Finding Apartments for Rent

We all don't have our own houses to live, we move out from place to place and look for apartment to rent very often. Are you also looking for a house, studio, condo, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms to rent? Find here how to lease or rent an apartment with an affordable price.

Most people refer to finding a suitable apartment to occupy as "apartment hunting." Like job hunting or any type of hunting, you have to be constantly on your toes. You have to come well-prepared and aware of the fact that other "hunters" such as yourself, are making a kill when you aren't looking.

apartments for rent

These simple apartment hunting tips may make your hunting expedition worthwhile.


Flat out, you can say NOYB to anyone who asks for your reason behind your apartment hunting. But this may be relevant. College student seek apartments near campuses so that they won’t be late for classes. Business people seek apartments closest to the establishments they work in. People enjoying their early retirements seek apartments that are away from the crowd with tranquil settings. So what’s your reason for apartment hunting? Would you want to live near your work place? Would you care to live in a busy metropolis like setting or on a more rural like setting?


A good hunter should first research his quarry or potential quarries. A big game hunter tracking down an earthworm is a ridiculous sight. This might just become the same scenario for you. You rent this place that someone else scoped out for you, you psyche yourself up for a spacious place of your own, you pay in advance – and you end up with an apartment that is no larger than a walk-in closet… for Tom Thumb.

Thankfully, in this time and age, apartment for rent advertisements are to be found everywhere: newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. Ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances. This will be quite easy if you are moving to an apartment nearby. However, if you want to move to a totally different place (county or state or country) you really need to dedicate a lot of time and effort into the hunt. Check local listings; many now subscribe to Internet listings, so that may help.

Check Personally

Before committing yourself to any transaction, it might be best if you can perform a personal inspection of the place. Pictures may say a thousand words, but they don’t really point out the flaws. That nice veranda in the picture overlooking the bay will not tell you that the plumbing for the place stinks. That spacious living room that you see in the ad is so spacious for real that you have a sink for a bathroom, a table for a kitchen and a couch bed as bedroom. That nice looking snapshot of the apartment building’s façade might be housing box-like apartments with communal bathrooms. You just never know. Aerial surveys will not do, you have to be really in the apartment to “feel” if the place is for you. In one account, an experienced apartment hunter says that he sets up an appointment to talk to the apartment manager personally. If he finds the manager crummy-looking, he concludes that the apartment will be just as crummy. This thinking may not be necessarily true all the time, but that is exactly the reason why you need to scope out the apartment yourself.

If you can, you can ask the help of real estate agents, it will cut down much of your leg work and you can ask for apartments that will fit your budget.


Speaking of budget, do you know exactly how much you can allocate a month for rent money? If budget is your main issue, then focus on that. There are many, many nice looking apartments that are way over budget, so don’t waste your time fretting about it. Focus on apartments that are well within your paying rights. Remember, you still have other essential to pay off during the month like electricity bills, food, etc. etc. etc.

Somewhere out there is a steal of an apartment, and it just might be the one you are looking for. Don’t pounce on any apartment that is suddenly rented out cheaply. There is always a story behind it, and this might be a story you might not like. Inexpensive apartments need not look cheap or crummy. Some of them just happen to be (inexplicably) within your budget. A good hunter knows when to make a kill – and so would you.


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