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When you decide to buy a College Assistance Plus franchise, you are not only supplying the opportunity for schooling to families, but also learning to expand on your own business and create financial freedom by owning your own source of income.

Through the course of time, good and quality education comes at a price, and a high price at that.

Many households are struggling to provide only what their children truly deserve, and that is the right to learning. Luckily College Assistance Plus can help the student acquire that much needed education at a very affordable price. Therefore engaging in a College Assistance Plus franchise will also be a way of aiding people with their financial concerns in terms of education.

CAPlus provides an increasing business demand that relies on a proven business model with an exceptional close rate, developed by nationally-recognized sales and marketing experts. This makes it a very attractive franchise investment that requires minimal ongoing expenses. Aside from giving you an opportunity to work out of your home or existing business, you will not be burdened with having to keep an inventory, accounts receivable or even employees since a central office handles most of the back-office services for you. You will receive extensive training, franchise support and various administrative resources.

To start the College Assistance Plus franchise you will first need to set up and present college workshops at your local community, at which you will meet people that will be interested to sign up. You will continue to meet with the family to provide guidance in their search for the right college, and even aid them in the application process. The information you acquire directly from the client will be forwarded to the company, and they will do the research for you, after which all you will need to do is to forward the results.

Upon application to the franchise you will receive comprehensive training, ongoing support for you and your clients, personalized college reports for each client, access to the company’s bimonthly newsletter, exposure of your franchise on the main CAPlus website, and access to all the collections of print and online communication materials the company can provide.

To own and operate a CAPlus franchise, you will need $15,000-$25,000 total investment, $10,000-$20,000 franchise fee, a 30%-40% royalty fee with financial requirements that include a net worth and both a liquid capital of $15,000. You should be able to make presentations, have excellent people skills, a passion to owning a business, an open territory and 2 days training duration at the cost of $300 per attendee. You will require a four month working capital while establishing your business.

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  • Jeff LaFavor said on August 22, 2013
    I live in the midwest in Sioux City, Iowa and have lived in major cities in the Midwest. I have 10 years experience in college admissions/financial aid and sales and am interested in looking into this franchise. I can be reached at 712-899-4614. Thanks! Jeff LaFavor


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