“Start a Rabbit Farm”
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  • peter said on April 22, 2010
    Hi all, I am a rabbit breeder from kenya. I specialize with pure breeds and currently I have a few to sell. Interested people on this business can contact me. I also help upcoming rabbit farmers to design and build cages depending on the size of space they have. You can drop me an email at mwangi2010@gmail.com for any assistance.
  • karthik said on April 23, 2010
    hi i want to start rabbit farm.... so guide me and give buyers and sellers address in tamilnadu and indian market..... i am in tirupur district tamilnadu.......contact my mail id. kkarthik.adv@gmail.com....my mobile no 9787972973
  • Mervin said on April 23, 2010
    Hi. I'm interested in starting a small rabbit farm with about 5 rabbits and I want to breed them to at least 20. Then I want to sell them. I'd appreciate any help and advice I can get. Exp: Mombasa, Kenya
  • prakash parekh said on April 24, 2010
    i want to start rabbit farming at(gujarat) ahmedabad rural area so plz guide me how to start business what is the cost of whole project, what is the training process
  • charan singh dangi said on April 24, 2010
    I want to start rabbit farm on large scale.... so guide me and give buyers and sellers address in Haryana and indian market..... i am in Hissar district Haryana contact my contact no. 0996328966
  • imran said on April 25, 2010
    i have 1 acre of land in solur in karntaka its all agricultural land, i have got small experience in rabbit breeding form 1 pair now in home i have 36 healthy rabbits so i m interested in big projects so please advice me the cost for construction and buyer rates thanking u in advance
  • peter said on April 25, 2010
    Hi, rabbits for sale!! california white, New Zealand and flemish giant. interested buyers can contact me at mwangi2010@gmail.com
  • jehangir said on April 26, 2010
    hi sir i am from bombay, i wanna start small rabbit farm & i dont have any idea about please give me all detail thanks.
  • kabura said on April 27, 2010
    hello, i have 1 acre of land in nairobi kenya and would like to start rabbit farming. please give me advice how to start it, and about the market.
  • Vijay Adithya Kumar said on April 27, 2010
    Hi All, We are from Bangalore any one interested in rabbit farming, can contact me for detailed information. EMail:vijayadithya.kumar@gmail.com, Mobile:09880428208
  • peter said on April 27, 2010
    to kabura, starting a rabbit farm requires one to establish the breeds to keep which must be of high quality and fast maturing. 1 acre is a big piece of land which you can keep many thousands of rabbits. you also need to establish where to get their food though you can supplement it with pellets.. For further information, you get in touch with me at: mwangi2010@gmail.com
  • Pradeep said on April 27, 2010
    Hi, I am pradeep i need more information about rabbit farming, can you please give more details about rabbit farming and where its available. Pradeep. Bangalore, Karnataka. Contact No: 9945154085. Thanks in advance. Regards, Pradeep
  • Deepu said on April 28, 2010
    Hi i am deepu i need more information about rabbit forming please give more details contact no:9535383536,9686197323
  • parmod sihag said on April 28, 2010
    sir i have land in haryana near rajsthan, punjab border area, i want to open a rabbit farm here, 09896818080 plz give me some details about it
  • tito said on April 30, 2010
    i would wish to team up with rabbit keepers for financial interventions to their interesting enterprises, please invite if you are in organized groups so that we walk together.
  • peter said on April 30, 2010
    Hi tito, kindly leave you email at mwangi2010@gmail.com
  • waithaka muthoni said on May 1, 2010
    situated in nyeri kenya and yearning to be a rabbit farmer, assist on where to get good breeds at considerable prices.
  • peter said on May 2, 2010
    Hi waithaka muthoni, I have a few pure breeds of rabbit. If interested contact me mwangi2010@gmail.com or 0725099776
  • Sammy K said on May 3, 2010
    Hi, Sam is the name A young farmer from thika i would like anyone out there willing to sell me a flemish giant and the chinchilla breed pliz halla via 0714915411 or Sikuam@ymail.com
  • basha shaik galisa said on May 3, 2010
    hi if I invest Rs 100000/- in one year how much we can earn per year.
  • nasirchohan said on May 4, 2010
    sir i am interested in a rabbit farming in sindh pakistan please provide a all information how to run a rabbit farm
  • Andrew Kortenhoeven said on May 5, 2010
    Hi there, Andrew is the name. I am a rabbit farmer for Nelspruit in South Africa. I sell New Zealand Whites for breeding or meat. Feel free to contact me.
