How to Start a Running Store

Running store is a business that does not only provide running shoes. It as considered as a specialty for the runners, for those who to intend to be a runner and for the athletic type of person.

If you are thinking you have what it takes to open this kind of business then here’s how to start a running store business.

Make an in-depth study of the business. Create a business plan. Know how much money you need to invest? Will you be able to put up the business with the cash on hand that you have or will you need to apply for a loan for additional capital? What is the most creative marketing strategy you can think of to advertise your product?

Hands-on or should I say feet-on experience it still the best if you want to open a running store business. It is better this way because you are talking and selling product based from your experience as a runner. But this does not mean that if you are not a runner yourself you are not up with this kind of business. Of course anyone or anybody can open a running store but needs to be armed with the knowledge about the business.

Start with a small store but big in terms of your products. Make an impact, invest in products and gadgets related to running available in your store. This is one way that your customers will think that you really mean business. Have varieties of specialty running shoes for your customer to choose from, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Scout for the best running shoes supplier in the business. Have the latest model of running shoes for sale in your store. Motorized treadmills, apparel’s for men and women, accessories, insoles and the likes should also be available in your store. You may also want to offer supplements for runners and the likes so you may actually put up a nutrition center in your store.

Aside from the usual marketing strategy most businesses do, you may want to consider putting up a professional training service for your customers. Offer training workshops for beginners. Organize a marathon training workshop and provide injury clinics for your customers. You can convert a portion of your store into a place where runners can meet up on certain day just for a little chit chat and relaxation time is also a good marketing strategy. Finally, organize a running group; it can just be an informal one. Let your customer sign up and arrange to meet with them in font of your store and you can run together just for fun. You can do this fun run during weekends.

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