realize this is a very small area but is it possible for me to make any income via sales of bamboo grown on it and most importantly a tax deduction? Another reason I would like to harvest bamboo is so my now empty lot could become an attractive forest. Thanks, Terry Mishler
  • nora said on July 17, 2010
    please pass more information on starting a bamboo farm in ottawa ontario canada
  • Paul Okpue said on July 19, 2010
    I own a bamboo flooring production factory with a capacity to produce about 500mt sq of flooring per month. Our factory is in Delta state Nigeria. Want to establish my plantation so that i can have bamboo poles to sustain production. Want to start with about 100 ha. What challenges will i face? Paul
  • Vicheth said on July 28, 2010
    Dear friends, I am in Cambodia and would like to grow bamboo for commercial purpose for 10 hectares of land in Battambang province. I would highly appreciate it if you could let me know how I can mart bamboo. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Vicheth
  • Raymundo Feliciano Jr. said on August 4, 2010
    I have a rice farm in Victoria, Laguna, Philippines . Its total area is 72 hectares with approximately 20 has of upland area. I would like to plant Bamboo and possibly other related crops like ABACA(Manila Hemp?) Could I have more information please? Best regards Raymundo " Ting" Feliciano Jr.
  • Andy said on August 5, 2010
    I have (100 acres) land in Thailand and in (80 acres) Portland, Oregon, USA. Anyone want to join-venture with me please email me: I am thinking, I will use my land you supply the plants and supplies to get it going and share the future profit.
  • Keiji Oshima said on August 11, 2010
    Anyone interest to start up Bamboo Farm. Oshima Bamboo School: Teach all: From understand physiology of Bamboo/How to Care/Maintain/Behavior/Good Quality/ for Nursery/Farm/Shoot/Poles/Craft, Etc. We are Located near Hendersonville, North Carolina
  • Renee Nieto said on August 11, 2010
    I am interested in growing bamboo for flooring. Can I do that in Florida? What state in the U.S. would bamboo grow the best?
  • S.Duncan said on August 19, 2010
    I have a small farm in KY and am curious to raise flooring grade bamboo; my question is : where/how would we market it once grown?
  • Richard Broadnax said on August 26, 2010
    I would like to launch a project to commercially grow bamboo in NC. The ecological and potential economic boon that this plant could bring to the area could be phenomenal. As a replacement cash crop for tobacco I see this as a wonderful opportunity for the entire southeast US. Particular to NC we have lost many textile jobs and I was pleasantly surprised that there is a textile component to bamboo. Its great to offer (timber/textiles) I would like more information on type of bamboo that would grow well in my area focusing on timber and textile species, type of equipment needed to plant cultivate and harvest and field layout that would maximize production. Further, if you have any numbers of pounds/tons per acre can be produced by said types as well. I have about 100ac. to plant so let's get this thing started!
  • Mwanje H.Moses said on August 28, 2010
    Hello! Am from Uganda and would like to get more information about bamboo farming, which spices work out best in our climate and possibly the use and market of the grown products. thanks, MHM.
  • David A Hickey said on August 28, 2010
    Hey I am from Huntington WV where I have about 100 acres that I would like to start a bamboo farm but I would like to know what bamboo is going to grow the best there and what bamboo is the most profit. It is very hilly but very good soil I, also see this as a great opportunity for my family and the surrounding areas. how do I get started what I would need from beginning to end and who to contact when produced is done who buys it and are there are their people out there willing to invest would be interested is this . thank you David
  • Ramesh Jadhav said on September 12, 2010
    I am Ramesh, from India, want to start bamboo farm in approx one hect. please give me details about bamboo farming.
  • Peer mohamed said on September 12, 2010
    I am planing to start bamboo farming in Sivaganga or ramanad district in Tamilnadu. Please mail me all relevant details at the earliest. Peer Mohamed
  • john staten said on September 15, 2010
    pontotoc, ms. i have 3 acres to plant bamboo on to see if we can make money on it if it goes well I can get another 300 acres please help me with any and all info you have on this ty very much
  • Todd Reynolds said on September 27, 2010
    Southeast, North Carolina. Want to start a 20 acre Bamboo farm. I need all info re- bamboo farming. This soil has only had Large Pine trees. Thank you for your help.
  • Vicheth said on October 1, 2010
    Dear friends, I plan to grow bamboo for 10 hectares of land next year May 2011 and I need about 6000 seedlings to start my farming. My farm is in Cambodia. Please kindly let at if you can offer a reasonable price. Thank you
  • Nicky said on October 4, 2010
    I am from Houston, TX and I am interested in starting a bamboo farm. Please inform me of the best way to start a farm out here and which plants and I can grown in this climate...also where should I receive my seeds from? Or should I buy plants and plant them? Thank you
  • Rob MacDonald beginner adviser said on October 8, 2010
    I am in portland oregon and we have 1/3 acre with 15 kinds of bamboo that we grow for a small home nursery operation. Our plan is to buy 10-20 acres in oregon to plant bamboo for timber production and shoot production. I have done a lot of research. But I guess I would like to know if we get this started in the next year or two, can we make enough to sustain our family of four. We would prefer to live on the same land the bamboo is planted on. Thank you.