  • Radhakrishna Poudel said on May 6, 2010
    I'm interested in a rabbit farming for meat. Please advise me about temperature, good breeds, habitat, feed etc. i'm from Kathmandu Nepal
  • Lechi Ndobegang Charles said on May 6, 2010
    I have already started a rabbit farm and presently i have seven rabbit i need information on how to go about it well, i really want to take it as my business and i am doing it for meat production because i have plans to open a restaurant. i am doing it alongside poultry farming i a very small scale and also snail farming. I am a Cameroonian, resident in bolifamba a small village near Buea capital of the southwest region of Cameroon. THANKS
  • Belinda Coetzee said on May 6, 2010
    I am interested in starting a rabbit farm but don't know where To start. I have the space and the funds. What next I don't even know where to get the rabbits or how to market them Please help
  • Manie said on May 7, 2010
    Swartruggens, South Africa. Where can I get a example of a business plan to start up this rabbitry.
  • m.elshafei said on May 7, 2010
    egypt Alexandria. i want to start now, give me the bases for all points about rabbit farm
  • Mikela Doersam said on May 7, 2010
    Hello, I am doing some research. I am in Prince George, BC and would like to start my own rabbit raising?
  • Abdo said on May 9, 2010
    I am from palestine, is it profitable and easy to manage rabbit farm, any feasibility study or related Thanks
  • James Kioko said on May 10, 2010
    I want to start a rabbit farm in Machakos, Kenya. If you are selling any, kindly get in touch. Email: jkioko3d@yahoo.com
  • shaan bahadur said on May 10, 2010
    i want to start rabbit farming but what is negative and positive points to starting condition. bhopal mp
  • Neena said on May 11, 2010
    I am from Kottayam doing Rabbit business. One of my rabbits don't eat food and look tired. If I raise him, then he look like going to die. I feel it's of feeding problem. Would you please suggest the best food available for him to give a new life and please tell me that where I get that food? Thanking you.
  • zaq said on May 12, 2010
    I had started rearing rabbit for about a year.. I am a new rabbit farmer starting out.. Currently I have 8 does and 4 bucks of newzealand, lionhead, anggora, chinchilia breed. Last month my rabbit deliver 20 kit (Baby rabbit).. . Am interested to sell them, so i had published this ad.. click to see it.. I am from Malaysia.. http://www.mudah.my/New+Zealand+Rabbit+Arnab-5940082.htm
  • douglas said on May 12, 2010
    Am a kenyan who keeps rabbits in small scale and would like to go commercial. Please somebody tell me where i can sell my rabbits or rabbit meat. Marketing is the major problem since many people don't even know about rabbit meat.
  • randy said on May 16, 2010
    we are from tenn in usa. i have some were to sell rabbits at 5 pounds if anyone wants to join me and my company please write me. send me your number from usa. 731-614-0619 woodsrabbitfarm@aol.com
  • ameer said on May 18, 2010
    sir, I am interested in rabbit farming,so give your advice about advantage & disadvantage of beginning level. I am from Tamil nadu, India
  • george kimani said on May 19, 2010
    Hi I am George Kimani from kinangop/kenya i am planning to start rabbit farm by august. I would like to be in contact with rabbit breeders organization for interaction and networking on issues of market, research, and related rabbit issues. Kindly if any one out there can supply me with reading materials.
  • Kamlesh Patel said on May 20, 2010
    I want to start a rabbit Farm in in india in North Gujarat. Please give me some information regarding that, and also tell me the details about the selling of rabbits in india. M)09824989410
  • Vytas said on May 22, 2010
    I am a novice farmer in Lithuania with a small rabbit farm I'm going to build a farmhouse about 800 square meters, can you please advise what should be inside the farm equipment and very interesting information about the slaughter facilities and equipment. Thanks Yours respectfully Vytas
  • john gachuhi said on May 23, 2010
    do we have a rabbit market in kenya which is beneficial in terms of returns?
  • amaan said on May 24, 2010
    sir i want start rabbit farm in waranagal in mulugu village i want any number to contact them in andra pradesh my number 9390266131
  • lucy said on May 24, 2010
    james njoroge above get in touch with sigonarabbitsfarm@gmail.com for more information
  • shweta joshi said on May 24, 2010
    dear sir, we have a small rabbit farm near pipariya, hoshangabad. we would like 2 know more about the market near pipariya for selling the rabbits. plz reply us as soon as possible.
