Becoming an MRI Network Franchisee

Do you like being around professional people and having the spirit of an entrepreneur? Maybe becoming an MRI Network Franchisee is best for you. It's one of the largest search and recruitment firm worldwide.

With its extensive training and low cost franchise fees, you won't need prior experience or a huge amount of money to succeed.

MRI Network Franchise is one of the most successful and largest search and recruitment firm in the world since 1965. In terms of franchisee satisfaction, Success Magazine ranked it among the top 200 franchises. It has over 1,000 franchise offices in 35 countries, and over 5,000 search professionals.

MRI Network Franchise Business Plan helps People

In the past, business was purely transactional. For instance, a job order will come and then the recruiter will find a candidate for it. But MRI Network Franchise is different. They want to be known as a solutions-based company. They not just provide solutions, but human resource services as well.

As an MRI Network Franchisee, you will form relationships with clients and truly help them solve their problems. The goal is to provide more services that will enhance the client’s business. Among these services include relocation services, compatibility assessment, video conferencing, project outsourcing and flexible staffing. It is an organization devoted to placing staff from junior to senior management.

This industry is truly growing. The demand for people and human resources services worldwide is rising, and you’re dealing with people’s unlimited potential.

Startup Cost and Fees of MRI Network Franchise Business is Affordable

Becoming an MRI Network Franchisee is very affordable. The franchise fee is only $82,900. In addition, you would need approximately $15,000-$30,000 more in ancillaries, financing down payments, accountant fees, attorney fees, travel expenses, training, furniture, telephone system, insurance, and office lease.

The company recommends keeping at least six months worth of living and operating expenses in the course of your business. So depending on your personal taste, location, and desire to start small or grow quickly, the total range of investment could be between $125,000-$200,000 (estimate for United States startup only).

MRI Network Franchise Company also charted a clear training course for your success. A total of eight weeks training is all you need to begin the business divided as follows:

  • Pre-class conference calls (with operational setup focus) for 2 weeks
  • Class training for 2 weeks
  • Remote training (either at your home or temporary office) for 2 weeks
  • Final class training for 2 weeks

Ongoing training and mentorship will still be provided within 12 months after these sessions. Aside from this, you will receive the prestige and expertise of working with a billion-dollar recruiting industry. Approximately 95% of franchisees don’t have prior experience in this industry; however, they combined the knowledge and training they acquired mixed with their desire and experience to become successful MRI Network Franchisees.


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