    Bamboo Farming Consultant

  • malhari baban kor. said on October 21, 2010
    Hi,i am from thane-maharashtra.I have 10 acres bamboo planted area,but these bamboos are very old causing shorty in length.can I replant these bamboos. Please suggest the idea
  • Will said on October 22, 2010
    I have a project for my university. My project is to propose a bamboo plantation on the banks of the Yumuna river in Agra India. I am working alongside the N.G.O CURE for this trip. My idea was to grow the bamboo to be harvested as a building material and mainly to use the fibres to produce bags to be sold in London, to create a small revenue for the slum population of Agra. Unfortunately I have no idea about the growing, cultivating, harvesting and treatment of bamboo! I would love to talk to anyone about this and see if you have had any success. And if you could you please tell me what sort of bamboo would be ideal for the eventual harvesting for building materials and for the extraction of fibres to make into bags. Any information you might have on equipment needed to harvest. and possibly the equipment that might be needed to process the bamboo into the fibres needed to make bags would be fantastic! This will be a very very small scale operation, with a very limited amount of space to grow and process the bamboo. I hope you can help me, this project is very exciting for me and has the potential to be a great success. Kind regards, Will Pohl, my email is, thanks
  • Marc Peeters said on November 16, 2010
    Dear all, we make high quality tropical bamboo plantlets from tissue culture in Indonesia. Very well suited to set-up bamboo plantations, contact me, thanks,
  • okai hammond said on December 6, 2010
    Hi, am from ghana and wish to help in the reduction of climate change. due to my desire I fund out that BAMBOO in-place of wood in construction would help a lot. I therefore want to set up a BAMBOO PLANTATION please I need support from you.
  • David Benfield said on December 8, 2010
    outside of Durham, NC. We just started a bamboo farm last week with 3 different groves: Moso, Henon, and Sweetshoot. We chose those varieties for both shoot and pole production, and have several options for revenue streams. We aren't anticipating much harvest until 7-10 years for the Sweetshoot or Henon, and probably 10-15 years for the Moso. We planted 7 plants sized 5'-8' for each grove with swales providing primary irrigation. We will be planting more in the Spring. You can email me for more info:
  • deepa said on December 16, 2010
    I am deepa, from ratnagiri. I want to start bamboo farm. can this possible in 1 acres? Please give me details about a bamboo farm. & Please give me growth bamboo duration.
  • Bruce Gemmill said on December 21, 2010
    I am investigating the feasibility of bamboo replacing tobacco as the premier cash crop grown in Zimbabwe. The structure I envisage would be similar to a sugar cane estate. A processing factory in the centre of the catchment area. I would welcome your thoughts. Bruce Gemmill.
  • Allan Brown said on January 9, 2011
    Hi, I am planning to grow bamboo in South Africa on the south coast area and would appreciate any advice on which type to plant for commercial sale as well as bio fuel.Regards.Allan Brown
  • kamil said on January 19, 2011
    My Farm location: Township of Tara,North East Queensland,Australia I want to grow 5 acres Bamboo and if successful expand it to 30 Acres. Please suggest me how to start bamboo growing on a commercial basis and establish a small scale cottage Industry there. My phone no is 61+432686811. Thank you
  • christian said on January 25, 2011
    hello me and my aunt were hoping to plant bamboo we would love to have any help anyone may have. email me:
  • todd alger said on February 13, 2011
    i am looking for gov. grants for a bamboo farm. i'm very motivated and have very little funds. i live in virginia beach, va. There is so much empty land. north carolina is only 20 miles away.
  • Tig Mitch said on February 16, 2011
    Oxford UK. I have invested heavily in bamboo for the last 6 years and now have a large first harvest sitting in my warehouses. Who do I sell this to and how? My product is based in Thailand and Nicuagua. Best regards, Mitch
  • Heather said on February 18, 2011
    Monroe, Wa. Anyone in the states looking for a ready made bamboo business? I have a 97 acre+ bamboo farm with over 67 varieties of bamboo and a 6 bedroom house as well as a large barn with a studio apartment for sale with great highway frontage all up and running mature crops (over 500k in inventory) just starting to turn a profit. The hard work of getting everything established is done. Email me for more info if you are interested asking just under $2mil.
  • cecil said on February 20, 2011
    we have about 100acres that had been harvested about 15 yrs ago in red oak/rocky mt,NC. should we try to go back with bamboo?
  • Tig Mitch said on February 24, 2011
    I am getting increasingly worried about the situation in the Middle East and what this may mean for the international price of bamboo. Does anyone have any thoughts? Should I sell my harvests right away? Also, I have heard of the Limpopo River Newt causing great problems for bamboo in certain more tropical climates, which people should share with everyone to stop the reputation of our industry collapsing. Mitch
  • James expert adviser said on February 25, 2011
    @Tig Mitch, I understand your situation. If the things are getting tough then sell upto 50% bamboos and keep the rest for higher risk/better profit.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • shankar said on March 13, 2011
    dear Sir, our family is based in Surin thailand, we have about 35 to 40 rais of land currently under rice cultivation , we would like to move to bamboo farming and set up flooring and curtains factory as well as chopsticks and other items, what would be the right crop, need advise please, many thanks. shankar
  • Pankaj said on April 3, 2011
    Hi I am Pankaj from eastern part of Nepal. I have bamboo farm (which is not in good shape)in 1 acre that i have inherited from my forefathers. I want to extend the farming pls help.
  • Martin Melendro said on April 7, 2011
    Hi, I am Martin from Colombia, but I'm currently living in the US. I am planning on starting a bamboo farm but I don't know if I should do it in Colombia or in the United Sates. What would you recommend?
  • Leng Vang said on April 12, 2011
    looking to buy bamboo 5-10 acres from owners, location preferably in NC, SC. or states surrounding NC. please contact me directly. leng Vang
  • CHARLES BOND said on April 13, 2011
    i'm interested in starting a bamboo farm. I have 20 acres in S.W. Missouri for this project. Was wondering of starting cost Thanks
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on April 13, 2011