  • sigona farm said on May 25, 2010
    george kimani, john gachuhi.. we are located at sigona-kikuyu have the finest breeds for quality meat and pets contact us on sigonarabbitsfarm@gmail.com. we are also on face book drop us a line. regards
  • yogesh said on May 25, 2010
    hello sir, I M a Vet diploma holder student & want to start a Rabbit Farming in My small village Named Seggaon, in gondia Dist Please guide us to make my farm better and also replay the market for Rabbits in gondia Bhandara dist. In maharashtra. india.
  • Samuel Wamuhiu N. said on May 26, 2010
    Hi I am A Small scale farmer in Loitokitok Kenya, having an idea to start rabbit farming. please assist me with a cage structure of rearing about 100 rabbits showing its measurements and where i can get rabbits feeds.
  • amos said on May 28, 2010
    samuel waruhiu above get in touch with sigona rabbits farm they have fine rabbits at reasonable prices they helped me in starting rabbits, constructing cages and a lot of information on rabbit keeping and am doing well now their contact 0722124913, amos
  • SUNIL said on May 29, 2010
    Hi sir i want some information about the rabbit farming we are having a quail farm & we want to start a rabbit farm along with it. Is their is any problem for both rabbit & quail?
  • sathsih said on May 30, 2010
    hello sir i need information about rabbit farm, am interested to start this business. but i want to know merits and demerits of it.
  • Syed Ahmedullah said on May 30, 2010
    I'm very much interested for doing Rabbit farm. Also want to know how can I start big firm & what types of machinery requirements. Export meat & rabbit hide. How may I get the profit from this type of business if I start. Would be appreciated if you kindly let us know. Thx/Brgds
  • Ravikanth said on May 31, 2010
    I have four units of rabbits in my village Makkuva of ANDHRA PRADESH state in INDIA. I'm facing problems with marketing. How can I get out of this problem ? Please help me sir.
  • Joseph Karimi said on June 1, 2010
    I have 0.4 acre sweet potato garden. Please connect me to rabbit keepers, etc who would wish to buy the leaves as rich food for those animals. I also eat the cooked leaves hence benefiting from internet websites dealing with sweet potato leaves eating. I farm near Juja Farm, Kenya. Ask for me at Joska Farm phase 1 plot no.123. Cash on delivery or collection.
  • Susan N. Mwangi said on June 1, 2010
    I come from Wangige, LOwer Kabete and do rabbit farming. I have some different quality breeds that i would like to sell.Any one who needs them can contact me on: 0724 361 208
  • James Kabecha said on June 3, 2010
    I come from Kikuyu and am a Rabbit Breeder, i have some of the best Rabbit breeds. Anyone wanting to buy call me on:0751 016 320
  • karugu M. said on June 4, 2010
    Am from thika area, and interested in getting some pure breeds..pliz contact me 0724854696, for those whom are wiling also to sell their rabbits. there is an associations coming up to known as Kenya Rabbit Breeders Association(KRBA)its hooked up with the livestock $ farming ministry and are willing to help farmers, in marketing and breeding pure breeds.
  • manvendra singh chauhan said on June 5, 2010
    I want to start a rabbit farming business, so kindly let me know about the requirement(market) and availability of rabbits near New Delhi. Will look forward for your reply.
  • Mr Jacob said on June 7, 2010
    I AM Jacob by name. I would like to Invest in Pastoral Farming in South East Asia. I am seeking for a good citizen and trustworthy individual who can lead me to exploit the farming in South East Asia. Kindly reach me through my email : jacobson_neo@yahoo.com
  • GetRabbit said on June 9, 2010
    We are looking for Sales Representatives (Rabbit Cages). 200% Profitability!!! Please, contact us everyone wishing to start his own or family business in rabbits. You can look at our presentation on YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMKU8RIqK58 Members of United Lithuanian - Chinese company G.E.T. Efficiency Tel. (Lithuania) +37065918488, (China) +8615968989033 E-mail: info@getefficiency.lt Skype: matasas33 www.getrabbit.eu
  • GEORGE NJUKI said on June 11, 2010
    i am from mathira nyeri kenya. i and others have formed a group of rabbit farmers . we have a number of mature and not yet mature rabbits of various types . we want partners in marketing or any other areas of interest .please get in touch through 0721445910.
