Become a Chyten Educational Services Franchisee

Chyten Education Services is a tutoring and test preparation Service Company that provides only the best and quality education for their clients.

Chyten Education Services founded in 1999 and franchising since 2007, the company is strict at ensuring that all their educators have completed a Master's Degree.

For a stable financial career that provides professional and quality tutoring and education, choose Chyten Educational Services franchise. People from all walks of life require added knowledge and education to open their life to new and better opportunities. Education has become their new career path and Chyten Educational Services is a good choice for private education, as it supplies only qualified, highly effective instructors all of which have completed their own Master’s Degree, has several manuals, handouts and booklets that are needed in preparation for tests and exams, and also a wide array of different educational services. These include private tutoring and classes, preparation and study skills for tests and examinations and college counseling, k-12 subject tutoring, resale of books and educational materials, after school homework center, informational seminars, summer school and boot camps. It is considered a one stop shop for students of all ages.

Success however of the franchise is in the hands of the franchise owners, and it is because of this fact the Chyten has stabilized its national sales and support family, giving the opportunity to the franchise owner of immediate growth and excellent support from the company, including the company president himself, Neil Chyten among a group of qualified experts and professionals. Therefore there is no need to be a professor or educator to become a Chyten Educational Services franchisee, since all the knowledge you will need to apply to the business will be taught to you by the support group. Trainig is at the headquarters at Lexington MA where the staff will assist in the hiring and training of your educators and tutors, including the hiring of the center’s college counselor.

Start up support includes extensive training at the headquarters which will cover all the aspects of operating your Chytan Educational Service center, assistance with site selection and hiring of tutors and including the lease negotiation and design of the center. The Chyten Comprehensive confidential operations manual will guide you with your day to day responsibilities, staff management, the utilization of teaching tools and materials and financial controls and reporting. Ongoing support tools and services provided will include operational, managerial and marketing assistance through center visits and remote support, marketing materials for promotional needs, propriety Student Management software system which will assist you in your academic functions including student and tutor scheduling, and continual development of programs, products, services and techniques provided by the institution.

The total investment necessary to start becoming a Chyten Educational Services franchisee is $37,500, with an initial franchise fee of $37,500, advertising fee of up to 4%, a term of agreement of 20 years with a royalty fee of 10%. There are exclusive territories available and the territory size required should cover around 7,000-14,000 K-12 students. The cash liquidity requirement is $65,000 - $150,000 and business experience required is general business experience, education experience will also be helpful but is not necessary. Operations wise there will only be one employee needed to run a franchised unit and absentee ownership of franchise will be allowed.


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