    @CHARLES BOND, Hi CHARLES, i can not predict the exact investment for you as it varies from place to place. It also depends with the breed of bamboo tree and size of the farm. Do you have any infrastructure build around your 20 acre or it is a barren land yet?

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • CHARLES BOND said on April 14, 2011
    Raghunath, Thanks for quick response. I'm gonna retire in 2012 and want to do something with my property, it is forest. I would have to harvest some of trees and start from scratch. I need advice, to see if it is worth the effort. Temp ranges from -10- 95 degrees. Its cold dec jan feb, and starts to warm up march. Please respond, I'll give you more info. THANKS CHARLES BOND
  • O R Maxey said on April 24, 2011
    Santos, Florida, USA(north of Ocala, FL) Have 20 acres. would like to start 5 acre bamboo farm and expand to 20 acre. need info.
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on April 25, 2011

    @O R Maxey, Hello O R Maxey, Well bamboo farming is a flexible source of income. You can harvest bamboo in early summer and spring. One main advantage is no need to replant it every year it will automatically replant from the root. It requires hot weather to grow better. So i think FL/TX has better weather for bamboo farming. Soil moisture is most important, the land should be well drained. The best soil for bamboo is loam soil or marly soil. More information can be found here.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Vineeth said on June 12, 2011
    I am Vineeth from kerala, south part of India, I am interested in starting a bamboo farm, I am looking for the right specie which is suitable for construction, flooring materials etc. Please advice me .
  • Sharma beginner adviser said on June 21, 2011
    Monsoon is the best time to undertake cultivation of bamboo.We supply 3 different types of fast growing, high yielding bamboo at competitive price (within India); which can be harvested w.e.f. 5th year- after planting.