  • Abhinay Rawate said on June 11, 2010
    i m planning to start a rabbit farm in india chhattisgarh i need to know how these are to be raised and what are the best environmental condition for them +919713808382
  • Dipak said on June 12, 2010
    We are in Rabbit Farming Business in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Anybody can contact us on 09924100159. My Name is Deepak. We can good quality rabbit breeds with full support. We are also doing buy back too.
  • octavius k kariuki said on June 14, 2010
    i do have a small farm in ruiru kenya. am interested in rabbit rearing at my place. i want to know how to start a small farm and also how to market the same. my phone number is 0723326356/0720444390
  • Samson Njenga said on June 16, 2010
    We are starting a rabbit project for 4-K clubs in Kinango Kenya. We would like to know if there is a market for rabbits, especially the beach hotels at the coast. Any one who can supply us with breeding animals in Kenya is most welcome. Call me on +254 725 918 734. Mombasa, Coast, Kenya
  • jignesh patel said on June 18, 2010
    i very much interested in rabbit farming and i have already set up farm but i have no idea about rabbit bidding and care about rabbit so i kindly request you to sir please provide me proper guidance about rabbit farming. i am going to start rabbit farming within a month. i hope you will provide me batter guidance in future my contact detail below. 104 sarjan appartment adarsh nagar society, kaliyawadi, navsari, gujarat, 396445 mob- +91 9439273884 / 9898502331
  • Amos said on June 21, 2010
    We are keeping rabbits in large scale. Rabbit project have enabled many people to develop as many members have started the business. We are situated in Kikuyu-(Sigona) Nairobi-Nakuru highway. We specialize in rabbit keeping and training. We sell all different kinds of rabbits breeds at affordable prices. Training takes place at our farm . For more information do feel free to contact us on 0722 12 49 13 or email sigonarabbitsfarm@gmail.com
  • Charity Wells said on June 22, 2010
    I am wanting to get into the rabbit biz but not for meat. For pets. Our biz is called. Family Pets & Produce, We also have chickens. I have 13 rabbits, 9 are babies. Our rabbits are $7.00 a piece.
  • Akbar Ali said on June 24, 2010
    I am interested to know about a viable Low Cost business plan regarding Rabbit Farming would help me. Punjab, Pakistan. The above message was sent by me on 12/12/2009. Nothing was responded from you awaiting for 2 months. I have established my Rabbit Farm at my home since Feb 15 2010. Now I am breeding the Rabbit in Pakistan. During this period I learnt some successful measure to enhance my production at commercial level. Interested persons can contact me through email abukyaf@gmail.com
  • Cheryl said on June 26, 2010
    We on small holding in Cloverdene in Benoni Gauteng South Africa and need all information for Rabbit farming in this Highveld area. Thanks for your assistance Cheryl
  • Jemimah said on June 26, 2010
    i have started rearing rabbits in Naivasha. I have ten big mature rabbits. The problem i have is that when they give birth the young ones die. They have given birth thrice and all of them have died. In-fact some even stay like for 2 weeks and then die. The mature ones are OK infact very big and healthy but the young ones are dying. What might be the problem? Please help am almost giving up. you can contact through my email address is jemwangui@yahoo.com
  • amit singh said on June 27, 2010
    Dear Sir, I am amit singh from lucknow city i want supply for rabbit meat please cotact for rabbit meat. our num is 9838423799 Mukesh 9335371742-amit singh
  • Raj Patel said on June 28, 2010
    Dear Sir, I am Raj Patel from Bharatpur city i want supply for rabbit please contact for rabbit meat. our num is 9982187702-Raj Patel
  • sigonarabbitsfarm@gmail.com said on June 30, 2010
