Become a Casting Agent

If you want to become a casting agent, the easiest way is to become an intern. Find a reputable casting director locally and learn the basics.

Although your tasks will not be similar to the actual job, exposure can help you a lot. Once you become an associate casting agent, that's where the actual learning will take place.

Become a Casting Agent - Internship

If you want to become a casting agent, you should first become an intern or assistant. With exceptional talents and dedicated efforts, you can be promoted. You can’t find a course for this kind of profession so the best way to learn the trade is through internship. To work as an intern, you should be willing to work in unusual hours, be a public person, and have the passion for the industry. You will be working closely with directors, the production team, actors, actresses, and many others. Acting classes can also help you so that you can easily understand how the profession works. As an intern, you will often find yourself sorting mails, being a PA (Personal Assistant), retrieving or preparing coffee, and other related tasks.

The learning curve is the most important of all. You should welcome all the things you learn and whenever you meet new individuals, ask questions that can further enrich your knowledge about being a casting agent. This is necessary while you’re working closely with directors, lighting crews, production teams, actors, casting directors, etc. You can easily advance your learning if you frequently ask questions.

Become a Casting Agent – Learning the Profession

After considerable experience, you can now become an associate casting agent. You can start working on small projects. This is the perfect time to apply all the things you’ve learned. Since your tasks will now be more related to the profession, you will surely learn quickly. This is the time to learn how to mesh creative and business goals. Avoid creating boring, mind numbing, and fall flat shows. You should have eye for talents. Aside from that, you should have patience in dealing with various actors and actresses especially during auditions. At first, you will feel nervous but as you gain experience, you will be more confident. Being friendly is also important. You have to work closely with the director so that you will know the types of casts that he or she wishes to have. Don’t forget to secure a copy of the script so that you can also picture in your mind what the character should look like.

As a casting agent, you can earn $43,572 to $71,745. Your salary will be affected by the industry, employer size, experience in the field, and your credentials. You can also try enrolling in filming schools so that you can learn some filming basics but as long as you’re an intern of a reputable and skilled casting director, you will surely learn a lot from the internship alone.

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