  • Haresh De Alwis said on June 26, 2011
    Dear all bamboo lovers, We are producing very high quality bamboo plantlets by tissue culture. We have a wide range of varieties well suited to any geographic region and climates and very easy to start a bamboo plantation. Pls contact me for further discussion. Willing to help you in all bamboo matters including supplying bamboo seedlings. contact me:, +61433020680 Haresh. Our Tissue culture laboratory located at Sri Lanka
  • Lynne said on July 4, 2011
    I'm thinking of starting to grow bamboo on the South Coast of South Africa. Do you know whether the climate in this area is suitable, and for which variety of bamboo. Any info you can let me have would be great. Thanks
  • tony said on July 11, 2011
    have approx 20 acres to work with in south carolina. what is the quickest growing , most profitable bamboo to grow? Have you any better ideas? what would you do?
  • Maria Wolfe said on July 18, 2011
    Hi! I am in Georgia, USA, I have been unemployed for two years and am very interested in starting a Bamboo farm. I am aware of the versatility and the dynamic uses of this wonderous plant so, I have contacted the American Bamboo Society, due to the summer events that are currently going on with the group I have not received any information yet. So, if anyone out there would like to start sending me some helpful information, such as initial cost of the investment, how realistic this dream is and such please do contact me via the email, I am very serious in this endeavour! Thank you in advance
  • prabir majumder said on July 22, 2011
    I am from kolkata, I have 10acres land in orissa. I want to go for bamboo plantation in 5 acres land, because i hard it that for this project less man power is require.In rest 5 acres i have a plan for goat farming, so i want to know, can i use bamboo leaf as fooder for goat? I want your guidance. With regards prabir
  • Crystal Locklear said on July 25, 2011
    Hi! I'm from Pembroke NC, and I have 5 acres of land covered in bamboo rifles so as tall as 25 feet long and very wide. Dark green and some are light green and grow very fast. I been trying to sale or start a business. Please email me at or call me at 910-706-4289
  • Albert Otesile said on July 31, 2011
    We are planning a bamboo toothpick factory for Owode, near Abeokuta Ogun State of Nigeria. We also want to grow bamboo on 5 hectare land in the same location. We want to know;
    1. Can we use the bamboo growing in the wild all over this area for good quality toothpicks.
    2. Which species of bamboo is most suitable to our location?
    3. Which species is most suitable for manufacturing toothpicks?
    Thank you for your answer to these questions please.
  • dilip shinde said on August 1, 2011
    want to plant bamboos suitable for ratnagiri of maharashtra
  • sudhakar from Growmore biotech said on August 8, 2011
    We have Quality tissue culture plants for sale Bamboo,Banana,Sugarcane etc..more details call:09786216765
  • TGM said on August 16, 2011
    Interested in Commercial Bamboo Farming. Currently soy, wheat, excellent agra experience. Can commercial Bamboo farm be operated in SE Kansas? What equip, type best for bulk sale, growth rate time until harvest, Estimated per acre cost/income - buyers of raw product in USA. There has to be experts or information on these questions..... Thank you!
  • Kunini said on August 25, 2011
    Hi. I Recently bought 4000 seeds of bamboo (moso species) wanting to start a bamboo farm in Middle belt Nigeria temperature about 25- 35 degree Celsius, soil everything that grows in Africa grows there, Land more than 4mile squire (not measured)hoping to cover half of the land in 5 years from now. Please I need advice on the nursery aspect cos that is the part I am focusing on right now and any recommendation on the suitable specie especially timber bamboo or any big growing bamboo tree.I can be contacted through my email thanks Christopher Kunini
  • Meenakshi V Kamble said on August 29, 2011
    please give the details of the forms of bamboo , the soil suitable for it and its usage commercially. Where do i get the information to grow these ,at Bagalkot,karnataka. thank you, Meenakshi V Kamble
  • steve said on September 6, 2011
    Bamboo seeds are difficult to obtain, I need seeds(moso) to start a research plot in Nigeria. Thanks
  • Tina McInnis said on September 7, 2011
    From Richmond County, NC. Want to look into starting a commercial bamboo farm. Need info on best type to plant for high yeid cash crop. Also need contacts for buyers in US. Basically need info from start up to harvest. Any help would be appreciated. Anyone else with advice/info please contact me at
  • CHOUN said on September 30, 2011
    I am looking for the seeds of moso bomboo to plant in Cambodia and looking for partners on this project. Thanks.
  • wesi mocelutu said on October 3, 2011
    hi!!I'm from Fiji,currently doing my project on starting a bamboo farm , so i need information about bamboo it.if anyone has any information about it please contact me at thanks!!
  • Julius said on October 7, 2011
    Dear, Am very interested in bamboo farming in here Uganda, east Africa, but I am very ignorant about bamboos. If you have any information regarding bamboo farming, kindly share it with me.
  • Leanne Stellenberg said on October 17, 2011
    Good Day. I would like to start a bamboo farm in South Africa. I have read about the business opportunities in the industry, but need some help on the technical side as I do not know anything about farming with bamboo. Where can I get some funding - start up capital? Thank you
  • shafi saimum said on October 17, 2011
    please let me know the practical growth chart of bamboo//// and plz tell me the best bamboo name for commercial plantation
  • kamal patidar said on November 2, 2011
    hello, good morning, i am kamal patidar from RATLAM{MP}, i want start a bamboo farm, so please suggest me that what requirement and how it is start.... 09630045760,this is my mo. no. send me ur contact no. on this
  • peng xingwang said on November 15, 2011
    i am expert in bamboo cultivating and bamboo product manufacturing! any questions about bamboo you can ask me! email me
  • Sam said on November 22, 2011
    We are working with Bamboo, anyone selling structural bamboo do mail us.
  • Lilaraj Bagale said on December 7, 2011
    Hello,this is lilaraj from nepal,i also want to grow bamboo farm with modern way in nepal.I am student of sociology but i have got experience of farming like banana ,papaya from my parents. I want to start bamboo farm with new way in nepal also i want to remind u that so many area are covered by hill in nepal so how i can grow up bamboo specially in hilly region.
  • leo said on December 13, 2011
    hi, would like info on starting a bamboo farm/nursery, looking at about 20 acres in southern New Mexico. what I'm at looking at, start up costs, time table for cultivation, profit,etc. thanks!
  • Rob MacDonald beginner adviser said on December 22, 2011
    Leo, if you still need info on your bamboo farm idea, send me an email. I live in Portland, Oregon and have extensive knowledge in farming bamboo.