    jEMIMA ABOVE Rabbits are very sensitive creatures. Just changing their environment can put them into shock and kill them. Perhaps the doe was too young to have kits. If you really want to let her try again, I would wait about 6 months. I'm going to have to break down your question a little bit. Did you leave both the buck and doe (parents) in together until she kindled (gave birth)? That alone would be enough to stress a mother rabbit. If you plan on breeding, house your rabbits separately, and when you're ready to breed, move the doe into the buck's cage for a 24 hour period of time. Separate them again after that. Never leave a pregnant doe and a buck in together! If your rabbit was eating her young, that is often a stress response, either from birth or from the extra activity afterward. I've also heard it might be a vitamin deficiency that sometimes causes this. Also, rabbits are very secretive when giving birth - they don't want ANYONE around. We let ours take care of their young without interference for the first 24-48 hours. Just put a piece of pineapple or other healthy treat and lots of fresh water for her and leave her alone. Trying to handling the young can often trigger aggression, towards either you or the kits, or she may just abandon them. If a rabbit rejects her young, it may mean that she's an inexperienced mother or there was other interference that caused her to stress and reject them. Sometimes, they may reject one or two of the young, which is also instinct - they may be too small or not healthy, and she is reserving her milk and energy for the others that stand a better chance of survival. Give your doe a rest and don't try to breed again for at least a couple of months. Before you try it again, read up on raising What kind of nestbox bedding did you use? You need to use straw. Rabbits don't like having their litter in a nestbox with a strong smell, so don't use hay or wood shavings in the nestbox. Straw is normally the best to use because it has little odor and can be carried by the mother easily to make a nest. Avoid moldy smelling straw. Check that the babies are alive, but don't try forcing the mother to feed them. Rabbits only milk their babies like once to twice a day. You don't want to see them milking their babies. In fact, its normally a bad sign if you see them sitting in the nest box quite a bit. Make sure the nestbox is the right size. Too big and the mother will have them in the corner of the cage in a tighter spot. Too small and it is hard for her to get in. Measure her laying down and make the nestbox 2" larger in both directions for the length and width. Make sure the nestbox has drainage holes in the flooring to allow urine to drain out. Pegboard makes a good nestbox flooring. . The fact that the mother ate part of one of the babies could be a sign that the mother wasn't getting enough protein in her diet. She should at least get 16% crude protein. Check the protein level on your bag of rabbit pellets. Really, for optimum milking she should get about 19% crude protein. regards contact us for more information SIGONA RABBITS FARM 0722 12 49 13 sigonarabbitsfarm@gami.com
  • Quintin said on June 30, 2010
    I'm staying in Western Cape South Africa and want to start a rabbitry. I am in need of some contact to supply fryers, if somebody can assist. My contact number is 0835508103 or email quasi1@live.co.za. Many thanks.
  • sigonarabbitsfarm@gmail.com said on July 8, 2010
    CK above just kick start and stop fearing. i guess that's everybody's fear initially yet we have a lot of rabbits and none have complained that there is no market and so the market is there contact us for more information. sigonarabbitsfarm@gmail.com phone 0722 12 49 13
  • Njenga said on July 8, 2010
    I am in Thika. Where can I train on rabbit farming before I start? njenga.mburu@hotmail.com
  • Hang Buntharath said on July 19, 2010
    Dear sir, I am raising rabbits for the first time starting with only ten rabbits. I read form article that one doe give an average 8-12 newborn babies per birth. But all my doe only give 2-3 babies per birth. This is due to the breed stock i chose or nutrient during pregnancy ? My location is cambodia, Phnom Penh. I appreciate your advise.
  • Peter said on July 19, 2010
    Is there anyone interested to invest in growing rabbits in Bulgaria?
  • mathon kim said on July 24, 2010
    hi, i m planing to raise a rabbit farm in laos, my wife is laotian and i just get a daughter. there are no real rabbit farm in laos but a lot of vegetation. somebody can give me some advice to find my first rabbit (in thailand, vietnam or...) thx
  • Rattan said on July 25, 2010
    I, Rattan live in india, delhi. I am a software engineer and I want to start rabbit farm. I belong to Rajpura, punjab. Is it possible to start rabbit farm in punjab bcoz I have seen that temp is required 10 C-20 C but temp of punjab is much higher then required. In this situation punjab would be good choice for this or not. Which location would be suitable for this kind of farming in India.
  • David Mangemba said on July 27, 2010
    I am in Harare Zimbabwe and I am a small breeder but I am trying to start commercial breeding. I have been selling the meat to small butchers but has no market for the skins. Please advise.
