Becoming a Personal Running Coach

Being a running coach can be hard but with a certification from the RRCA, USA Track and Field officers, and the American College of Sports Medicine. You will appear competent and reliable in the eyes of athletes if you have a certification.

You don’t have to spend a hefty sum but if you can get plenty of coaching jobs, you can earn a lot.

Becoming a Personal Running Trainer

Do have passion for sports? If you love running races and you’re equipped with the right knowledge, you can become a personal running coach. Today, most athletes are looking for a personal coach and if you want to be recognized in this field, you need to be a certified running instructor. This is very important because you will appear more credible. With so many programs out there offering certification, you can easily enroll.

As a running coach, you will be working with new athletes as well as seasoned marathoners. You should be capable of devising a training program that will suit the needs and requirements of the athlete. The goals of runners vary and you need to clear things out before the training. Whether the athlete is running a 5K and other running events, the perfect program can help him/her in winning the race. You can inquire at the RRCA or Road Runners Club of America for the coach certification that it offers. It will last for two days and you will only need to spend $250. You will have a chance to learn the science of running, coaching basics, and how to create a suitable training program to athletes.

Aside from RRCA, you can also get your certification from the USA Track and Field officers. This is ideal if you’re going to focus on such events. As a new coach, you will have to undergo developmental program. Like the first training, you will also learn the basics of coaching, safety, and training techniques. For the initial program, you will pay $15 but for the higher program levels, you will spend $175. The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification) is simply a general certification and focuses in fitness training. You will be creating exercise programs for your athletes but this certification should be renewed every 3 years.

You can learn the different techniques that you can use during coaching through the certification programs being offered by these organizations. Having an attractive credential will allow you to work with the top notch runners of the world! When you finally secure your certification, you can now market your services locally. You can contact schools and universities to present your portfolio. If you’re lucky, you can be hired by one of the professional runners in your place. You can also create a website where you can promote your services. Using the internet is a great way to access a wider target area with less cost.


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