    Bamboo Farming Consultant

  • Vishnu said on December 24, 2011
    I have a lot of bamboo for sale in south america,I am looking for someone who wants to buy .or someone who can invest with me and set up a factory.
  • mark van der Linde said on December 30, 2011
    Too whom it may concern, We are interested in planting bamboo for the purposes of feed supplement for a sheep feedlot. Could you assist with information on how to start? Kind regards, mark van der Linde
  • sk.maurya said on January 13, 2012
    Dear sir, I just want to start an manufacturing unit of incense stick used in making of incense (agarbatti)with bamboo, so i want to know that in India it will require any type of license to purchaser bamboo in bulk quantity? sk.maurya - Gujarat India.
  • Abhmanyu Mahapatra said on January 30, 2012
    I have lot of bamboo in the field of 60 Acre having height of more than 35 to 40 feet and 4" to 14" round in Orissa Near to Bhubaneswar about 95 KMs .Interested parties may contact and can depute representative for field verification and offering price .( subject to fulfill legal criteria)
  • Swizz said on February 4, 2012
    Hi, I am thinking about doing something with bamboo in Puerto Rico, but I am not sure who my market is, who will buy it from me? Also What type should I grow. The area I am looking at gets plenty of rain.
  • Grace said on February 12, 2012
    Anyone in central Victoria, Australia with knowledge, information, ideas, money and/or land wishing to start small bamboo industry - growing, manufacturing cloth, making biochar, flooring and so on? Please contact me.
  • alagenthiran said on February 23, 2012
    I would like to start a horticulture based tree and fruit trees plantation in tamil nadu in dry land. I need all ideas to get minimum cost and get good return. teak , kumil, agar trees etc. dates palm (tissue culture tree), mango and coconut trees etc.
  • Davida said on March 14, 2012
    We, my partner and I, are from South Africa, in the northern cape. We are interested in farming with bamboo. Although we have access to water, it's very dry and our temperatures vary from -5 •C in winter to 40•C in summer. Would we success if we were to start?
  • Myra said on March 16, 2012
    33 acres of Canadian farmland, near the Niagara Peninsula, wine country, east of Hamilton, would like to know how feasible starting a bamboo farm would be. What plant variety would be available and what Can government funding is offered? Any experts can advise, please e-mail me at Any uses for bamboo for pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, who wish to contract farm out our land, please write. Thanks for all and much success.


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