  • zameer said on July 29, 2010
    I have interest to start rabbit farm in andhra india, is it profitable business? how much can i earn with i invest Rs.100000 please send details of meat market and skin
  • NEEL said on July 30, 2010
    I am a consultant in the field of Animal Husbandry, dairy & poultry. Rabbit farming for meat purpose is not a profitable business unless there is a good potential market/demand for rabbit meat. Before starting this activity on commercial base one should be aware of market potential. However Rabbit breeding & rearing (Angora)in hilly area above 5000 MSL for wool purpose is profitable. For further query pl.contact(M)09422355411, e mail: shailcon@gmail.com
  • DANIEL MWANZIA said on August 4, 2010
    I am a Kenyan youth interested in rabbit farming. I would like to know more about rabbit market, breeds which produce both meat and fur as well as where I can get rabbit journals. I have founded a Community Based Youth Development Organization and we intend to start a rabbit farm as an income generating activity in our district. We are in a ASAL region of Kenya. Kindly advise.
  • sheena buttimer said on August 25, 2010
    I am interested in starting a rabbit farm in Ireland. We have a temperate climate here and I wonder is it suitable for rabbit farming. Is there a breed of rabbit that would be most suitable to rabbit farming in Ireland. I appreciate your help, thank you, Sheena
  • Schalk said on August 28, 2010
    I am the owner of a rabbit breeding farm and need large scale buyers for rabbit meat. Please contact me at schalk@komello.co.za
  • Daniel said on August 29, 2010
    I am interested in starting a rabbit farm in New Zealand, Auckland City, can you please send me information for starting a successful business.
  • Ganesh said on August 31, 2010
    hi sir, i am pretty much interested to open a rabbit business and 500sqr.ft roof blank space, but i don't know how to start with. i'll be really thankful if you provide me some essential ways. how to do this and also want to know, how to export rabbits to overseas. But i don't know that where & how to sale rabbit in market. please tell me about rabbit market to sale and can i get good price? thank you
  • mohmed said on September 4, 2010
    hi sir i am from egypt cairo i want to sales a pure rabbit to meat can i know the price to coming in my house and how can i do it thanks
  • DANIEL NJOROGE said on September 9, 2010
    i am based in kenya,Nairobi,Kayole and would like to meet commercial rabbit breaders in kenya, i have gotten market for frozen rabbit meat 70,000 pieces per month that is 40ft container if any one can be able to supply this please contact me,also in need of rabbit skins 70,000 pieces per month and must be frozen kindly reply with your quote. also for those who are looking for training on how to rear rabbits and best breeds for meat and proposals for rabbit breeding kindly send your questions to my email
  • laban kabiru said on September 11, 2010
    I am Laban from Nairobi. I would wish to connect with Daniel Njoroge(Response 323)Concerning rabbit farming and marketing.I have my own plot and would wish to go large scale on this.My contacts are 0728445940 or my email labankabiru@yahoo.com
  • pauline njeri said on September 13, 2010
    Rabbit farming is lucrative but many people ask where is the market. Can someone out there come to the rescue of many rabbit farmers struggling with ready animals for sale.
  • Tabitha said on September 14, 2010
    I would like to know the offices for central kenya Rabbit Breeders Association or their offices in Kiambu town or Githunguri Town. I want to venture in Rabbit Keeping. Kindly drop an email naisenya@yahoo.co.uk
  • Daniel said on September 14, 2010
    If Daniel Njoroge from Kayole could give us his contacts, we would be glad so that we can be able to communicate. dkarungo@yahoo.com Daniel
  • LEE said on September 22, 2010
    live in south eastern part of u.s. need to know where to find buyers for rabbit
  • Ann said on October 1, 2010
    Hi Daniel Njoroge response 323, could you kindly get back to me on ann_mwaniki@yahoo.com
  • Raphael N.kamau said on October 1, 2010
    Hi,can Daniel njoroge response 323 get in touch with me wanted to be trained contact 0723812870
  • monte r mcginnis said on October 21, 2010
    I live in the midwest USA Nevada. wanting to start a rabbit farm for meat production and for the fur.
  • Kofi said on October 23, 2010
    Hi Daniel, are you on facebook? I want us to chart for a little information.And if anyone is on facebook,just look for me, akokorsakokor@yahoo.Com.Thanks.
  • SURAJ MILWANI said on November 15, 2010
    This is to inform you that I want to start this business with your help. At present I am staying in Kanpur (UP). I am having my own agriculture land in kanpur Dehat & also having land in city also. Please let me know how to start the business with full details.
  • Amaresh said on December 8, 2010
    At what cost we get rabbit? from whom? where we can sell those rabbits? what is the profit? how to get license? finally advantages and disadvantages


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