Becoming Armored Car Driver

An armored car driver must be physically fit, excellently skilled in driving, and have good character to ensure the quality of his performance in the field.

Banks and malls have the need of replenishing and transporting their money from one place to another.

The money together with armored security guards, bank or company representatives, and the driver are always together in putting into action the mobilization of the large sums of money in different destinations ordered for them.

The cars that they use are specifically made for safety and security purposes for the money as well as the people handling it. It is called armored car because in it are armored men that are ready to protect the people inside as well as the money. Also, the car is also equipped with fire safety tools such as the fire extinguisher in case of emergency. Armored cars that are loaded with valuable items such as jewelry and money have laminated glass that is bulletproof. Even the tires of an armored car is protected in such a way that even if it gets flat, the driver can still go on driving farther distance.

It only shows how much protection they put into an armored car. Thus, the people in it needs to be alert and on guard at all times. That is why if you dream of becoming a driver of an armored car, there are so many preparations that you must go thru before going into your debut job.

First, an armored car driver has to be able to preserve safety and security inside and around the armored vehicle. It is known that a driver of an armored car has to stay in place inside the vehicle at all times. He must be on the look of any possible risk lurking around the vehicle. And this task may also mean that he must be in control of the vehicle thru driving it safely from one point to another.

An armored car driver is also expected to assist and guard the messenger in handling the items to be delivered to and from the car. But he must not be far from the location of the car in executing this responsibility.

He must be in constant communication with the bank or mall security as well as the other people included in the transporting of the goods, which are the armed security guards and bank representatives. This is to check whether things are going smoothly as they have planned. And in case of emergencies, the driver can act instantly to assist the team.

The driver is also expected to keep track of their deliveries at all times. This means taking note of any irregularities and troubles in the transport of the items. Normally banks and security agencies keep track of the deliveries by having surveillance cameras attached inside the vehicle.

And for a driver to fully exercise these tasks, he must be equipped with the needed qualifications that are needed for the job. The company would like a driver who is able to pass a drug test and physical examination that is certified by the D.O.T. This requirement is very important because they wouldn’t want a driver who has a tendency to get sick all the time or who is a liability because of its drug use during work. Of course, a driver must be excellent in driving a van or a larger vehicle even in narrow and busy roads. You must also have knowledge on the roads to take in going to one destination from another to avoid heavy traffic. A driver is not certified unless passed by the D.O.T to have a Class B Commercial Driver’s License. This is to ensure that the driving skills and road knowledge of the driver is certified by the government agencies. A driver to an armored car also needs to be physically strong because he will be assisting in carrying other loads to and from the vehicle. And last but not the least; a driver must possess good working background and character. The person’s credibility and reliability is really important because there are issues about drivers initiating the robbery in an armored vehicle.

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  • Brandon Tucker said on May 23, 2012
    Hello sir, I always found this job very interesting yet a thrill, if you have more information you can offer me as to how to take up this career I will very much appreciate that.


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